Monday, December 26, 2011

Never Met Expectations - Letter From The King

Letters From the King
Dear Child,
I know you are hurting. It is hard when you know you have blown it, especially when those you love let you know that you could have responded better. Feeling like a failure, you ponder what is the use of trying, giving or living. You hear understanding, love and acceptance when you kneel before Me, but as soon as you get up and try to move on, people in your life are all too ready to correct you and tell you how much you missed the goal in your Christian walk.
You will never be able to be an example of Christ-like perfection. Even in total reliance on Me or more honestly, in casual reliance on Me, the very best you have to offer must be bathed in the covering of My grace. I know you. When I look to you, I see the righteousness of Christ, not all of your shortcomings and failures. I see who you are in Christ and all the wonder I created you to be. Most people don't know how to see others with such great love.
Never see yourself through the eyes of others. See yourself through My eyes, which are so more loving, graceful and able to know the truth of your soul. You weep inward because you disappoint others outwardly. Rarely if ever will you have a person in your life that will see you as I do. The sin in your life that is so easy for others to conquer is not their own sin. Every person struggles with personal failures, and hidden sins. It is easy to boast in areas you do good, and to cover or ignore the deepest struggles of your own will.
Be humble when you sin, confess it, repent and receive My grace. Some people would desire you to go through some kind of purgatory to pay for your sins, but that is not my way. Though people may question your ability to walk in My forgiveness and grace, I don't not want you to wallow in sin or beat yourself up. Once you have repented and received my forgiveness and grace, lift you your head and walk in the mercies that are new each day. Others my try to chain you to pass failures, because you don't meet their expectations, but I sent Jesus in the world so that you would experience freedom from the bondage of sin.
It is easy for sinners to cast stones at others, especially at My children, who are not yet sinless. Don't pretend to be sinless. Remind others that you are a sinner saved by grace, and able to be forgiven and walk in my mercy. The key is to live your life to please Me and My expectations of you.
Live life confident that you are My work in progress. And whether others accept it or not, you - being my child- get to walk in forgiveness and grace. It is a blessing of being My daughter. Don't let others take these blessing from you. Jesus came to earth to live a life as a man so that He may die personally sinless a death of a sinner for all who sin that you might as frequently as needed receive forgiveness, acceptance and beautiful grace from Me, Your Father God.
When you come to Me with a broken and contrite heart, you meet My expectations, and you will leave My presence totally restored. Walk in this truth - and be set free to live unto Me.

Letter From the King, Lindy Abbott

Monday, December 19, 2011

Baby in the Manger, Baby in the Womb

Jesus was a baby placed in the manger after he was born, but His life started in Mary's womb.

Most of us know His story, It is the Christmas story! 

The Angel visited Mary nine months prior to Jesus's birth. Jesus was placed within her womb. He, being the seed of God, His only begotten son, was like an infant growing in his mother. Jesus was Father God's ONLY begotten son; God took the form of human flesh. Think about the Bible story, did Mary ever question whether the child growing in her womb was an actual baby? Did she and Joseph think about Jesus before He was born as a non-person? At what point from conception was Mary carrying the living God in her womb? Did his human life begin the moment he was birthed and placed in the manger? Or was He a living human being at conception? At what point did Jesus become human?

Jesus is God. He is the creator, He was present in the beginning of time on earth. God is spirit and truth.

But when Jesus entered Mary's womb, He took on the form of life that is human, actual flesh of a person. He became a God-man. At conception, the human cells of Jesus began to rapidly multiply. Tissue formed into organs. His body grew as the DNA code directed the process. His lungs, heart, eyes, fingers shaped. And his heart pumped blood from Mary's body into His body bring nourishment and removing any waste. The food and oxygen taken in by Mary helped his tissues and organs to grow. He moved about, kicked Mary's belly and could hear sounds.

Mary was an unmarried young lady. She was pregnant with a child. Her mother learned of what happen as Mary tried to explain what the angel spoke to her. Joseph was torn apart, heart broken, when he first heard. He couldn't bear to think of the shame Mary would feel when people would accuse her of being adulterous. He wanted to protect his future wife.

Stop Here-For a moment! Freeze the story of Jesus that we know from the Bible. And let us time travel forward....

We are current day, 21st Century America. Now let's suppose Mary, a teen, grew up in your neighborhood.  She had a boyfriend, and they were to be married when she finished high school. Her family was known to be godly. She had gone to one of the local churches since she was baby and so had her boyfriend. But something happen to Mary, she became pregnant!

Her parents loved her and wanted so much for her to have a happy life. They had been saving for years so that she could go to college and she was a very good student. Her boyfriend, a few years older, was already working in his father's business. He had a modest income and had purchased property in their parent's city and looked forward to building a house and having a family, but not this way! Everything they had ever dreamed of was messed up. Mary's boyfriend particularly did not want her ridiculed or for her to hang her head low in shame.

They family considered the options:

  1. Mary could stop high school and carry the baby to term. They could have a small wedding and become very young parents. They would be financially in the hole. It would costs thousands of dollars to take care of Mary while she was pregnant and to prepare for a child. Mary would probably have to stay home and eventually get her GED. They would have to sacrifice so much. (This would be the hardest option. It meant so much they planned would never happen.) 
  2. Mary could go visit a relative in another city or move into a pregnancy center home and give the baby up for adoption. This could be costly, but they may be able to get an agency to help with the cost... maybe even the adoptive family could help out. They could tell a story about her going to help a sick relative. (This would be hard on Mary, but after she returned they could get back to life as best as they could, and they could continue on with their dreams eventually. Things would be different but it would not be totally disruptive.)
  3. Mary could go to a clinic and pay about $500 to have the child's life terminated by an abortion. (This would be the easiest. No one would have to know. Mary could go in on a Friday and probably by Monday she could return to school. She could even take off a few days calling in sick. In a week or so, the situation would be behind them. They could still have all of their plans and dreams.)
Imagine you are Mary's best friend (or her boyfriend's best friend, or her parents best friend), what would you suggest for Mary to do?

Over 40 million babies have been aborted in America over the past 40 years. Often more than a million little children are killed by abortion. The unplanned pregnancy is ended promptly. Do you see any problem with Mary having an abortion? If you knew she was carrying Jesus would you do something to STOP her from having an abortion? Why, he was only growing in her womb, he wasn't recognized by the government as a person having rights to life? 

How do you feel about this? How does this effect your opinion of abortion? Is any child in the womb today less of a person than Jesus was in Mary's womb? What should you do about the children being aborted today as you read this? 

In America, every minute 2-3 children are aborted. Is that alright? Is it acceptable? Is it something you should get involved to stop? 

What if Jesus being born depended on what you did about abortion today? What would you do immediately?

Please respond. You may help someone rethink their situation. You can make a difference in the life of the child in the womb. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Well Done! A Letter From The King

Dear Child,
I don't judge the way the world does. I look into the heart of each and see who is truly surrendered to live their life under My Lordship. Some will choose to live life selfishly doing what they want, seeking to satisfy their desires or to be "big" in the eyes of others. Dear Child, I want you to live to the fullest. When you live sacrificially, giving your will to Me, you join Me in kingdom work. Trust Me,  I will produce the increase.
You might not be able to see the growth produced in the hearts of others as you serve Me, but in trusting Me, leave the effect of your obedience to Me. I will produce the increase as you walk in faith with Me. Never allow the world's judgment to cloud your obedience remembering that people can't see what I can see, and often they don't know what I have told you. Listen for My voice. I will guide you through life.
You are not in a competition for My love or approval, so don't compare your part in kingdom work to others. I love each of My children without partiality. I want all of my precious children to be conformed daily into the image of Jesus, becoming more single-minded toward Me, separated unto Me.
To be faithful, in surrendering to Me, you must spend time with Me. The things of the world will constantly compete for your attention and heart. This is a competition you must resist in-order to  grow in knowing Me and allowing Me to teach you.  In doing so, you will always be living your life to do My good and perfect will, and  you will hear Me proclaim to you, "Well done, My good and faithful servant! Well done!"

Letter From the King, Lindy Abbott

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I AM says it all

God calls Himself, "I Am." How simple! How vague! How bold!

Jesus Came into the World as a Man so that We could know God personally!

We all have times in life that we feel alone, unloved, small, even unnecessary. But interestingly, God never once sees us this way. I wish that everyone in the entire world could just once see themselves through God's own eyes.

As He looks at you He says, "I cherish you! You are valuable and have a purpose I have given you. In your future is hope."

Um, you taking to me? The thought waves must have crossed, something cause an interference. I am sure He couldn't be speaking to me... 

God persists, "Yes, you! I love you! I know about it all, and even still after all the missteps, after all the things you have done, I want you... to know Me. I want you to 
have a relationship with Me, to seek Me, to let Me give to you."


How many times a day does God have this kind of exchange with a person? 

Did He speak to you today, or maybe you can recall the details of another day He met with you in a divine moment. 

The beauty of God's purpose for our life is that no matter what comes at us or what we do to detour it, He finds a miraculous way of using all of it together for our good! I marvel at this!

I recently wrote to my brother in response to his sadness and stress, "I know you have so many responsibilities.I can't imagine what it means to be a man. The weight of carrying the welfare of others. I guess, I would not be able to take one step without in my soul seeing God standing right with me walking stride by stride. He'd be carrying that load, instead of me. This would be the only way I could still be me and breath, and grow. It would definitely cause me to press more into Him."

While women have their own responsibilities in life, I don't think we can ever quite imagine what it means to be a man. I guess it is the same for men. Womanhood is a foggy concept at best, a bit too emotional lens, to truly be seen by a man.

But God has the 'google-map' view of the entire world (each and every man and women and child) in His mind... at all levels of zooming in and out... at all times. Nothing happens that He doesn't see or hear. But He can see deeper than "google-map." He even sees into our buildings/homes/any other structures, and more than that He clearly percieves our heart--our very being. To me, it is mind boggling to imagine His inmeasurable abilities.

I guess that is why He chose 'I AM'... in those two words... three little letters He said it all!

Do you recall a time you heard God speak to you? Do you want to share it? I would love to hear.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Life In The Dash

I sometimes wish I didn't have to be concerned about big issues like the world!  

Our country - liberty - abortion - illiterate - deception - corruption - hurting people - war - abuse...

But once God has opened your eyes and then moves upon you to learn, act, speak, or write, you have a responsibility. To whom much that has been given much is required.

My Beautiful Niece - Emily is a Missionary in Bolivia!

Life would be easier if I was a bobble head. And had cotton candy for a brain.

But, I would miss out on touching so many on the soul/spirit level, and on growing with God as the sculptor of my soul.

I know God created me to write, and knowing this brings great fulfillment in my soul when I am able to do what I was created to do by God. 

I write about what God shows me and lays on my heart. I may never be understood ... that is OK. I may never fully understand myself.

Who in their right mind wants to take on mind boggle issues/ to stand in the gap/ to enter spiritual warfare/ to be a lighting rod??? I would much prefer to tend a backyard garden, take pictures, write creatively, repurpose finds that others see as trash... but when I remember that I am only passing through this physical world- just living in the dash - between my date born - the date I died, I want to live for eternal purposes.

Beautiful Flower in Bolivia - My heart is so at peace in God's Creations!

I chose to serve God so that as many people on the earth as possible 
has the opportunity:

  • to life (protection from being aborted and from abuse), 
  • to be free--to have the liberty to choose to live according to their conscience, 
  • to be able to know God and, if desired, 
  • to choose to be His (and to live eternal life with God). 
Eternity is too long to not care about other people, and how they will spend eternity.
 It is not enough for me to know I will spend eternity in heavenly paradise with God. I am living in the dash, so I still have a purpose for being here on earth.

What do you feel called to do in life?

Monday, December 5, 2011

Save Yourself!

Recently, I had someone write to me in deep concern. They were afraid that I had fallen entrapped to the toxic teachings of Religion and dogma, and by doing so I was going from 
one prison (a childhood of domestic violence to a rigid faith in a God teaching religion). 

She warned me, "Save yourself!" 

So as I usually do, I took the time to respond to her sincere concern for my wellbeing. And while writing her back I became filled with love--overwhelmed by God and very thankful for the relationship with Him that I so am blessed to have. He is everything to me, and fills all of the needs I have in life. I only wish others knew Him, not for what they think He is, but for who He really is: a holy, just, giving, loving, protective, approachable, healing Person. So I am sharing my response to her with you, below:

A Relationship - In Love - God and Me

I so do see the reality that I was a victim of domestic violence in many of the worst ways possible, short of being not in a domestic home but more like being in a torturous concentration camp being lead by wicked people who smiled and laughed while they carried out horrid violent acts and spewed hateful venomous words.
So, Yes, I have always seen it for what it really was since high school when my high school counselor told me, "Lindy, this is not normal. This does not happen every night or any night in other people's homes. This is severe child abuse." Unfortunately, I was not removed from this home (it was many years ago and the protective law were not yet enforced in the town I grew up like I have heard they were in many Northern and Urban cities.)
I will never let religion/dogma, toxic faith, false humility entrap me! But I also know that I can never save myself.
I must have poorly communicated. Actually, I have been saved by grace (a gift I do not deserve because in life I too have been a sinner, not a holy righteous person). God has forgiven me for all of my sins and by my faith in Jesus (the Godman who lived a sinless life, therefore was able to righteously deserve eternal heaven life. But instead of saving Himself, He willingly died for me and you and every single person who frankly can not and has not lived sinless. We all will never deserve eternal life or be able to save ourselves).
I don't have a religion! Matter of fact, I have a lot of frustration with churches in general and religions.
Instead of religion, I have a beautiful relationship with GOD Himself.
I know Him as my loving, providing, listening, and giving Father Who is always available to me. I enjoy the guidance and protection from His Spirit that dwells within me. He counsels me, teaches me, and comforts me. And I deeply love Jesus, who I am intimately related to, as anyone would be for someone who died for them. I love Him so much and He loves me. 
So, you see, no trap, no prison, there is nothing I need to be saved from. I think from my life experiences I would recognize the difference between living in freedom and bondage; It is probably why almost every church I have been part of makes me a little sad, feeling like someone has cut my wings to keep me from flying high and being who God created me to be.
Thank you so much for you dear concern. I am glad I had the opportunity to share more deeply with you. And it is always nice to know someone loves enough to reach out in your best interest. Thank you.
dearly, Lindy

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Letters From The King - Competition

Dear Child,
So much of life in the world is a competition. You need to be careful how you approach competitions, since they are judged by other people. I don't want you to be a people-pleaser. I do want you to live your life to please Me. Being a winner in My eyes can take the pressure off of worrying about what others say and how they judge.
Don't get Me wrong; competition can be good for many reasons. It helps you to understand that you will be rewarded in heaven for the work you do for Me on earth. Do you remember the parable of the talents in Scripture? Each person was given a different amount of money and the owner returned to see how each used their talents, an amount equal to a yearly wage.
The one given five talents invested it wisely and earned five more. The one given two also invested it wisely and earned two more. But the one give one talent was afraid of losing his portion so he buried it. In life you each have a portion entrusted to you by Me. The way you invest it is important.
If you have a real, personal relationship with Me, you can listen to Me and I will lead you in the ways you can best use what I have given you. When you are obedient to Me you always win, and will be greatly rewarded with more in heaven.
The one who was afraid didn't know Me. He thought I was a hard man. You know I am holy, just and loving, He judged Me without taking time to draw near and develop a relationship with  Me. Even if he would have done the very least with what he had been given, simply putting it in a bank to receive interest, the talent would have had increased. Don't bury what I give you. Use it for Kingdom purposes.
You are only responsible for being faithful with what I give you, so do not compared yourself to what others are given or do. Walking in faith, knowing I will guide you every step of the day as you seek My desire for your life. Rest knowing you are never in a competition for My love. All I have is yours. You are the apple of My eye.

Letter From the King, Lindy Abbott

(This is a Letter Written for the point of view of God talking to his child. I hope you enjoy it, and it can minister to you to know your King.)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Have A Dream to Stop Abuse

Do you dream? 

You should. We all were created with the ability to dream. And some of us are able to dream bigger than others. Usually our dreams are as big as our God, and my God is without limit.... He is infinite. The only limitation is that we live in a physical world with physical boundaries but the good news is that is only part of who we are and what this world is. On a much bigger realm is the spiritual world. And we don't have to wait for death to be living spiritually. Made in God's image, we should live spiritually everyday. And in the spirit, in His spirit, we can go to 'infinity and beyond'. Really.

Dream Big - Let God Give You Dreams

So what does a dreamer dream when she was raised as a child of horrific abuse? What does a dreamer dream when she was rescued as a child of the King? 

She dreams BIG because she has seen BIG and she knows BIG.... big good and big bad. 

I have shared about this before... could have been as long as a year ago. 

God has been stirring in my heart. 

He is playing my heart harp strings and I am hearing His song. He told me this weekend that I am entering the year of HOPE. I know for some it is hard to understand that a person can hear the voice of God. But with many who have been deeply hurt, they can hear Him, because in those dark depths of hellacious life His is the only voice that can pierce through so much wickedness, anger, suffering and hate. We -- survivors -- learn to listen to His voice, the melodious tune of love, because we know it is the light beaconing in to show us the only way out. 

Is it any surprise then that those who are bouncing along this life of work, school, shopping, trips, accomplishments, and goals... that you struggle to hear or altogether miss His voice?

You don't have to be abused to hear God or love Him or know Him or follow Him. Thank God! And can I hear an "Amen!" Glory to God! 


for those of you who already have heard my dream, keep praying with me for it to blossom fully, for its timing to come to fruition, for the people and resources to rise up.

I have never once doubted or questioned. I know all is in God's timing. Some have responded, but I know I am still to be waiting. The structure is developing but the full breath of life that must flow through the work is not yet come. So I wait, and as God prompts I will speak, and then I will wait more. Allowing Him to work. 

Oh, how when think our plans work on our timing... and if they do they are certainly ours and not His. But when you simply speak His dreams, His burden, His desires... allowing Him to verbalize through you... you know to wait until the unction of the Holy Spirit moves. So here it is again, the cry of my heart, the need I see, the dream I would love to see come true. Child of faith, listen to God, it is all you must do.

It has been my dream to help survivors of child abuse who are now adults trying to raise their own children without repeating the cycle. Such assistance is very dear to my heart because I was one such mom. I desperately needed help when my children were young. Being raised in a home with 8 siblings that endured psychologically twisted torture for nearly two decades, I have had to overcome more than anyone should ever have to endure. In being a Rutherford county resident and seeking assistance I found that help is available to those who are currently being abused, living in drug/alcohol addiction, at or below poverty level, and either still abusing or placing their children in unsafe situations. Help for people who have come out of horrible sordid types of abuse but who are sincerely trying (often by the grace of God) to not abuse their children are basically provided with no where to go for much needed help. 

I have dreamed of the type of programs that would have brought a welcome friend/network to lean on as I tried to recover and heal, a place for my children to be safely nurtured and understanding adult support provided, and a emergency call number for my family (husband, children) to know any hour of the day or night someone who is trained will help them walk through the challenging recovery years. 

Child Abuse organization come in many shapes and sizes and provide much of the same assistance (locally and nationwide). It remains my heart longing to see a non-profit group established to do the real hard work of assisting the actual adults that ARE STOPPING the cycle of child abuse.  I can not tell you how many times I have been told how great I was doing comparatively to those still abusing their children, but being better than an abuser was not my life goal. Those words were not encouraging, they simply communicated our organization doesn't help people like you-- adult survivors of extreme child abuse who are passionate about not abusing their children. 

If you think being an adult survivor of child abuse stopping the cycle of child abuse is easy or even basic, you have no idea of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual damaged done to a child of abuse. 

It not only takes real grit determination, it takes a willingness to face the reality of the horror you lived through, the endurance to persevere through healing, and the finances to pay for therapy/doctors/medicine/child care on one income (while going through recovery a person is not usually stable to be employeed and do not qualify for ssi disability). And I have not even begun to share the spiritual warfare needed to end the generational curse--for those who are God-centered and reverent to the spiritual realm of life.

I would love to talk with those in our community who can help organize to start a non-profit that will be a necessary, loving, support to people who are fighting the front lines in the war against child abuse, the ones doing the hard work daily to stop the cycle! I love my community, and know if only people are aware of the need, some will be touched to step up and help solve a major problem in the health of families.
You can send me a private message at or leave a message below. 

Sweet Dreams to you!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why Should Black Americans Vote for Democrats?

Let me preface this post to make it clear that I do not think the question I posed for the Title of this article is the way people in general should be thinking ... speaking of people by the color of their skin... black, white, brown, etc. I use it only because it is a topic being discussed lately because of the entrance of a black American to the potential candidates being nominated for the Republican Presidential ticket. I think that people of any color should vote based on principles and ideals not skin color.

An Excellent Read!
My hope is that through a civil discourse among Americans that truly want to accept, understand and love one another that we can usher in God's healing to our deeply divided Nation. This is no longer politics as usual - thank God! The people literary fir the first time in decades have a choice!

I am so glad Herman Cain is running for the President of the United States of America. I have long wanted to support a black American for the high office in our country, especially when Obama was running last year. The enthusiasm of so many that rallied behind Obama... I understood the excitement but Obama's principles were so drastically different from mine,  I could not support him! In many ways I wished my friends who share my values had someone to embrace that they could rally behind.

Therefore, it is my joy to rally behind Mr. Cain, not because of his skin color but because of what he speaks about and stands up for. I agree with his message. To me it is just so sweet to finally get the opportunity to openly stand along side a black American because for so many years being conservative I have been blamed by liberals and far democrats as being prejudice. Nothing could be further from this. I live by God's Word and openly welcome all people into my heart and home.

Cain's principles are so closely related to mine. The more I learn about him the more I like him. No one is perfect, but Cain is forthright, at ease with who he is and can speak for himself without a speechwriter/teleprompter! So, his candidacy is a delightful time to ask "Why Should Black Americans Vote for Democrats?" It is particularly a question because many pundits that pretend to represent black Americans claim black Americans can only vote in a single bloc vote. I strongly disagree with this kind of mindset!

For example, Mr. Leonard Pitt's recent column was printed in my local newspaper, the Daily News Journal. As I do with most articles in our paper I read it in full, and I was angry (offended) by the time I finished it. But my anger was not in sin, it was righteous anger against lies. Matter of fact, I thought it was so tasteless I wrote and called our newspaper to express my concern. I was very thankful to the honest, open reception I received from the executive manager of our paper! My response is in the DNJ today.

I was quite upset about his racist comments especially toward the end of the letter/article. Pitts simply rolled with hatred and false accusations.

If you read the column let me make this clear- I don't care for Ann Coulter who Pitts was responding to.... She says outlandish comments in an attempt to draw controversy and increase readership.

I was outraged that Pitts compared conservatives to having the moral authority with black Americans to a pimps talking about women rights. There is a big difference historically between Democratic whites and Republican whites-- in general-- when it comes to their opinion of black people.

Republican from the very start and all the way through emancipation, constitutional amendments, and first civil rights have fought hard against Democratic majority to get legislation passed in Congress. This is a little fact that Democrats want to forget and lie about! Mr. Pitts is one of them who speak lies. To be fair to Mr. Pitts it is quite possible he doesn't know the real history of slavery laws in the United States Congress. So for him and anyone else that may be basing their current opinion on lies... lets get the record straight:

It was not until the Democratic party took over congress that our country began passing legislation that encouraged continued slavery. 

In 1789 (Northwest Ordinance forbade slavery in fed territories and States could enter only as free states, the original congress fought to pass law to limit slavery because they wanted it to never be legal... it is the very reason the Constitution was specifically written to NOT support slavery but instead was anti-slavery by not allowing slave-owners the right to have more voting power simply because they pushed to have equal representation for their slaves... more population allowed a state to have more representation in congress. The slave owners wanted it both ways... to keep and expand slavery but to also be allowed to count each of their slaves as part of the population... therefore they would have more voting power.

The congress in 1808 also voted to abolish slave trade.

It was not until 1820 when the DEMOCRAT party was in control of congress that pro-slavery legislation emerged. They passed the Missouri Compromise reversing previous laws and permitting slavery in half of the fed territories... it was only then that several territories entered as Slave States. AND this was the first time since the formation of America that slavery was promoted by Congress..... only when the DEMOCRATS won control of congress!

The DEMOCRATS continued passing pro-slavery laws like the 1850 Fugitive Slave Law requiring Northerners to return escaped slaves back into slavery or pay a huge fine. YES, this Slave keeping law was a DEMOCRAT law that denied both jury trial and right of habeas corpus... it was clearly unconstitutional. This law was harmful even to free blacks because they were being falsely picked up and sent into slavery. Nearly 20,000 blacks escaped into Canada from the North who were legally not slaves but in fear of being picked up and put into slavery. This is also when the underground railroad was strongly helping slaves escape.

Again in 1854, the DEMOCRAT controlled congress pass another pro-slavery law, The Kansas-Nebraska Act which further repealed more slavery restriction and increasing the US territory that permitted slavery. Democrats were trying to make slavery possible coast to coast.

It was after this that those members of the Democrat party that were against slavery left the Democrat Party and joined with other anti-slavery Americans (Whigs, Free-Soilers, Emancipationists) to form a new party (the REPUBLICAN PARTY!!!!) that would fight slavery and secure equal rights for black Americans! It was one of these new Republican party founders that worked to get Boston public schools desegregated and even argued this point before the Supreme Court! This REPUBLICAN (Charles Sumner) spoke for two-days straight in the US Senate AGAINST SLAVERY! After the speech he was beaten unconscious by DEMOCRAT Preston Brooks with a club on the Senate floor! Sumner didn't recover until after 3 years, but amazingly his first speech on the Senate Floor upon his return was against slavery.

Dred Scott was decided upon by a DEMOCRATICALLY controlled Supreme Court! It was not until 1860 when Republican Abraham Lincoln won against the Democrat Stephen Douglas that blacks had a strong voice in American Politics again... And we all know what Lincoln did to free blacks from slavery! So tell me again...... why should American Blacks love the Democratic party.... I just can't figure it out!

My hope is people - all people - will see themselves as unique individuals created in the image of God and able to learn and choose for themselves... that they will no longer see themselves as a color, but a precious soul.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cain, Analysis, Uncovering Truth Behind Accusers

Accusers keep coming... when will they stop? We all know how very painful it can be to be accused of doing something we did not do. I have been in this situation many times and brought to weeping in prayer  kneeling on the floor by my bed. Words can be painful, words can be healing. Words can be false witness, words can be true witness. God thought enough of the seriousness of false witness that he made bearing false witness against your neighbor as one of the ten commandments. He understands it is one of the major tactics of His arch-enemy, Satan. Slow down, get quiet before God, listen with spiritual ears. Ask God for insight to see what He sees. And use the reasoning mind your Creator gave you to discern truth from lies.

There are only 10 Commandments! These are important for us to detect sin.

I have always had an inquiring mind, and something didn’t seem right about Sharon Baliek, the accuser of Herman Cain. Searching the web for unbiased information I decided to look for body language experts. I found several websites that walked through the televised confession finding indications of deception throughout the tape. Cain’s body language on several different taped appearances repeatedly revealed that he was speaking the truth.

I highly recommend Dr. Jack at Body Language Success

Here is a short email question answer session: My questions are in black.

Lindy: How does ones faith effect body language? Faith does not alter body language. Body language is cross-cultural and there is even cross-species applications (horse whisperer, dog whisperer, etc.If Mr. Cain is a God believing man is it also read the same way? Faith does not alter it. I am a Christian. God made us all with virtually identical nervous systems, facial muscles, etc. There is some minor relatively mild gesture variation from some culture to culture - but these are a small minority of hand/arm gestures.  To pause for patience is  something of a virtue (not always, it could very well mean other things, depending on the context and what other signals with which it is clustered)You should note that I pick on candidates from all parties and many countries. I like Herman Cain.  and and to hold your hands in this manner at the same time could be an indicator that he is looking toward God to give him that patience No way, not this sign - the fact it is called "Steeple" is a metaphorical coincidence - it has nothing to do with faith - it is overused in people with media coaching who don't understand body language - or those who know a little bit. Just look at reporters, they use the steeple all the time. It is interpreted cross-culturally as confident if used for brief periods. But when used too long (just a few moments or at the wrong times) it sends messages of arrogance and condescending attitudes. Anyone who is an authority figure probably over uses it.  While the steeple hand is not a natural, casual motion, it is a lot more non-direct way to hold prayer hands than the typical private hands held together (don't mean to be rude, but your wrong here. Once again, I am a Christian and I pray all the time). For a Christian used to praying, is it possible that it is a body language response indicated that he was directing his inner thoughts toward God and inward pursing his lips because he was "biting his tongue" until God calmed him and gave Him the words. You're making a common mistake. You're looking for/ascribing qualities (which Cain may very well may have, again, I believe he's a good man and a good candidate) where the body language doesn't indicate it. Remember, body language is a REALTIME indicator of what the person is feeling AT THAT MOMENT. Body language IS NOT an overall predictor of the personality - unless of course you see very consistent signs (and there are examples of this, but this is beyond the scope of this teaching).

Just a thought… you are the expert… and last question why would you not want a person that waits for anger/anxiety to pass to patience before he speaks to be a presidential candidate? Yes. I think he's a good candidate, I'm not passing a "judgement", rather I'm making a scientific analysis. He is only human. Look back, I have held up Romney and Perry and Clinton and Obama and Nixon and Carter of what not to do. I'm not picking on Cain. He should shave his mustache though - there's been no president elected with any facial hair since Taft in 1908. We instinctively trust those less with facial hair - even pre-verbal children looking at pictures of their own freshly-shaven dads. Very interesting.  I have a hard time biting my tongue. That's okay, you're entitled.  I wish I could exercise such self-control. Sometimes it takes great practice to be able to do this… I know it would for me. Interestingly, people who practice body language for a length of time (e.g. those I've coached for 20+ hours and who are serious about practicing it) become much more aware of their own negative emotions and notice them/are aware of them/self-reflective on them - after the negative emotions, during their negative emotions, and a very, very few as the negative emotion is crescendoing And I am sure as a highly visible corporate CEO there have been many times he has had to learn how to hold his tongue (agreed, but you'd be surprised at some others. Cain is pretty good. I think people like his honest style. Reminds me a bit of what I've read/seen video on Truman).

thanks. You're very welcome. 

So I dug further.

And I think I may have found the link between anti-Cain money and Sharon Beliek. It may be a different group than you expected.

After looking into Sharon, I noticed that she had a paternity suit with West Naze over her son who is now 13. West Naze, just happens to be employed (now and 13 years ago) by News Corp. which just happens to be owned by Rupert Murdoch (and Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, News Corp’s second largest shareholder).

Could West Naze have called in a threat or tantalizing $$ favor with his previous lover?

Clearly to me, the elite media is targeting Cain. But don’t jump to thinking this is a Democrat Party versus Republican Party scandalous fight. No, that is what the real puppeteers want Americans to believe!

The American system of Representative Democracy is being held hostage by the Kingmakers of long ago that Phyllis Schalfly uncovered in her famous 1964 book, A Choice Not An Echo. In this book she detailed how she was an eyewitness to the hijack of America’s presidential elections by the Eastern Elites that owned Banks and Media.

She claims in her book that she “stumbled on clear evidence that very powerful men actually do meet to make plans which are kept secret from American citizens. While visiting at Sea Island, Georgia, this writer discovered the details of a secret meeting on nearby St. Simon’s Island, Georgia held at the King and Prince Hotel, February 14-18, 1957. “

She described the elaborate precautions to keep the meeting secret to include, “During the four days and five nights of the meeting, all roads leading to the hotel were blocked off and the road block maintained by Georgia State Police. The hotel was closed to all other patrons. NATO and FBI guards in plain clothes kept constant surveillance on the hotel itself. None of the hotel employees was permitted to go into the ballroom where the meetings were held. At the end of each session, one of the participants personally gathered up all notes and memos used during the meeting and burned them.”

The participants she lists are:

George Ball, McGeorge Bundy, Arthur Dean, Thomas Dewey, J. William Fulbright, Paul. Hoffman, C. D. Jackson, George Kennan, Ralph McGill, Paul Nitze, David Rockefeller, Dean Rusk, Arthur Hays Sulzberger, Alexander Wiley,

President Eisenhower was at the Augusta National Golf Club with Nelson Rockefeller, Harold Stassen, Thomas Lamont, Dean Acheson, Gardner Cowles, Winthrop Aldrich and Walter Lippman. He received regular phone calls from Tom Dewey at the bar of the King and Prince Hotel.

She noted “the participants at this meeting were some of the biggest names in American politics, business and press” and the “entire bill was paid by H. J. Heinz. Nobody was allowed to pay for anything.”

The names she identified as “appearing to have a magic ability to be named to top government positions by both Republicans and Democrats.” Here is her list:

Nelson Rockefeller, Coordinator of Latin American Affairs and a Republican Candidate for president in 1964.

Henry Cabot Lodge, Ambassador to South Viet Nam and Republican candidate for president in 1964.

Robert Strange McNamara, Secretary of Defense.

C. Douglas Dillon, Undersecretary of State and Secretary of Treasury.

Arthur Dean, chief negotiator for Eisenhower and disarmament adviser for Kennedy.

Paul G. Hoffman, foreign aid head for Truman, and Manager of the UN Special Fund by Eisenhower.

Robert B. Anderson, Secretary of the Navy and Secretary of Treasury for Eisenhower, also “special ambassador to settlement with Panama” for LBJ.


Are we only pretending to be a representative democracy? WE THE PEOPLE have an opportunity to vote for someone who is NOT on the kingmaker’s list! But we have to want to break free from the monstrous control of the elite!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

New Thoughts on Racial Issues in America

Here we go again! America has a race problem, but it is not a white against black or a black against white problem. It is a prejudice problem, but not how you think about the word prejudice! The problem  has to do with the color of one's skin, but truly it is a problem of a completely different color.

Children learn from parents... are you racist?

Black Americans in general have been stereotyped by themselves-- by large-- and the Democrat Party, and ANYONE else who thinks of people with black skin as one stereotype. This is prejudice of the worst kind!

Let me explain:

Herman Cain running for President was accused by an organization, Politico, of having committed sexual harassment against two employees in 1999. They also stated that a settlement had been reached. No names. No specific acts. No amounts of money. Nothing.

Of course, no ethical organization would print a story like this, until it was thoroughly researched and verified as truly Mr. Cain being guilty of sexual harassment. Without facts of the charges being true it is clearly done only is to smear his character.

Interestingly, I was reading Clarence Thomas's book "My Grandfather's Son" this week when the story broke.

I couldn't help but see the obvious similarities. But what was so hurtful, was to read the agony that the accusation caused Mr. Thomas. He was in so much pain he went home and crawled on his bed crying in a fetal position.

Why would he respond so deeply?

Because Mr. Thomas and Mr. Cain are the grandchildren of a black generation in America that was assumed to be guilty of any accusation by a women! It is the "To Kill A Mockingbird" story all over again, that they all to well know is not simply a scenario made up in a book. So it is the one situation that they never want to be in, and for good reason, they tend to be sensitive to this in their life.

And it is doubly painful to for them to see people hypocritically assume what they SHOULD think, believe or want in life just because their skin color is black!

Mr. Thomas and Mr. Cain came from very poor economic Southern areas of our country, but don't think this problem is geographic! In the South during their lifetime they have been able to raise up out of poverty. The South has not held them done or tried to cast them into a set mold. The South is where they found the beginning of opportunity.

And with this opportunity their family (Mr. Thomas was raised by his grandparents) taught them diligently apply themselves to learning in school. They were taught and applied principles of hard-work and self-disciple to achieve any goal in life. And both men, became disciplined of character through taking responsibility for the outcome of their future life.

They have become an example of the classic American dream story of rags to riches through applying Godly principles of becoming an independent-thinking, diligent, steadfast person. They persevered through very trying--nearly impossible odds--to succeed. And they continue to do so today.

So what is the problem; who is prejudice?

Anyone who stereotypically thinks that people of one color skin have the same ideals, goals, foundation, desires and political party affiliation is PREJUDICE.

We are all created equal, in the image of creator, who creatively gave us different skin color, but we are unique in our soul and spirit.

A body is just a body. It is the physical housing for our soul and spirit, but its skin color does not define who we really are?

We need to see color, and appreciate color. But when we meet someone we are not meeting a black, brown, olive, medium, fair person, those labels are just the skin color (like looking at a book cover). Do all books with the same color cover have the same story inside? Do they all have the same principles and worldview? Of course, not!

Well, using the book analogy, Mr. Thomas and Mr. Cain may have the same skin/book-cover color as those who have chosen by a large majority to want principles of the Democrat Party, but you can't know them and what they believe until you listen to what they have to say. And if you tell them they are wrong simply because of their beliefs being different from what you expect, you are prejudice! Color does not dictate ideology! Nor does color determine a person's soul!

Our soul (mind, will and emotions) develops our beliefs. And our soul has the will to choose what to believe. What we are taught we believe unless we begin to learn new ideas and then we get to choose which to believe. People who all believe one way have been taught that one way, and most are never exposed to information that has different facts.

Obviously, by removing the Bible and God from our education system, Godly principles are not taught but labeled as religious ideas, instead of truth to live by. It is with the spirit--who is born anew through God's Spirit--that is able to be rightly guided by God's principles.

We are soul, spirit and body, but clearly the body does not dictate what one thinks or how one makes a choice. You have to know a person (soul/spirit), not a body.

When will people ever see others clearly?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mom Time With God While Homeschooling

Homeschooling your children will be one of the hardest things you ever attempt. But without a doubt, you and your children will reap many blessings that will be impossible to duplicate schooling any other way. All moms must become aware of the focus of her heart. Homeschooling is one of the pressures in life that can bring our spiritual failures to the surface quickly. I want to teach you how your "time with God" can be the focus of your day.

So many of us have been taught to believe that "time with God" is done in quiet meditation and prayer; reading and studying His Word; and lingering at His feet. Is this not how Mary chose the best over Martha? I think we miss the point in the Mary and Martha scenario.

Practicing The Presence of God While Homeschooling

The point being taught was not concerned with 'doing': what Martha 'was doing' while serving versus Mary 'not doing', but don't we focus on this! How silly we can be! God doesn't focus on our outward actions, He looks into our heart.

So what was the difference between the hearts of the two ladies?

  • Mary's heart was captured by Jesus and 
  • Martha's heart was captured by duty, responsibility, and being a good host. 

How does this compare to homeschool parents? The bottom line: Your life is busy like Martha's. You have a lot of responsibilities teaching many subjects, caring for your children emotionally and developmentally, preparing meals (when you can... sandwiches, pizza and pancakes count as meals), doing what little household work you can get to each day. And we can't forget, we also have to consider our husband to keep our marriage thriving.

When your days are full to overflowing with what 'you must do' you still have time to be with God, if you Learn this simple but powerful Biblical act of worship.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Marriage is Hard Work

WARNING: What you read in this post might not sound like it was written by a member of a church. I am a Follower of Jesus that broke out of the "church-lady" mold a long time ago. Marriages fail when people don't feel loved. To a wife, she wants to be cherished. To a husband, he wants to be respected. But truly are not cherishing and respecting another two aspects of what it means to love another!

Hurting people hurt those closest to them, and the core of the pain is not knowing you are loved by God, another and yourself.

Life-long Love - Marriage is Worth it!

I remember about 15 years ago...

when I taught a women's Bible study class at what was then called First Baptist of Smyrna. I confessed to the women in the class that I was so mad at my husband I wished an 18 wheeler truck would run him over. Needless to say my time as a Bible teacher at that church was short-lived.

I had no qualms about speaking so forthright, but is it took me almost 20 years to finally figure out why churches keep finding creative ways to not use me in ministry. (This is a whole 'nother topic I will get to another day.)

I just got permission from my dear husband of now 27 write about hard lessons learned in our marriage.

So here is the gritty dirty truth about marriage that "good pretend-people" don't want to share:

Marriage (a commitment to another person and God to remain together for life) is very hard to accomplish, even if you are a Christian!

Marriage joins together by a solemn vow to God two people who are completely uniquely, created individuals. They have:
  • their own personalities (quirks, habits, annoyances, pet-peeves, and the good stuff too).
  • their strengths and weaknesses that come in all shapes and sizes.
  • a past... none of us are born at 21 to be freshly married; we each have lived some.
  • their own dreams, and ideas of what success looks and feel like.
  • different relatives and friends (usually).
On top of that, we are sinners! God is not going to be finished with either of you during your married life.

So, two people are put together to live in one house, and closer than that one room and no matter how hard it might be through thick and thin, one bed (that doesn't mean you can't spend a night or two on the sofa if needed).
  • You also share a kitchen, living room, bathroom, garage and cars.
  • And the biggest grace builder in life, you share your children, who at the same time can be the very glue that forces you to endure life together but all the while scrapes you like rough edges of sandpaper or a broken bottle (whichever may be the case, in your family). 
Does that really sound easy? No! 

But here is the clincher, and the beauty of it all: Making Marriage work is worth every bit of effort it takes! The path of least resistance and trials do not make a mutually fulfilling, deeply loving marriage. If you don't work in your marriage, someone is ignoring, stuffing or avoiding their pain.

Before I write one more word, don't you dare think I am saying you should hang in there for life with a violent, wicked, abusive person. If someone beats you, curses continually at you (verbally slashes you with painful derogatory words), forces you into sex, controls your every move, etc... get out of that prison as soon as you can. And I know what I am talking about because my childhood was traumatically abusive. Flee quickly and get to a physical place that you and your children are safe.

Be open to God doing redeeming work of healing your marriage, but don't ever stay in an abusive or seriously neglectful situation. Protect yourself, (and your children)!

Through many shared testimonies, I will tell you a firm fact: God can touch the heart of the wickedest people and change them from the inner core to their outer actions and words. We all need grace and opportunities to know God's love, acceptance and forgiveness. At the same time, understand that some people will never let God into their life. Some people will remain wicked, sick and hateful. You are never bound to life with a person like this.

In every marriage, on all varying levels of conflict, we all have many times that we need one-on-one relationship time with our Maker, Redeemer, Healer, Lover, Acceptor, and dearest Friend - Jesus!

Remember: We all need grace and opportunities to know God's love, acceptance and forgiveness. 

A marriage that lasts, that grows, that becomes cherished has been allowed to go through the hardest of years... the years when no yield was produced, when you lost more than you received, when you died more than you lived, when cried more than you laughed, NEVER try to bury yourself in pretending "wedded bliss" or a life-sentence of emptiness. Here is the greatest advice I can give: NEVER GIVE UP! Don't Quit! Cling to your commitment, be a vow keeper.

If you fight (work) through, even inch by inch progress, with each person trying as best as they can to:
  • allow God to improve them, 
  • become more who God intended them to be from the start, 
  • be conformed to Christ-likeness.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Deception Found in Homeschooling

Who enjoys revealing problems? Who loves to confess sin? Who wants people to know their vulnerabilities?

I want to be transparent, and real to you. I want you to be able to trust me.... to know that I am just like you in some ways. I want to connect.

Hopefully my home isn't more depraved than all other homeschoolers. Bomb Shell! We have sinners in our home. Did that destroy my testimony?

No, it only makes it richer because I have faith in God to work through my husband and I - our love, our prayers, our Biblical teachings, our modeling - to bring our children to repentance.

I am not going to rat out one or more of my children... they have enough problems and don't need a  mom wallpapering their faults on a blog. But I need to talk about this - we have a liar in our home... someone that continually lies, someone that naturally lies, someone that seems to prefer lying even when telling the truth would be obviously easier. I am sure you did not gasp in horror, but this is a serious problem!

Deception separates us from God. Remember Adam and Eve....hiding and covering themselves up. We should expect the very original sin to be dripping with deception. Lying never ends good!

My thoughts rush to the Garden of Eden... Satan wanted God's children. He used deception to separate them from God. Satan is at it over and over in our home. He wants the children God has given us to raise up for Him to be separated from us and God. He wants my children to be isolated, to try to hide, to close their ears but mostly to make their heart rocky, hard, and cold. Reacting I want to target my child, but wisdom from God illuminates the spiritual affair. Satan has been at work building a mighty tower, a stronghold, a dungeon for my child to crawl into. And he hopes my child will feel so guilty and shameful, to never believe freedom is a possibility.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Choose to Love

I saw a beautiful poster on my Facebook feed, so like a child I went to go look at it.

Over 700 hundred people on this Facebook group page "liked" this quote and over 400 had positive comments to say about it.

And I looked around at the page I found myself, it was called "Wipeout Homophobia On Facebook."

I saw other posters and quotes being shared like:

And this one:

I saw a young man that had been brutally beaten... his video taken after being attacked and others felt compelled to rally around wanting this kind of cruelty to stop. I understood. 

But then I thought... the people on this page believe and hold dear a different principle - a core belief - that is opposite of mine. And both can not be embraced as truth for one person. For if you believe one to be true, the other is false. Both could be false, but both could not be true... my more logical reasoning friends will recognize this as one of the first basic types of arguments in the study of logic and debate.

But I continue to think, being the thinking person God created me to be. 

Is it possible for one person to love and respect another, to honor and give another the freedom to choose what they believe? In choosing to believe differently, does the other person's beliefs wipeout what I believe? Or if my chosen beliefs are different, do my beliefs wipeout what another person chooses? 

Since without that choice, are not we simply forcing others to believe as we do? 

Can two people who believe differently, whose life truths are mutually exclusive, still love and respect each other enough to not force them to conform to the other's beliefs? 

Is this not really what we all desire? be able to "hold true" to our faith without being persecuted, oppressed, attacked. Can you love a person who believes differently than you do? Can you accept them and not hurt them?

Can I believe the Biblical principle that marriage is between one man and one woman? And at the same time, can another believe the cultural principle that  marriage is  between two men or two women? And if we both believe differently, is it possible for us to mutually love and respect each other, to honor and give each the freedom to choose what they believe without forcing others to believe as we individually do or without offensively shoving it in their face?

Is it possible - in love- to still remain "true" to our own life principles and allow others to remain "true" to what they believe without criticizing, belittling or making a judgement on the person. (Of course, we make an inner judgement on the belief, we know we believe absolutely differently, but does that make us have to be hateful or even to want to respond in disgust?)

Do this compromise my faith... what I believe? If I am allowed to have my beliefs and to openly express them. And just the same, allow others to have their believes and openly express them.

Does this compromise God and His principles? If God's principles can't be changed, and God never wants anyone to be forced to believe. He wants us to choose by freewill. Are we able to believe differently, and remain kind-hearted?

If God wants there to be a choice, will there not be different beliefs to choose from? How can you have a choice if everyone is under the compulsion to parrot back and embrace one belief?

So I, stepping out into the space of making myself a vulnerable target, posed this question on the "Wipeout Homophobia on Facebook page":

Can I ask a question without being attacked?

 I think most people would agree that everyone should be who God created them to be, that if we all sadly find ourselves victims of bitterness, ignorance and insecurities. Everyone should know and feel loved! It is a beautiful life when we can be brave enough to listen to the still and quiet voice inside our head. I totally embrace all of this and desire it in my life, and for all others. And I totally don't agree with or would I stand by and let anyone be bullied or beat or mistreated. I would hope no one would allow this to happen to me.
Here is my question: Do we all have to agree to have the same principles? Is it OK for you to have one voice speaking in your head what you embrace and another voice speaking in my head? If we believe in different principles does it make us enemies? Or do we only become enemies when we force others to embrace what we hold dear? Can we not respect each other enough in our humanitiy to be different and to not have to change others? 
We can each speak and share what we believe, what we love. We can openly share how we see life and how we have experienced pain, rejection, forgiveness, acceptance and love without being cutting, nasty, mean or cruel to another? Is this a possibility? Are do we, must we, confess to believe what we do not just so that another doesn't feel rejected? If you called me names... mad fun of me... attacked me personally, would you not be guilty of the same thing which you so profess to be against? 
Love knows no boundaries. We should be able to offer everyone love. Even when it is hard, even when we are hurt, even when we are bullied. Because abuse and bullying knows no limits or focus groups or direction... we can - as humans - all be targeted by another's bitterness, anger and hurt.
But to live by love... for love to mean acceptance of another person (period) not acceptance of their inner core beliefs, but acceptance enough to allow them to be fully who they are inside and express it outside. Is not this what you are asking for yourself? 
I may be simple minded, a child in heart, but I can't see why we can't love one another, be kind to each other, accept each other and not push our own beliefs in the face of another or not allow another to determine what they genuinely believe. Isn't that decision, the ability to chose, what makes us human? 
I choose to love, accept and not willfully hurt or purposely offend other people. I choose to treat others with respect as I also wish I could be treated. I choose to allow others to make core principle decisions for themselves. I choose to be who I am created to be and to stand unafriad of my beliefs. I choose to love! 
What do you choose? Do we all give each other the ability to choose?


I have not heard back and don't know if my response or post will be removed from the page. But I could not help but ask, since I cannot help but want everyone to know that they are loved! 

Romans 8:5 But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.