Sunday, December 4, 2011

Letters From The King - Competition

Dear Child,
So much of life in the world is a competition. You need to be careful how you approach competitions, since they are judged by other people. I don't want you to be a people-pleaser. I do want you to live your life to please Me. Being a winner in My eyes can take the pressure off of worrying about what others say and how they judge.
Don't get Me wrong; competition can be good for many reasons. It helps you to understand that you will be rewarded in heaven for the work you do for Me on earth. Do you remember the parable of the talents in Scripture? Each person was given a different amount of money and the owner returned to see how each used their talents, an amount equal to a yearly wage.
The one given five talents invested it wisely and earned five more. The one given two also invested it wisely and earned two more. But the one give one talent was afraid of losing his portion so he buried it. In life you each have a portion entrusted to you by Me. The way you invest it is important.
If you have a real, personal relationship with Me, you can listen to Me and I will lead you in the ways you can best use what I have given you. When you are obedient to Me you always win, and will be greatly rewarded with more in heaven.
The one who was afraid didn't know Me. He thought I was a hard man. You know I am holy, just and loving, He judged Me without taking time to draw near and develop a relationship with  Me. Even if he would have done the very least with what he had been given, simply putting it in a bank to receive interest, the talent would have had increased. Don't bury what I give you. Use it for Kingdom purposes.
You are only responsible for being faithful with what I give you, so do not compared yourself to what others are given or do. Walking in faith, knowing I will guide you every step of the day as you seek My desire for your life. Rest knowing you are never in a competition for My love. All I have is yours. You are the apple of My eye.

Letter From the King, Lindy Abbott

(This is a Letter Written for the point of view of God talking to his child. I hope you enjoy it, and it can minister to you to know your King.)

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