Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Obama-gate - "Executive Privilege" keeps His Birth Certificate in safe

Two days ago Chris Matthews said the most obvious statement and declaration for 2011.... would be for Barak Obama to just go ahead and show his long form birth certificate. NYTIMES poll states 23% of Americans are not sure where Obama was born and 20% feel sure he was not an American. I hesitate to claim this but I agree with Christ Matthews.... go ahead Obama show your long form of your birth certificate, and while you are at it, let's see college records, social security numbers, childhood friends, Harvard Thesis, passports, "also-known-as" (aka), and anything else that might give us transparent background on who Obama is.

"Obama-gate" regarding his birth certificate is a matter of LAW, not opinion or feelings.
Photo in taken while I was in Kenya (one of my very favorite!)

Quite frankly, I am happy that we finally have an man in office that to many represents African Americans, just as I would be happy to one day have a female in the office of President. I do wish for my friends who are black Americans that he was a stronger conservative, Biblically minded person that would leave a godly heritage for them to esteem. If we had an female American president I would be so happy if she was a feminist in the line of those listed with the Susan B. Anthony website.

Anyone who knows me personally can truly speak to this as being a truth in my life. I consider all people to be a human being created by God. And I even go further to state we are all of one race, the human race, decedents of Adam. So race is not nor ever has been a reason for me wanting to see Obama release his hospital signed original birth certificate.

Unlike many Americans, I have been to Kenya myself. I served on a mission team three years ago. Joyfully staying in the home of the Kenyan pastor, being part of a nightly community sing fest (even when I was dog tired from carrying huge stone, large metal bowls of sandy rock wet cement and filling bags of sand from the bottom of dry sea beds).

I have had the privilege of playing with the African children, going to their simple mud and concrete schools, making necklaces, puzzles, doing dramas and telling stories. I have sat underneath trees with smiling citizen of Kenya that shared with me how much they pray for America. Totally blown away by the unconditional love shown for me through the eyes and arms of the people in this lovely country.

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Greatest Blog Ever

Do you want the greatest blog ever?

I have been taught by many very knowledgeable people "in the business" a few points:
  • Keep it Short. When you write a post keep it under 400 words. "No one reads anything long."
  • Stay to the point. Don't ramble. Pick a topic and stick with it. No rabbit chasing. Focus.
  • Make it applicable. People want to read what they can use or relate with for a purpose.
  • Ask a question. If you end with a question, you are more likely to receive comments.
  • Give away something. People love contest and love to win something for free!
  • Post Regularly. People are more likely to read your blog if it has a scheduled date for publishing.
  • Stay with your blog theme. People will sign up for your blog if the theme interest them.
  • Keep post positive and encouraging. No one wants to feel beat up or ready to fight after reading it.
  • Proof before you post. Reading your blog out loud to yourself is very helpful in catching errors.
So, those are some of the best rules I know. If you use all of them you will have a pretty successful blog. You might even end up with the greatest blog ever!

Now don't expect me to follow those rules or use my blogging as a good example. I can't keep it short... I ramble.... I tell details no one probably needs to know or cares about. I let my heart pour out "on paper". I am not sure I ever really have "a point". I really just like to talk and share. I figure there has to be a few good points in what I post somewhere. I am known by my family as someone "who will talk to a lamp post" if no one is around or listening.

I try asking questions but most of the time my readers feel it is a rhetorical question to be pondered, not answered. I seldom have something I think anyone would be interested in getting even if it was free, and when will I have time to run a contest? Read on and you might get to be my first contest winner!

I have a full schedule. My personal blogging just doesn't happen to make it to the top on a regular basis. And while I love encouraging people, I also like speaking the truth, which can sometimes not come off as uplifting to all readers.

And finally, proofing! Ugh! I am always so excited to push the "publish post," giddy that I finished it and can move on. I would be much more professional in blogging if I would hold on to it for a second or third read-through before I publish. But now, it gets embarrassing, because I am a copy editor for a magazine, so I must improve in this area. (as I laugh to myself - how did I become a copy-editor???)

You have a wonderful list of what to do if you want to try for "The Greatest Blog Ever" in 2011. If you think you have a blog, list it in the comments so I and others can come visit. If you have a website instead of a blog, list it.  If you want feedback, let us know in your comment.

Here is my try at a contest: if you list your blog and write a post linking back to me, I will enter you into a selection for a copy of the new book (I just happen to have an article in), Out Of The Overflow. Over 100 contributors are featured in this book including Bruce Wilkerson, John Van Diest, Pam Farrel, Florence Littauer, Vonda Skelton, Doreen Hanna, Susan Titus Osburn, and ME (ha!). I will get back with the winner and get your address. Contest ends January 1, 2011!

Do you already have a great blog? Do you use some of the tips listed? Do you want help? Let me know. I want to check you out.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lighting Little Candles - Hanukkah

Jesus Is Love - God Is Love - Jesus Is God
So, I being a "eager beaver" or a "bird brain" thought I would breeze through writing a snappy article about Hanukkah... you know that simple little holiday Jewish people do around Christmas time. It goes on for 12 or so days and they give gifts to their children so they don't feel so left out during Christmas time, or so I thought. Yes, it has been around a lot longer than Kwanza (something I NEVER heard of until 10 years or so) but isn't it about lights and gifts and having your own holiday, too.

Well, back to Hanukkah, the candle lighting holiday. God always has a sense of humor when we think we know all about something and we can be sure if we are His child He is getting ready to feed us a little humble pie.

Thank God, I love to research, dig, and uncover the first original documentation to be most accurate as possible in my writing. I know I will make errors in writing but I want to the best of my ability to try to be factual. Last year, I put "truth-teller" on my business card under what I was/do.  This year, I adjusted one of my titles to self-proclaimed "historian"! I am not sure which is worse.

Anyway, I read, read, read, read, read and felt I was drowning in Hanukkah history and stories. Who would know different stories floated around?

One emphasized freedom-fighting sons of a Levite priest who would not allow sacrifices on an altar in a little town called Modin in the hills from Jerusalem. His five sons were warriors, trained to fight in combat, and who overcome the letter of the law of not fighting on the Sabath which was being used against them in the worst slaughters by the torrential wicked King of Syria AntichousIV (Who renamed himself Antichious The Great One while the people called him Antichous the madman) the occupying ruler of Palestine during 160BC.

This version of Hanukkah says after this victory and the temple in Jerusalem was cleansed, a re-dedication of the temple was observed for eight days which was the usual time of the popular Sukkot feast missed over the reign of King Antichous. The people rejoiced the victory of Maccabees to regain their religious and political freedom (the name meaning "hammer" given to Judah the priest son who lead the rebellion - also the reason for the years of fighting to be called The Macebees Revolt).

The other version of Hanukkah focuses on the "miracle oil" the tradition passed down orally and written in 300 AD in the Talumet, Jewish history and views recorded in a book. This story tells about how at the rededication by  Macabees of the Temple only one day's amount of oil was found. With the rededication taking 8 days, and it also taking 8 days to make new oil, God miraculously multiplied the oil to last the entire eight days.

While both are wonderful godly reasons to remember the days of The Feast of Dedication, it can be complicated and confusing for someone like me so new to Hanukkah to figure out what this holiday is all about.

9/11 was an Attack Against God
Today Most Jews and particularly Messianic Jews (even some Christians) celebrate Hanukkah as the remembrance of the miracle oil. It would probably be a great addition and balance to always recall the Maccabean Revolt victory for religious freedom. Throughout  time haters of God, led by Satan have tried to snuff out His chosen people. The thought is if people who believe in God are killed than God will no longer be! Which is a total flaw in logical and truthful thinking. Believing in God doesn't make God any more real than believing in gravity creates gravity real.

Christian share greatly with the suffering and persecution, particularly around the world in communistic and Muslim countries. Jesus was hated, killed, but not murdered... He laid down His own life for the love of all people to be reconciled to the One True God, I AM. Jesus is God's Son, the one and only Messiah of God, and the only Begotten One True God. Jesus is also the stumbling block for most to coming to God through God's only provided way to know Him personally.

All people need to be respected and cherished. No prejudice can be tolerated in God's Kingdom and His Church. God is not a respector of persons.  He chose to teach us about His love and desire to be our God through the Jewish people, but it was never to stop with the Jews. God always desired Abraham to be blessed so he could be a blessing to all Nations. People of all Nation can be adopted and grafted into the family of Abraham by God through belief in Jesus as the Messiah.

Jesus Lights The Way to Father God
This winter, no matter if you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza or a combination of any, look to the one true God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, who can become your personal Lord through believing in Jesus as His Son, the Lord and the Messiah! We all have a great reason to celebrate Jesus in this winter season! Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year in 2011!!!

Love, Lindy