Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Devoted to God and Hearing God

We all go through times in life that we are aligned with God and then life’s circumstances push us around and fill our minds so that we are muddled. And in a very true sense we grow apart from God.

photo credit: blanklives/deviantart
We may still do the same actions of a follower of God out of routine or we may even not, but in our core we know without a doubt that we are disconnected, and pretending the part of being a follower of Jesus.

But by God’s grace and mercy, if we keep pressing in to Him, and ridding ourselves of the distractions of this world we joyously become meshed with Him. Our inner fibers, the roots of our heart grow into Him, and as we allow, He grows larger in us, filling our mind, soul and being. I am united with Him.

I find myself in a wonderfully, peculiar place of being devoted to God.

Today I read:

“A lily, or a tree, or a servant of God, may convey God’s message to me” (Oswald Chambers, 2/13).

God knows everything about me. All of my thoughts, desires, actions that I have done in my past and that I will do --- I do not have to be concerned about these.

My one focus is God:

  • spending time with Him
  • hearing Him
  • obeying Him
  • worshipping Him
  • learning about Him
  • pleasing Him
  • knowing Him.

It is as though I am trying to frantically remove every distraction to Him, to choose the best: HIM. 

I reflect upon how within this past year God has revealed the darker side of my soul, and cleaned out what he has revealed, and, therefore, I am walking lighter, more able to be His.

My purpose of doing things has altered. I wanted to do something, be something, etc. I wanted to be “used" and given a definite place of service. But this was my desire to be useful to man and not God, to be accepted and appreciated by man, not God. I was continually in search of fulfilling my destiny

and then it became startling clear to me that HE is it.

The destiny of my spiritual life is my identification with Jesus, in a way that I can always hear God and I know that HE always hears me. 

To have a life, a heart, a mind, a body that is devoted to God-- that is the pinnacle of living. And nothing but my own will can stop me from having all of Him as possible.

Does this mean I will be perfect or some supernatural woman? Of course, not! But it does mean for as long as I can keep my devotion of life on Him I will be in the best place of life that I ever can be or even hope to be.

So I am endlessly offering myself to Him, and listening to Him, and enjoying Him.

And as I do this so much of what I wanted or thought I needed has become meaningless, rubbish that can so easily be tossed out. I am cultivating my devotion to Him. My aim is that I can be able to “intuitively detect what HE wants” (O.C., 2/13).

I have no plans, I am trusting God to have them all. I am simply going to do what God asks, and enjoy my relationship with Him to the fullest, wherever it takes me.

I do not ever want to become deaf to Him so I will have to continually ask myself, “Am I hearing God’s voice?”