Friday, February 25, 2011

America has an Islam Problem - Wake Up

Hello! Wake Up Call - AGAIN! 

Read carefully... I am not speaking out of hatred. I truly wish I did not feel compelled to speak at all. Who likes to stand out on a ledge of a huge cliff exposed to attacks? Not I. Do you? But there comes a time when being tight lipped or patronizing is not an option - granted not everyone has this compelling pressure, but to those who do, silence is not a right choice in these moments. Can you relate? Have you ever felt compelled to speak up, to act, to do what was right? Have you ever taken a risk to walk out alone on a ledge, only to discover other brave souls are already standing out there? 

It is from this heart wrenching, I share what is alerting my soul, the living spirit quickens me to action... I, basically minor unknown lady who happens write on a blog - to the big wide world a "nobody" - who feels she must speak... of all things, about national security. 

American are blessed with birthrights that few other countries provide to their citizens. Our constitution and Bill of Rights are precious documents that are without a doubt birthed from a Christian worldview of the founders in the 1700's. We have freedoms that are protected by law and we are all to be equally treated by our laws. 
People who come to America as a visitor, whether a worker, a student, a traveler - are extended  a privilege to be allowed on American soil, it is not a birthright.  

The American Congress by law decides who is allowed the privilege to enter our country, under what circumstances, for how long, and for what reason... and who may not enter America. The President is charged with protecting citizen and the Nation from a wide range of harms which definitely includes murder, bombs, etc. 

We must face facts about ISLAM! Believers of Islam are a specific segment of the world population devoted to the murder and destruction of our Christian, Jewish and non-Islam citizens and our Nation as a whole. They pledge to kill Americans and take over our country for their faith- Islam, their god, Allah, all in the name of an evil Koran doctrine - Jihad, but also in obedience to Muhammad's dying request for his following to conquest by murder all Christians and Jews (non-believers of Islam).

Who are these people - this specific segment - can we describe what they all have in common? (I feel like I am asking a question on Sesame Street) 
We all know the common factor of terrorist acts, plots and attacks are the Muslim jihad doctrine of Islam faith. 

This is a FACT! I just listened to a ABC news report by Diane Sawyer about the discovery and arrest of a Muslim terrorist in  TX planning many vicious murders of Americans. Not one time in her report did she mention the word Muslim or Islam. WHY? Who is she protecting? Why hide or ignore this fact?
Hello! Wake Up! Jihad is a Islam doctrine to kill, rule, destroy infidels. According to Muslim following Jihad doctrine, Americans are infidels. We can no long tolerate allowing people who want Americans murdered to be allowed to remain on American soil.
How long? How long will Americans stay dumbed to the pretense that many Islam believing Muslims around the world believe a doctrine of faith that is not tolerant of anyone but Muslims? But not only are they not tolerant, they follow a doctrine of hate to kill non-Muslims, particularly all Americans, Christians and Jews (even Americans of Muslim faith).
It is clear- all people claiming to be Muslims do not  follow the Muslim jihad doctrine of Islam. But ALL Muslims who follow the Koran teachings of the Islam faith do! I ask people who call themselves Muslims and say they do not hold to jihad doctrine, why do they not denounce and reject the Koran's murderous, violent, hate-filled teachings? Where are Muslim's articles detailing how the Koran should not be followed, that its teachings are evil and very oppressive to women, Christians and Jews. 

Why are Muslims not outraged that others Muslims claiming to followers of Islam are bent on killing and destroying their fellow citizens? Have you ever met an American Muslim that is speaking out against Islam and the Koran? I have not, and many Muslims live in my town. If you have, name them. Introduce them; I would love to thank them.

Yes, today, in the 21st century Muslim terrorist are in varying stages of implementing violent attacks on people around the world but constantly focused on America. These Muslims believe in their Islam faith - the terrorist speak it loud and clear themselves. They are proud of their actions done for their faith in Allah/Islam.(Islam is a so much more than a "religion." It is a system of doctrine and laws to govern themselves and to be imposed on governing the rest of the world, willingly or unwillingly (by fear or by sword)!

 And Muslims devout in faith of Allah/Islam naturally learn this hateful way of living, a set of rigid rules/laws to follow, a form of governing flows from an sense of Allah being the supreme higher authority of the World. A mosque that does not teach these things in the Koran is not a practicing Islam or obeying the Koran. Be warned, from the object of our faith comes our "truth" which determines our behaviors. We do what we believe, not what we say we believe! 

But who is man that he can determine the intent of another person's heart which is only known by God Himself? We can not xray a person heart to determine if he/she has evil intent we must act to protect our Nation the only way we can, but we can read the teachings and listen to the sayings of Islam holy books and Imans.

We have no choice but to protect our Nation. Non- Americans have allegiance to their Nation - not to America, as it is natural, and should be.

Just as American citizens should have allegiance to the USA, a Nation of Judeo-Christian values! People (such as lefties liberals and lying power-hungers academia) ,without allegiance, to the United States of America advocate anarchy, mob rule, thug leadership, the rise of intimidation, and the acceptance of people above the law who are protected from being criminals because they are not required from following the laws of America, nor judges orders.

American citizens of all religious faiths, including Muslim, are protected by our constitution and are innocent until proven guilty and should not be viewed as enemies of our Nation. With citizenship - particularly natural born citizenship - allegiance to America is trusted until proven otherwise.

But what must we do? We cannot tolerate non-American Islamist to enter or remain visitors of our Country!
What will it take until our legislative and executive federal branches of government protect America? Will it take a death of someone dear to them? Will it take an explosion in a town near them? Will it be a take- over of our government... county by county... city by city in the US?
Do we need to see facebook/twitter/relationship site-started-rallies-of-mobs running wild all over the middle east start violent mobs in the USA? 
Hello! Wake Up!
Being wise and facing truth is not hatred, nor discrimination. It is facing real world facts. It is not being pressured to be socially or politically acceptable. It is standing up for freedom and safety. It is defending our Nation from infiltration of a very real, serious, vocal, proven, violent enemy. 
Just today, again, we are given proof that another hateful, vicious, plotting Muslim is working hard to plan ways to kill many Americans, even a previous President. IS THIS NOT ENOUGH?
We must act and be swift! We must revoke every Muslim in America on a visa. And Seal our Border with Mexico! 
No non-citizen has a right to being in America. Non-citizen Muslims are a high level security threat. No Muslims should be allowed to enter our country! Period! Profiling? We better start smart profiling!
Here is a clip of the news today: Prosecutors said Aldawsari, who hoped to create an Islamic group under the al-Qaida banner, a blog to publish extremist messages expressing his dismay over conditions for Muslims.
"You who created mankind . grant me martyrdom for your sake and make jihad easy for me only in your path," he wrote, according to court records.
Neighbors in Lubbock said they had never seen Aldawsari, but noticed people in the hallway the day of the arrest.
"That's so scary," said Sally Dierschke, a 21-year-old senior at Texas Tech. "That's my neighbor ... Of course, I'm scared."
(Vanderbilt University spokeswoman Beth Fortune said Aldawsari participated in a program at the school's English language center from the fall of 2008 to the summer of 2009 but was not a registered Vanderbilt student.)

I know this is not a popular idea nor one that seems fair, and to tell you the true it is not fair. But war is not fair. Terrorist are not fair. Muslim Jihadist are not fair. It is not fair to those Muslims who do not intend harm on Americans, but it is JUST. America has an obligation to protect its citizens and its land! Let Justice prevail. We must be brave to remain alive and free!


  1. I agree with you in some ways, but I do not agree that we should not allow Muslims in our country. I'm not taking the side of terrorists, but not all terrorists are Muslim and not all Muslims are terrorists. America was created for freedom of religion. I know quite a few Muslims who are not accepting of the extreme acts of some in their religion. The terrorists are extremists which can be found in any culture/religion. We should screen these specific people carefully, but not everyone of a specific religion.

    But, I do agree with securing our borders. It's gotten a little out of hand.

  2. I, too, am a watchman on the walls...and I have (repeatedly) warned against Islam and the fact that it is silently and not so silently invading America. I think the best way to alert Americans is to get them to read the Koran and to see how far from God's Truth it is--educating people is very effective and allows them to make informed choices.
    Never stop warning of dangers, Lindylou... I know I won't...but I'm learning to steer clear of generalizations, especially when it comes to people. We need to PRAY for Muslims to come to the saving knowledge of Yeshua. Apart from that, God's will for America, because of her gross sins, is coming to pass, and I'm praying daily for mercy!


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