Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I am body, soul and spirit - Now What?

It is very, very hard to live life in reality if you don't embrace the fact that humans are created with a body, soul and spirit.

God redeems us complete - body, soul and spirit!
You have a body. Not really a lot of news to you. Do you have eyes to see? Look - you have a body. Not much discussion are argument on this point. But in relation to soul and spirit, I am learning a whole lot about what it means to be in a physical body. The spirit and soul needs the body!

Ever heard of someone "churchy" say they are struggling with the flesh? Have you have said that.... in one way or another? Have you wished you could get rid of your "fallen," sad, clunky, needy body to speed on into spiritual bliss? I am learning this concept is a very bad, warped view of how God made people. More later to explain....

OK, what about soul? Don't squirm. Everybody has a soul, an inner core, a sense of self.... Cindy Laupier sang a song about "True Colors" and for me, she was really talking about your soul. Let your "true color" shine through! Only you know what God knows - who you really are. And most of us are masters of hiding our inner self even from our own consciousness.

Every know and then, we get a glimpse of who God created us to be and we smile deep within. We want to stand up tall and shout from the highest mountain - "I am who I am and I am not going to deny it anymore!" Unfortunately this zest only lasts a short span of time until it fizzes away in futile comparison.... insecurity....doubt.... frustration.... uncertainty. 

And yes, you have a spirit - even the world tries to embrace the fact of a human spirit. Didn't Abraham Maslow in his heirchy of needs teach scholarly academia and the rest of us who study human develop that we have needs and our spiritual awareness is the ultimate plateau? Everyone who is wanting to live life to the fullest is aiming for spiritual awareness, but really, can a person attain this apart from the source of the living Spirit!  Apart from God?

God created humans as body, soul and spirit - it is all good - body, soul and spirit!

We can't live without our body, soul or spirit if we truly want to live out the fullness of who God created us to be! When God saves us, he doesn't just give us His Spirit to dwell among us, and to be alive in our spirit. He redeems us completely - body, soul and spirit. 

I am learning how to except all of me. What about you?

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