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Premier Designs - A Different Kind of Company!

With all current the lack of integrity and debt issues that our leaders, government and companies are displaying, it is nice to hear some great news about companies that have owners and managers that are exemplary.

Premier Design is one of those companies. Last night, I went to a jewelry show at a friend's home. I have know about this company and its jewelry for about 8 years. A lovely neighbor (whom moved a year ago) sold it and I have hosted about 3 shows over the years.

I love their jewelry which is a great quality and comes with a lifetime manufacture defect guarantee. It is not fine jewelry like you find in a jewelry store, but it also is not rinky-dink jewelry at Target, Walmart or even department stores (not that I don't own my share of these inexpensive pieces, especially when I catch a 50-75% sale!)

Some women love purses. I own one. Some women love clothes. I enjoy mine, but have pledged not to buy any new items
this year, not even at Goodwill/yardsales. Other women have different shoes for every outfit. I have all the basic slide on, sandals, tennis shoes for a functioning wardrobe. But I must say, jewelry is my extra that I always love to have. I love color and it is fun for me to have jewelry pieces that match my outfits.

Some people wear the same earrings for everyday (and this is OK). Mine have to be different to go with the mood, events or color of the outfit. This is not something I have always done. Really I started only about 7 years ago. I basically had one or two pieces at that time and usually wore none. After about a year or two into counseling recovering from the severely abusive childhood I endured, I started enjoy treating myself to a piece of jewelry every now and then. Since then I have a nice collection...with basic and fun pieces. And the majority of them are Premier Design!

Now last night the Independent Distributor/Jeweler shared things about the company that I didn't know. The company is debt free! The company started as a way to help pastor wives (and other full-time Christian workers) and single mothers
to stay at home with their children. And the company supports missionaries in 65 countries around the world.

The company's objective is "God demands fairness in every business deal. He sets the standard, and we desire to honor Him. To grow wisely and profitably. To enrich every life we touch. To provide excellent customer service." (quoted from back of catalog) Wouldn't it be nice for more companies to have such an honorable goal!?!? And this company stands by their objective. There are no pushy, rah-rah rallies to pump jewelers up to buy, to get people signed up, to have more and more parties. No, the times the jewelers get together is for encouragement, support and training. Our jeweler shared that one of the missionaries supported by the company shared a testimony! What a wonderful company to be part of.

Their website is Now you can't purchase the jewelry online from their site and distributors can't have a website to sell their jewelry, because this would not make a way for them to touch the lives of those who buy the jewelry. The company focuses on praying for and ministering to you show hostess.

You may be surprised after I tell you all this that I am not a distributor for Premier Designs and never have been! I am not trying to get you to sign up under me to make me a higher up sales person. I just wanted to let Christian Women know that there is a great company to work for that will provide a lot of emotional, spiritual and financial support, especially, in this time of economic crisis. You have no sales quota, and you make usually a 50% commission on all that you sell the night of the
show (no waiting for a check to be cut).

I can't believe I signed up last night to host a show. I don't usually do this and at the last home show a few years back (stampn' up, pampered chef, or another), I promised myself I wouldn't get into doing this show stuff again. But something happen last night, I just fell back in love with the whole concept of the company and of course the product. So yes, I am hosting a show on April 24!

I am also encouraging a sweet mom of three children that was there last night to consider selling this jewelry. Her husband is an alcoholic that refuses to get help to stop, and so she is no longer living with him. She left him and is living with her mom to protect her and especially the children. She is having a hard time finding a job. When I heard all the great things about this company, I just really think it would be a good place for her...And yes, she was seriously thinking about it.

So aren't you surprised there is still an honest company that tries to support godly goals and women to provide for their family's financial needs? Maybe you know someone that could benefit from this information.

I want to thank the Premier Jewelers who have visited. Please feel free to add your experience with how Premier has been a blessing to you and how it has allowed you to be a blessing to others. I love hearing the testimonies.

I only ask that you don't include your phone number or website in the comments because I want this post to be about sharing, not about finding contacts or potential jewelers. This is the Spirit of PD!


  1. sdblack@optonline.netMay 2, 2009 at 7:35 PM

    Lindy Lou, You are right on about Premier Designs! I joined the company in October 08 and have been enjoying it thoroughly; truly the best job I have ever had. At the Pittsburgh Convention in January, it just gave me goose-bumps to see the slide show of all the missionary work that Premier is involved with. It is an amazing company!
    (one minor correction… the Golden Guarantee is to protect against manufacturing defects; wear & tear and accidental breakage is not covered, so it is not really a ‘lifetime’ guarantee)
    -- Shelly Black, Wappingers Falls, NY

  2. Thank you for seeing how wonderful Premier Designs is. You have something inside you that tells you when something is good and true! I have been a jeweler for over a year and have been truly blessed. Thank you to Andy and Joan Horner for founding and maintaining an honest and generous company!! Bracken H. Las Vegas

  3. Thank you for your gracious comment on Premier Designs! When I began, my daughter was two and a half. I was a pastors wife and wanted to be a stay at home mom. Premier allowed me to do just that. Now 15 years, two more moves, another daughter and lots of home shows later, it's still great! We just take it with us when we go! In these economic times, anyone looking for job security, should check out PD. Thank you for your kind words!
    Arlene Miller

  4. What a great article about Premier, I've just celebrated my two year anniversary as a Independent Jeweler and I love it! Premier is a fantastic company to work for!

    Thank you for writing such a great blog - it made us Jewelry Ladies proud!

  5. I joined Premier 3 years ago solely for the money. I worked with another Direct Sales Company previously and only made 20-25%. God knew what he was doing though, the money wasn't the real reason I was in Premier... At my first national conference (we lovingly call Rally) I rededicated my life to the Lord. Premier has changed my life in ways no other job can because they believe life's priorities should be God first then family then career. And one more small correction - we always make 50% unless we sell our jewelry for less than the price in the catalog .

  6. Shelly, Bracken, Arlene and Dear Ms. Anonymous,

    You all are wonderful. Thank you for such kind comments and for the corrections. Of course, you know so much more than I do being independent jewelers. I just love being a loyal consumer.

    I will have to tell you that just yesterday, I had my loops with the tiny pastel is no longer in the newest catalog...I will have to check my receipt. But one of the stones were missing when I took the earrings off. I showed it to my husband and cheerfully informed him, "This is why I use Premier Design! I know that I can always get a replacement (or a comparable item) when something like this happens. I only hope I can still get the same one because I love them and find that it goes with so many spring outfits and have the matching bracelet!"

    I love the new jewelry and know the company keeps up with the trends in the market place, but I certainly do miss some of the old styles that were very timeless. Honestly I was a little surprised to see so many of my "friends" missing from the catalog, because they had been there so long.

    I am so happy that someone found this post and was able to share it with so many independent Premier Jewelers.

    I am having a show this coming Thursday. Pray for me that it goes well. My current Independent Jeweler is pretty new but has such a passion for the Christ centered-ness of the company!

    Thank you again for the comments.

  7. Your earrings are probably Parfait..and are retired:( If your jeweler can't find any replacements, I have a few stones. If you want to glue one in....let me know.
    Have fun at your show!! And yes, last year they retired about 300 pieces!

  8. Yes, it is parfait! I can tell you the stone color I am missing but I have had the worst time trying to super glue stones back on...I have tried it repeatedly with a beautiful smokey grey purple crystal earring and it always comes apart.

    Thank you for your suggestion. If you know of the best glue to use let me know. I really do love these.

    Hey, what was the reason for retiring so many...and I wish I would have been I could have gotten some of the pieces of sets I had not yet completed.


  9. I use superglue, a dot on ER and a dot on stone, wait a few seconds and then press together, holding and blowing:)
    Retired a lot because of large new line. I may have some of your favorite pieces or they may still be in stock. You can email me a list if you know them.

  10. Lindy, Thank you doesn't seem like an adequate way to show appreciation for your kind words. You expressed so many of the reasons we do feel blessed to be a part of Premier Designs. I tell my team, hostesses and customers that Premier is really my "Dream Job" and that I'm so glad God didn't just grant me my dreams/wishes. His dreams are so much bigger and better and that his desire for my life was to provide a way for me to serve and earn; it's amazing. You can't help but fall in love with Andy and Joan Horner. Their love and sincere concern for others is obvious. They don't push their beliefs on anyone, but when you meet them you know what they believe and in whom they trust. I thought for a long time that pride was a bad thing and it can be. However, I do believe there can be a "healthy" pride. The kind of pride we have when our children make the "right" decisions, etc. I have a healthy pride for Premier; this company does so much good for others; we can earn an incredible income, but that doesn't happen unless we are willing to serve others. Helping others see the difference jewelry makes is so mcuh fun! Women seem to have the need to look and feel great about their appearance. We sell a product that can help them do that without causing major financial distress.
    Thanks again, I appreciate you!

  11. Hi Lindylou!! I'm so glad to hear of your love for Premier Designs Jewelry!! I've been a jeweler for 3 and a half years and love what I do!! I started doing this because I love jewelry but when I attended my first Rally, my reason changed...I loved Premier, the company, for what it represents!!! I caught the vision of why MY company honor God and serve people and get Jesus into their homes and their lives so that their vision for their lives could hava a new meaning. Andy Horner always says, " We are special!! We are somebody because God didn't make a nobody...He doesn't make mistakes!". My husband just recently lost his job and my job has been lacking also, but with Premier, I have a job that will always be there and will provide an income for my family. Times are tough right now for everybody but with Premier there is hope, both spiritually and physically. Thank you for your encouragement to myself and all other jewelers who will be reading your blog!! I found the number to your earrings-item number 3267 and were $16. I checked and they have them in limited amounts. Get with your jeweler and have her turn them in for you with your $5 + tax and you can get a new pair!!!
    Carla Halpine :0)

  12. Thank you for this wonderful post about Premier. I've been a jeweler for 7 years and grow more in love with the company every year. I had the good fortune of attending a Leadership Orientation in TX this year, and found out that the home office staff prays for our businesses every day! That blew me away. There are so many companies out there that are all about profit, sell, sell, sell, and in my 7 years, I've never heard Premier mention selling once. Premier is a shining example of what God can do when we put Him first. Thank you so much for saying it way better than I ever could!!! God bless you!!!!!

  13. Lindy Lou,
    You basicly said everything there is to say about Premier Designs! I have been with Premier over a year now. I absolutley love it. I feel very honored that God put Premier in my life. I'm so glad he did. I have met some of my best friends through Premier that I probably would not have met if I wasn't a jeweler. Last year when I went Fortworth TX for the National Rally my life changed in a BIG way! Seeing Andy and Joan Horner was breathtaking. When they speak you realize that it is more than being a jeweler it's about being Family!!! Thank you so much for all your kind words about our wonderful company! Keep having shows that way you will keep getting FREE Jewelry!!! By the way when they retire pieces of jewelry that doesn't mean you still can not purchase those ask your jewelry lady to do a search for you. They may still have some in stock!!

  14. Thank You so much for being a spokes person for Premier. It means so much more when some one who is not involved in the company can tell people the company works. I have just celebrated my 1 year ann. in March and have promoted to Designer. My buisness is slowing down right now but God has a plan for me and I am pregnant with our third child. So maybe he just wants me to slow down. I was never very spiritual or ever went to church but always believed God was here.
    Being a part of Premier Designs and meeting soooo many wonderful and inspiering women has made me see the true meaning of our buisness. I did get to attend National Rally in my first few months and was overwhelmed by the amount of support and service our company shows not only the Jewelers but people all over the world. I encourage all women who are looking for that missing peice to consider Premier Designs and to just hear about the buisness.
    The Jewelers and taught not to be pushy and not to stalk people :) for new Jewelers to sign up. We are taught to share the buisness opportunity and leave it in God's hands. "If she is ready to sign she will find you." God will always point you in the right direction all you have to do is follow it. Thank you to Joan and Andy for their vision of Premier Designs. And Thank you to all the Jewelers who make Ptemier what it is and always will be.

    Cyane McCorkle Berlin, New Jersey

  15. read your blog................I like the title walking through womanhood....stop by and see mine sometime......

  16. If you are missing part of your Premier Designs collection and would like to try and find it, many of the classic and out-of-stock styles can be found at Premier Jewelry Catalog. It really is such a great brand and has such moral leaders that you can't help but support it :)

  17. Thanks Lindylou,
    I hosted 2 Premier Designs parties years ago and considered joining but my husband wanted me to wait until our homeschooled son graduated. When the time came,I decided to join another company with a different product line than jewelry. Although everyone is incredible, something is missing. I'm praying to see if God is leading me to this company once again. Thanks so much for your testimony.
    Praying for Direction

  18. Lindy Lou, thank you so much for your post!! I am very new to Premier .. i joined in Aug 09! My goal is to stay home and raise my daughters, my youngest being 2! I was recently wrongfully terminated from my job and soon after went to a show.. since not working, i only ordered a 20.00 pair of earrings but signed up to have a party which turned out to be over 800.00 in sales!! so i got lots of free jewelry .. then long story short God kept giving me dreams to do something i would normally never do, with my fear of speaking in front of oeople.. but the dreaams wouldnt go away until i gave in so i did and became a jewler! I am so happy i did! i go to the trainings monthly and i love to be around the jewelers and upline.. everyone is so happy and positive and right now thats what i needed in my life! I have 4 women about to get into the business under me by seeing how i was doing and im so excited!!! it is the best thing that has happened to me! So if anyone is thinking about being a Premier Jeweler but think you cant do it REMEMBER my fear is talking in front of people!!! if i can do it ... so can you!!! Good luck and GOD BLESS!!!

  19. I recently signed up as a jeweler in February 2010. Premier has changed my life. I always grew up attending church as a kid but after a divorce my father stopped attending. Since signing up with Premier Designs I have a strong feeling that I need God in my life. Im happy to say that this Sunday I will be attending church and I will be accepting Jesus Christ in my life.

  20. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting. It is so nice to see all the wonderful testimonies. What a blessing! Shelly, thank you for the correction on the 'lifetime' guarantee... it is a Golden guarantee and it has always been golden to me.

  21. Lindylou...It was so wonderful to read your blog on Premier Designs. It is such a wonderful company to work for. I have been with them for four months and LOVE it!! I am a full time teacher and I have two young children. I started out as a means to make a little extra money but God had bigger plans. I have been doing many home shows and have been meeting many incredible women! You have a part of God's plan just by posting this site. I hope all of the people that need to find it...will. God bless and thank you for your sincere promotion. Brenda Grammer, Montgomery, NY

  22. What a beautiful article about Premier Designs. Joan and Andy Horner have created a company that is not like any other.
    For my family, it has been life changing. We are very proud to represent Premier the past 10 years and to see what it has done for so many women around the country.
    We have the ability to empower and change the world through Him and Premier! God is so good.

  23. Lindylou, You truly are doing God's work by sharing how amazing Premier is. I've been in for 4 years, and it immediately started to change my life, in a way I never expected. My husband and I were Agnostic when I started. I knew Premier was a biblically based company but I figured it was like many other companies that claim a faith they don't ever talk about other than on marketing materials. Boy was I wrong! My first communication from the home office was the day they received and approved my contract, and they wanted to let me know they were "blessed" to have me in the company, and would love to pray with me whenever I needed it". When my kit arrived, there was a letter and scripture of the year included. When I attended training locally, it began in prayer, and devotions, and all the trainers had a verse that went with their topic. Oh, and they kept saying things like, "God is so good" and "Jesus died for me? I can't even remember to start the dishwasher. He's so good." And on, and on. Since I never missed a training, I got to hear these women talk about the Grace of God often. Well, after 1 whole year of that, I thought about going to church but didn't want to tell the husband why (because "attending church" or "Finding God" was one of the reasons we'd agreed we could divorce over)so I told him I could use the prospects.
    Well, we ended up exactly where God wanted us to be because not only was I saved that July, but my husband was also. PTL! We now live to honor God and bring Him glory. My marriage is now truly eternal and so much better every day as we study the Word together. I am in Love with MY SAVIOR, Jesus Christ, and the bible.

    I LOVE Premier for their Love of the Lord. I thank God for them constantly for their message that I was loved by God. This sinners heart was looking for a fathers love, and sweeter words, I'd never heard before.

    Little did I know God's plans for me in this company! I am blown away by what He continues to do for us.. I've grown into a woman I can be proud of (sins have been washed away)and a leader with the opportunity to teach others about Christ.

    You know my story isn't unique, but I will tell you that, the jewelers in my area shared similar stories about what Premier did to draw them closer to God. We are a company that is changing lives, and eternities!

  24. Wow, that's AWESOME!!!! Thank you so much:) I have been with Premier for 4 yrs now, and I have to say. . ...This is a mission field, not just about Jewelry,Love meeting new woman and making new friends!! God is so wonderful. Hoping you get a ton of FREE jewelry for Hosting another show, God Bless You Lindy Lou:)

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