Friday, February 25, 2011

America has an Islam Problem - Wake Up

Hello! Wake Up Call - AGAIN! 

Read carefully... I am not speaking out of hatred. I truly wish I did not feel compelled to speak at all. Who likes to stand out on a ledge of a huge cliff exposed to attacks? Not I. Do you? But there comes a time when being tight lipped or patronizing is not an option - granted not everyone has this compelling pressure, but to those who do, silence is not a right choice in these moments. Can you relate? Have you ever felt compelled to speak up, to act, to do what was right? Have you ever taken a risk to walk out alone on a ledge, only to discover other brave souls are already standing out there? 

It is from this heart wrenching, I share what is alerting my soul, the living spirit quickens me to action... I, basically minor unknown lady who happens write on a blog - to the big wide world a "nobody" - who feels she must speak... of all things, about national security. 

American are blessed with birthrights that few other countries provide to their citizens. Our constitution and Bill of Rights are precious documents that are without a doubt birthed from a Christian worldview of the founders in the 1700's. We have freedoms that are protected by law and we are all to be equally treated by our laws. 
People who come to America as a visitor, whether a worker, a student, a traveler - are extended  a privilege to be allowed on American soil, it is not a birthright.  

The American Congress by law decides who is allowed the privilege to enter our country, under what circumstances, for how long, and for what reason... and who may not enter America. The President is charged with protecting citizen and the Nation from a wide range of harms which definitely includes murder, bombs, etc. 

We must face facts about ISLAM! Believers of Islam are a specific segment of the world population devoted to the murder and destruction of our Christian, Jewish and non-Islam citizens and our Nation as a whole. They pledge to kill Americans and take over our country for their faith- Islam, their god, Allah, all in the name of an evil Koran doctrine - Jihad, but also in obedience to Muhammad's dying request for his following to conquest by murder all Christians and Jews (non-believers of Islam).

Who are these people - this specific segment - can we describe what they all have in common? (I feel like I am asking a question on Sesame Street) 
We all know the common factor of terrorist acts, plots and attacks are the Muslim jihad doctrine of Islam faith. 

This is a FACT! I just listened to a ABC news report by Diane Sawyer about the discovery and arrest of a Muslim terrorist in  TX planning many vicious murders of Americans. Not one time in her report did she mention the word Muslim or Islam. WHY? Who is she protecting? Why hide or ignore this fact?
Hello! Wake Up! Jihad is a Islam doctrine to kill, rule, destroy infidels. According to Muslim following Jihad doctrine, Americans are infidels. We can no long tolerate allowing people who want Americans murdered to be allowed to remain on American soil.
How long? How long will Americans stay dumbed to the pretense that many Islam believing Muslims around the world believe a doctrine of faith that is not tolerant of anyone but Muslims? But not only are they not tolerant, they follow a doctrine of hate to kill non-Muslims, particularly all Americans, Christians and Jews (even Americans of Muslim faith).
It is clear- all people claiming to be Muslims do not  follow the Muslim jihad doctrine of Islam. But ALL Muslims who follow the Koran teachings of the Islam faith do! I ask people who call themselves Muslims and say they do not hold to jihad doctrine, why do they not denounce and reject the Koran's murderous, violent, hate-filled teachings? Where are Muslim's articles detailing how the Koran should not be followed, that its teachings are evil and very oppressive to women, Christians and Jews. 

Why are Muslims not outraged that others Muslims claiming to followers of Islam are bent on killing and destroying their fellow citizens? Have you ever met an American Muslim that is speaking out against Islam and the Koran? I have not, and many Muslims live in my town. If you have, name them. Introduce them; I would love to thank them.

Yes, today, in the 21st century Muslim terrorist are in varying stages of implementing violent attacks on people around the world but constantly focused on America. These Muslims believe in their Islam faith - the terrorist speak it loud and clear themselves. They are proud of their actions done for their faith in Allah/Islam.(Islam is a so much more than a "religion." It is a system of doctrine and laws to govern themselves and to be imposed on governing the rest of the world, willingly or unwillingly (by fear or by sword)!

 And Muslims devout in faith of Allah/Islam naturally learn this hateful way of living, a set of rigid rules/laws to follow, a form of governing flows from an sense of Allah being the supreme higher authority of the World. A mosque that does not teach these things in the Koran is not a practicing Islam or obeying the Koran. Be warned, from the object of our faith comes our "truth" which determines our behaviors. We do what we believe, not what we say we believe! 

But who is man that he can determine the intent of another person's heart which is only known by God Himself? We can not xray a person heart to determine if he/she has evil intent we must act to protect our Nation the only way we can, but we can read the teachings and listen to the sayings of Islam holy books and Imans.

We have no choice but to protect our Nation. Non- Americans have allegiance to their Nation - not to America, as it is natural, and should be.

Just as American citizens should have allegiance to the USA, a Nation of Judeo-Christian values! People (such as lefties liberals and lying power-hungers academia) ,without allegiance, to the United States of America advocate anarchy, mob rule, thug leadership, the rise of intimidation, and the acceptance of people above the law who are protected from being criminals because they are not required from following the laws of America, nor judges orders.

American citizens of all religious faiths, including Muslim, are protected by our constitution and are innocent until proven guilty and should not be viewed as enemies of our Nation. With citizenship - particularly natural born citizenship - allegiance to America is trusted until proven otherwise.

But what must we do? We cannot tolerate non-American Islamist to enter or remain visitors of our Country!
What will it take until our legislative and executive federal branches of government protect America? Will it take a death of someone dear to them? Will it take an explosion in a town near them? Will it be a take- over of our government... county by county... city by city in the US?
Do we need to see facebook/twitter/relationship site-started-rallies-of-mobs running wild all over the middle east start violent mobs in the USA? 
Hello! Wake Up!
Being wise and facing truth is not hatred, nor discrimination. It is facing real world facts. It is not being pressured to be socially or politically acceptable. It is standing up for freedom and safety. It is defending our Nation from infiltration of a very real, serious, vocal, proven, violent enemy. 
Just today, again, we are given proof that another hateful, vicious, plotting Muslim is working hard to plan ways to kill many Americans, even a previous President. IS THIS NOT ENOUGH?
We must act and be swift! We must revoke every Muslim in America on a visa. And Seal our Border with Mexico! 
No non-citizen has a right to being in America. Non-citizen Muslims are a high level security threat. No Muslims should be allowed to enter our country! Period! Profiling? We better start smart profiling!
Here is a clip of the news today: Prosecutors said Aldawsari, who hoped to create an Islamic group under the al-Qaida banner, a blog to publish extremist messages expressing his dismay over conditions for Muslims.
"You who created mankind . grant me martyrdom for your sake and make jihad easy for me only in your path," he wrote, according to court records.
Neighbors in Lubbock said they had never seen Aldawsari, but noticed people in the hallway the day of the arrest.
"That's so scary," said Sally Dierschke, a 21-year-old senior at Texas Tech. "That's my neighbor ... Of course, I'm scared."
(Vanderbilt University spokeswoman Beth Fortune said Aldawsari participated in a program at the school's English language center from the fall of 2008 to the summer of 2009 but was not a registered Vanderbilt student.)

I know this is not a popular idea nor one that seems fair, and to tell you the true it is not fair. But war is not fair. Terrorist are not fair. Muslim Jihadist are not fair. It is not fair to those Muslims who do not intend harm on Americans, but it is JUST. America has an obligation to protect its citizens and its land! Let Justice prevail. We must be brave to remain alive and free!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I am body, soul and spirit - Now What?

It is very, very hard to live life in reality if you don't embrace the fact that humans are created with a body, soul and spirit.

God redeems us complete - body, soul and spirit!
You have a body. Not really a lot of news to you. Do you have eyes to see? Look - you have a body. Not much discussion are argument on this point. But in relation to soul and spirit, I am learning a whole lot about what it means to be in a physical body. The spirit and soul needs the body!

Ever heard of someone "churchy" say they are struggling with the flesh? Have you have said that.... in one way or another? Have you wished you could get rid of your "fallen," sad, clunky, needy body to speed on into spiritual bliss? I am learning this concept is a very bad, warped view of how God made people. More later to explain....

OK, what about soul? Don't squirm. Everybody has a soul, an inner core, a sense of self.... Cindy Laupier sang a song about "True Colors" and for me, she was really talking about your soul. Let your "true color" shine through! Only you know what God knows - who you really are. And most of us are masters of hiding our inner self even from our own consciousness.

Every know and then, we get a glimpse of who God created us to be and we smile deep within. We want to stand up tall and shout from the highest mountain - "I am who I am and I am not going to deny it anymore!" Unfortunately this zest only lasts a short span of time until it fizzes away in futile comparison.... insecurity....doubt.... frustration.... uncertainty. 

And yes, you have a spirit - even the world tries to embrace the fact of a human spirit. Didn't Abraham Maslow in his heirchy of needs teach scholarly academia and the rest of us who study human develop that we have needs and our spiritual awareness is the ultimate plateau? Everyone who is wanting to live life to the fullest is aiming for spiritual awareness, but really, can a person attain this apart from the source of the living Spirit!  Apart from God?

God created humans as body, soul and spirit - it is all good - body, soul and spirit!

We can't live without our body, soul or spirit if we truly want to live out the fullness of who God created us to be! When God saves us, he doesn't just give us His Spirit to dwell among us, and to be alive in our spirit. He redeems us completely - body, soul and spirit. 

I am learning how to except all of me. What about you?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kingmakers Series - Part 1

What birthrights do American citizens have regarding our representative government? Have you, like me, been frustrated in Presidential elections of getting to vote for the better of two evils? Why does this happen again and again for Republicans?

"Kingmakers" control America, our tax money and our birthrights. Amazingly, most Americans don't even know what we have already lost.

I stumbled upon an incredible little book written in 1964 by Phyllis Schlafly, a very active member of the Republican party in 1930s - 1960s+.  She wrote first-hand experience in her powerful book, "A Choice Not An Echo". 

I am an avid reader and writer but I have never heard of this little gem. I am sure many people have wished it could have been burned, so no one would have discover it almost 50 years later. Fortunately for America, I enjoy looking through books tossed away in thrift stores to reclaim such treasures. (Note: it can be found on Amazon for a few dollars)

We need to learn our past and how we have gotten to the point that American citizens no longer nominate the Presidential candidate of their choice. Delegates attending the Republican National Convention don't vote for who they want on the floor of the convention. Have you ever noticed the person is already picked?  Why go through this week long charade of pretense? Why pay millions of taxpayer dollars on this process of electing a President if it is not real?

All of these questions are valid, and must be answered. We need to learn how we can stop this. We need to educate ourselves.

So here we go:

From 1936 a group of secret Kingmakers based in NY have selected every Republican presidential nominee. They do not care if a Republican or Democrat wins. Matter of fact they love it when both candidates are theirs so that they are in a win-win situation. This small group of the most powerful people (and their family lines that follow) is the controlling opinion makers that determine who you and I “get” to “vote” for President, and their methods are far from legal.

In following parts, I will teach the details and name the people.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Build The Wall - Mexican US Border

UPDATE: June 2013

I wrote this post on February 14, 2011; it is now June 2013 and still nothing has been done about building the wall between Mexico and the United States but much has been discussed and plotted about giving Mexicans and other Nationalities that have illegal entered or illegally overstayed their visa to have the right to become an American Citizen.

Let us start with the right terminology. A person that enters the country illegally is a foreigner who is breaking the law thus they are rightly called an illegal alien, not an immigrant. An immigrant is one who applies for immigration status and obeys American laws, so let us stop calling lawbreaking foreigners immigrants. If they want the fine status of immigrant they can return to their foreign nation from which they came and apply to come to America as an immigrant legally.

American Citizenship is not a right to be tossed about lightly and given to people who come to our country illegally or who are lawbreakers by staying here beyond their legal permitted time. Being an anchor baby grown up as a child while most would want to grant citizenship is legally questionable because the parents were not under the legal jurisdiction of the State in which the baby was born if they were here illegally. You see, you can't have it both way. An illegal (a criminal of the United States) can not simply become legal by passing through the birth canal on American soil. But this is beyond the scope of this article while it still has a lot to do with amnesty.

The whole point of this article was to state the unquestionable fact that AMERICA could have build a wall on our southern border several times over if they started and were determined to finish it. Then, they could eliminate the illegal crossing and entry and the overstay of visas.

But no one in power, not one political person has the fortitude to demand that the wall be built!

Get politicians and politics out of the way. No nation can remain sovereign with porous borders. American will crumble and not be valuable to anyone if we don't face the pure fact that a secure border must be established, PERIOD. This must be dealt with FIRST, completely, and when the border is finished and the Nation's boundaries and ports are secure, then and only then should we be discussion other issues regarding illegals aliens (not immigrants) in America.

Let us look at History!

China has a Wall. It measures 3,339 miles long. This wall has 7,000 lookout towers and 700 beacon towers.

The Berlin Wall was constructed by USSR on one weekend. It began on Friday and on Monday it was finished. The Berlin Wall was 96 miles. It had 300 watch towers and 30 bunkers. During 1961 to 1990, only 5,000 people successfully crossed this border wall. 

Soviets build the Berlin Wall in 3 days, Fri evening to Mon afternoon
The American- Mexican border is 1,969 miles long. The estimate of illegal entry from Mexico to US is 500,000 per year since 1990:

For a period of time in the 1990s, US Army personnel were stationed along the U.S.-Mexico border to help stem the flow of illegal immigrants and drug smugglers. These military units brought their specialized equipment such as FLIR (infrared) devices and helicopters.
 They worked in conjunction with the US border patrol who were deployed along the border and, for a brief time, the smugglers and the alien traffickers simply ceased operations over the one hundred mile sections of the border was sealed at a time. It was very effective but temporary as the illegal traffic resumed as soon as the military withdrew.

I keep hearing people say the Mexican-US  Border can not be sealed. How can this be said by a country that  has sent men to the moon, and a hubble telescope giving everyone amazing pictures of space?

America Can't Build A Wall To Protect It's Citizens?!?

People who work the border have been convinced it is an impossible task. I say they are naysayers and quitters. Don't mistake me for blaming the border patrol. They are wonderful Americans doing their job, but they do believe it can't be done. I know this sounds harsh or mean but it is a LIE, that our border can not be made permanently secure. We don't need some high tech wall.

The Berlin Wall was effective and it was 13 feet high concrete, that was enforced with "shoot to kill" dead zones for people who tried to escape.

Mexicans are not illegally escaping Mexico. Mexicans are illegally entering USA. For anyone who didn't know, Mexico and America are two separate countries.... not two American states. Mexicans do not have the right to take what belongs to Americans, just as Americans do not have the right to enter Mexico and take the rights of Mexicans.

Hello!? When is it cruel to protect your border? It is called sovereignty of a Nation. All Nations have not only a right but an obligation to its citizens to secure it borders from illegal entry.

If you think it can't be done, give me the job... or I will give the job to my 17 yr old son. It a matter of weeks the border would be sealed! Building a concrete wall does not take a very long time. Even if we do 100 feet every weekend. in 20 weekends the wall would be build. But let's say we work around the clock. 100 feet each three days (and this is a slow 1961 model). In 60 days, the 2000 foot border would be complete!

And who would be the manpower, anyone receive welfare checks or unemployment. If you don't work you don't eat, unless you are unable do to illness. For 60 days tents with cots could be put up for the people to stay in while working. This does not take high intelligence. It takes common sense.

People are illegally entering the United States. This is an issue of National security! We are being invaded illegally by people who are stealing our citizens tax dollars in receiving American education, healthcare, food, jobs, and subsidized living. NO NATION CAN REMAIN IN EXISTENCE DOING THIS!

People who plead the case of rights for people illegally entering USA are traitors against our Nation. They are destroying our sovereignty, economy, security, hope and future.

I am an American Citizen. I stand up as a Patriot. I refuse to be hushed. I love my Nation. I will not be silent while our Country's survival is at stake.

What is your response? Are will you remain silent, and see what happens?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Is Satan Real?

I know a lot of different people think a lot of different things about the boogie monster... nice try. No, seriously hands down not many people differ when it comes to identifying evil. Evil is real! Unfortunately we have felt the evil effects in our own life, and know that pain it causes.

But this is my question, is Satan Real? Yes, I am speaking of the Devil.

Is there an actual Fallen Angel that was cast out of heaven by God to the earth and a 1/3 of the angels followed him to become demons? 

I don't want to talk about God right now. I only want you to consider this: Is Satan a real being? Does Satan have your demises in mind? Does he care about what you are doing? Does he want you to be on his side against his enemy? Does he plot, plan, and move mightily in the lives of humans?

Don't guess. Reason. 

Wind is real. I have eye-witnessed the effects of tornado and hurricane winds. Wind is defined and measured. Wind moves and causes a breeze, a gust, a storm.

Be logical, not emotional. 

Wind is a common experience to all people who live.

But Satan, is he common?

Consider these thoughts: I have read that Satan aims high. It is recorded that the Devil tempted Jesus for forty days. Satan had a lot to loose to Jesus. The Devil chooses to carefully who press hard into with his power. When a person is nearest to God, often they will witness that continual temptation and conflict beat down upon them with a power stronger than most have ever had to withstand. Why? Martin Luther testified that he endured several such conflict with the devil, but did Martin Luther not go on to lead a reformation of Christianity to return to God and His Word!

Temptation does for us what a storm does for an oak - it roots us!

Or as a fire does for painted pottery or porcelain - it makes them permanent!

If you have experienced great conflict with the tempter - you are being transformed by God for His use and purpose.

If you know nothing of the battle of warring with Satan, don't due to your lack of experience claim him not to be real. You lack experience because your lack of faith in God causes you to be of little concern to Satan. He has no cause for using is forces to attract you from God using all the forces available to him.

So if you seek to know the reality of God it may do you good to inquire of anyone you know that loves and obeys Jehovah God of the Holy Bible. If Jesus is the reason for every breath in their life, ask them, "Is Satan real?" I am certain, they will have personal witness of his reality.

Is this not a reasonable request, and a prudent way to find truth?

But if you are a doubter, why not ask God yourself? You will have to be still, open to discover, and willing to listen to what you hear. I know not of one person who sought, who waiting still, as long as it took to still their own mind, to hear.