Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Obama-gate - "Executive Privilege" keeps His Birth Certificate in safe

Two days ago Chris Matthews said the most obvious statement and declaration for 2011.... would be for Barak Obama to just go ahead and show his long form birth certificate. NYTIMES poll states 23% of Americans are not sure where Obama was born and 20% feel sure he was not an American. I hesitate to claim this but I agree with Christ Matthews.... go ahead Obama show your long form of your birth certificate, and while you are at it, let's see college records, social security numbers, childhood friends, Harvard Thesis, passports, "also-known-as" (aka), and anything else that might give us transparent background on who Obama is.

"Obama-gate" regarding his birth certificate is a matter of LAW, not opinion or feelings.
Photo in taken while I was in Kenya (one of my very favorite!)

Quite frankly, I am happy that we finally have an man in office that to many represents African Americans, just as I would be happy to one day have a female in the office of President. I do wish for my friends who are black Americans that he was a stronger conservative, Biblically minded person that would leave a godly heritage for them to esteem. If we had an female American president I would be so happy if she was a feminist in the line of those listed with the Susan B. Anthony website.

Anyone who knows me personally can truly speak to this as being a truth in my life. I consider all people to be a human being created by God. And I even go further to state we are all of one race, the human race, decedents of Adam. So race is not nor ever has been a reason for me wanting to see Obama release his hospital signed original birth certificate.

Unlike many Americans, I have been to Kenya myself. I served on a mission team three years ago. Joyfully staying in the home of the Kenyan pastor, being part of a nightly community sing fest (even when I was dog tired from carrying huge stone, large metal bowls of sandy rock wet cement and filling bags of sand from the bottom of dry sea beds).

I have had the privilege of playing with the African children, going to their simple mud and concrete schools, making necklaces, puzzles, doing dramas and telling stories. I have sat underneath trees with smiling citizen of Kenya that shared with me how much they pray for America. Totally blown away by the unconditional love shown for me through the eyes and arms of the people in this lovely country.

So don't trash me calling me a white elites or a bigot, like so many Obama supporters resort to, because they have nothing of substance to reply or make a comment about in response to hard questions that are never fully answered. I dislike anyone that tries to put some down, "in their place", bully, abuse, or hold someone back from being all God created them to be.

Asking for original documentation from the person who is to hold the office of presidency of United States is not a conspiracy theory or belittle. It is a requirement of Constitutional LAW. When we do not abide by our own Constitution we trample over the structure that holds America as a Nation of law.

When Governor of Hawaii, her cabinet and others are asked to provide access to internal communications about President Obama's birth certificate, claim their communications are protected by “executive privilege.” This was the exact phrase used by Nixon and his administration in watergate inquireries. Is the "executive privilege" invoked indicating an "obama-gate"?

Hawaiian officials are bound by their state LAW to not disclose Mr. Obama's birth certificate, because state law only allows disclosure to the person themselves, their family or legal representatives. I commend Hawaiian officials for following state LAW. Now let use give the same respect to Constitutional LAW.

The FBI does not vet Presidential candidates. Instead, they are vetted by the nominating PARTY, The nominating party is required to complete a form that certifies them eligible. However in the case of Obama, Nancy Pelosi very slightly changed the form so it certified only that he WAS the candidate and did not certify their knowledge of his eligibility. So the citizens of America who truly are the keepers of the Constitution must request the required documentation.

Some states are now changing law to require proof of being a natural born citizen provided to the state to be put on State ballots, as a result of Obama not showing his legally required documentation.

A requirement for President is that the person is a natural born citizen, which is defined strictly and does not equate simply citizenship or having a birth certificate. This is because state laws verify in how they determine eligibility to have a birth certificate.

Here are two samples of possible Hawaiian certifications of live birth: (NOTE:The actual Hawaii birth certificate from 1963 (the same era as Obama's birth), which while redacted includes detailed information documenting a birth, including the name of the birth hospital and the attending physician. Beneath it is the short-form "Certification of Live Birth" offered by Obama as proof of his Hawaiian birth. It is possible to have been born outside of Hawaii and still obtain the latter form (as Obama's step-sister born in Indonesia does), but not the former.)

Long Form: Hawaiin Long Form used in 1963 at Hospitals during year Obama was born
Note all details, place of birth, signatures, ages of parents, etc.

Short Form: Obama's released Copy of His birth certificate

Note few details are provided. This is not an original birth certificate no matter how many times it is said it is.

Do you have eyes to see? Stop being ignorant, and accepting what the white house, media and democratic leaders claim to be an original document. Any child old enough to watch Sesame Street could tell the difference. Clearly anyone can see how different the two birth certificates are!

Now I want to make it certain. I am not claiming Barak Obama is not legally eligible to be our President because no one at this point has seen his legal longform certificate that is suppose to be in a Hawaiian safe. Barak, who claims to have a long form in safe keeping refused to show it should be called before a special committee of congress to provide this copy for inspection.

We are either a country of law or not. If one must follow the law, we all must follow the law. To date, I know of no other president unwilling to go out of his way to release all documents, including highschool, college, and passport records. While these are not required by Constitutional law, usually people of character that run for president are desiring to provide as much documentation needed to show their historical, factual record as a United States Citizen.

So if you happen to be someone who doesn't care to see Obama's original long form birth certificate, go your merry way and have a nice day. Ignorance is often bliss, and you shouldn't get involved in a discussion about something you really don't care about or that doesn't pertain to you or your interest.

To others who seek truth, dig original documentation in everything they speak about and write about or have an inquiring mind, let them continue to demand a satisfactory response. I am very happy to make a conclusion of "Yes, thankfully, Obama is qualified" if he would only release his long form original birth certificate.

The stubborn requirements of Consitutional law must be fully satisfied, and I can not think of one good reason why a person in the presidential office would not cheerfully post his original birth certificate for the entire world to see.

As for me, I am very proud to be an American and would personally go to my hometown office and wait for them to personally hand me my precious birth certificate with my parents original signatures and kiss the form as I praised God for allowing me to be born in this great country, The United States of America! Then I would go forward holding it for as many people as wanted to view or photograph it. I would than make sure it was carefully handed to security to keep it safe until it could be put for view in my presidential library.

The question still remains - why would a person who is president spend millions of dollars to keep their original birth certificate hidden? What is there to hide? And if there is nothing to hide, he should be ashamed for wasting so much money on legal fees that could have been used to help hungry, hurting Americans! What an absolute waste of resources!