Saturday, January 29, 2011

Education is Easy!

What do reading, prison, classes, and crime have to do with each other?

If a child does not learn to read, he will very likely end up in prison, remain in a low poor class, and live a life of crime.

Anyone CAN learn to read!
In the early days of America - those wonderful days before compulsory education - everyone who wanted to make it in life and wanted to become who God created them to be....  learned to read. Literacy rates in America were about 98%.

Reading was something that set an American apart from other Nations. And reading broke the caste system of classes, of the have and the have nots, of the lords and the serfs, of the ruling/power families and the masses of population.

To Read was to be free - and it still is!

Do you want to stop poverty? Do you want to keep people out of prison? Do you want to stop having forced lower class? Do you want to stop crime? Teach a person to Read!

Schools - when they did develop because frankly they were not a necessity - were in the communities and were only a few months out of the year, but most important no one was grouped by grade or age or ability. One teacher could effectively teach 30, 40, 50, etc. Because everyone was learning to read, write and do basic arithmetic. And do you know what? Everyone learned to read, write and do basic math!

There was no special ed for the learning disabled, because God does not create masses of learning disabled humans. We are all unique, but we are not a mass of dumb animals that evolved from lower complexities of creatures. Darwin and evolution taught "classes". Some people were better than others, more fit than others, more evolved then others. This is not only hogwash - it is a lie of the Enemy to destroy, kill, and rob humans from abundant life.

Everyone can learn to read, and they don't need a specially trained teacher to do so. Americans have a phonetic language. Learning to read by sight reading limits a persons vocabulary and reading level. Teach a child the sounds of the letters, and they will learn to read anything they want. People are unique. They learn at different ages, but by 13 or 14 every child can read with high efficiency - regardless if they start to read at age 2 or age 10!

Schools need to stop separating students into classes and training pupils to have a life of crime doomed for prison. Parents need to teach their children the sounds of letters. If they don't know them - they need to seek out someone to teach them and their children. Everyone and/or anyone can teach a child the sounds a letter makes. If you want to build a welfare state - label people, make them think they are slow, make them think they are less. If you want to get a person off welfare or to never go on welfare, teach them how to phonetically read!

Part of America's greatness was that all of its citizens learned to read, write and do basic math by the age of 13. At this point a young person could go into an apprentice or further study of any career they chose. We are robbing our Nation's children of choice and liberty. We are robbing them of a future and hope.

School does not need to be expensive - schooling needs to return to being simply a place to teach reading, writing and basic arithmetic.... if a person masters these three they have the tools necessary to become whatever God created them to be, and they can get out of the classroom and start being productive citizens, enjoying the liberty of life!

Reading, writing and arithmetic is the key to unlocking poverty and prison doors.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Is America Still A Racial Country?

I have hesitated a few times to type this, but I can't keep quiet any longer. I am so tired of hearing people accuse anyone who doesn't support our current president to be a racist. It simply is not true!

How many times the past three years have you heard Americans being accused by public "characters" as being racist? 

Do Americans you know judge the ability of a person to do their job or to be a leader based on skin color? Do you? Would you refuse to have a person of different color skin be your boss, teacher, leader, neighbor? Do you look at the color of the people sitting in a church or restaurant and sit by people that match your skin color? Would you decide to or not to vote on a candidate totally based on the pigment color of the skin?

Clearly there are people who are racist. People taught to hate by their parents and that continue to hate others that are not like themselves. What kind of people vote for only people of their skin color? What kind of person would support a person regardless of what they do, but totally just based on the color of their skin? 

Statistics show over 90% of people who have dark skin voted for and continue to support the first President who has dark skin, and a father that was African. 90% is a huge number of any statistical group. Since this demographic group is about 10% of US population, it amounts to about 30 million of the 300 million Americans. (personally I wish we didn't have demographic groups based on skin color, but that is me.)

I would campaign and vote for someone of any nationality or color that ran on a platform I agree with and want for our country. I have many possible candidates that I would love to support for any high office in our land or even a local office based on policy, character, reputation, experience.... and I frankly, don't care what color of the skin the person happens to have or what gender they happen to be.  It is not that I don't like variety of skin color or variety of that matter. It is not that I pretend I don't see color, like people for a while said (and even I thought it was a good saying) to be color-blind. 

But the truth is I see color.... .

I know when someone has red, blonde, brown or black hair. I know when someone is of a different nationality. I can see the different colors of people's skin. What matters is does this effect my opinion or feelings about or toward that person.

Of course, the topic is hot because we have an American President that was born to a father from Kenya, Africa who was visiting for college. Also, as everyone knows his mother was a Caucasian American, and he lived  teen years with his mother's parents (both Caucasian), and also lived several years in early elementary years in Indonesia. 

But I honestly want to know, do you vote for people or support people for jobs by looking at their skin color? 

I have many candidates that I would love to vote for that have dark skin color. It does not matter to me, but in the same way I am not going to be silenced by people crying and accusing, "racist." We need to  speak, we need to be honest, we need to kindly discuss.

The group of people are that I referred to in the Stats above.... who overwhelmingly votes for people who have their skin color, African Americans.... Does this make a person racist? Many people think only light or white skin people can be "racist" but is it not truly a matter of the heart and not skin color. Anyone can be prejudice. 

So think about it. 

Are you prejudice? Are you racist? Are you aware of color? Are you color-blind? 

We are all created in God's Image! And God loves variety, look at the colors of flowers, birds, skies, fish... Color is a blessing in life, and it makes our life esthetically beautiful.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Are We One Race Under God?

Racism is evil at its core. It is the concept that one person is superior to another. It has the pride of life at its seed. Satan's sin was his pride - Racism is based in such pride.

Do you determine a person's value or ability by their skin color, their nationality, or their language? Or do you believe every single person is wonderfully and beautifully created? Racism breeds in societies that devalue people. Oh, the powerful, the rich, .... they have value.... but the average joe?

Is any child born average or below average?
Stop right there! Do you realize that there is NO "average joe"? 

Did God ever create an average person? NO! Are you average? What about your children? Are you uniquely made? No child was ever born average... think long and hard about this point.

Racism implies that people can be sorted by some characteristic. The characteristic is outward. It can be easily viewed by others.

So what are humans? Are we our flesh and blood? Is that our soul? Is that where value, worth, and potential can be identified?

Evolution, yes, Darwinism, teaches the survival of the fittest... the best physical characteristics can be strengthened, an improved human race will evolve...

How old are you? Has that been your observation of people you really know? Is one soul of greater value than another? Are you a greater value than others? Are you superior or are you simply unique? Are you an individual that can be assessed by your outward characteristics or do you have greater intrinsic value?

Racism is bred in the hearts of those who do not believe in God's Divine unique creative ability to make every single human with extreme potential for greatness, individuality and creativity.

What is the solution for racism?

Recognize the value of every single human created by God.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Is Jesus a Christian?

Jesus is not a Christian. Does that surprise you? If so read on....

A Christian is a follower of Christ. Jesus is the Christ! He is the Messiah who came into the world to bring life. Everyone who believes in Him as My true Son and their own personal Savior, are forgiven of their sins and are given the gift of eternal life in Heaven.

Jesus came into the world --born a Jew, and died for the Jews. He is the one and only Jewish Messiah. Through Jesus, I fulfilled My promise to Abraham to allow Him to be a blessing to all the Nations by showing the way to forgiveness of sin and everlasting life. Abraham was faithful and righteous because he was obedient to My call on His life. He became the lineage through which I would bring salvation and reconciliation to the world. 

After Jesus died on the cross, He was buried, and three days later - just as He foretold to the Jewish leader of His day - He rose. His body, temple of God, raised in three days. When He rose from the dead, the eternal living temple came to life.
Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Only those who believe He is My One and Only begotten son, My divine Son, will have eternal life. The only way for you to have a personal reconcilied relationship to Me is to believe in Jesus.

Don't grow weary. Christians are not perfect. Jesus is perfect. Christians in all their fralities and flaws are my children. Christian who are truly Mine, believe and live by My Words. My grace is sufficient for your imperfections. Jesus is the only way to Me. When you believe in Him your are His follower, and you will forever be Mine for all eternity.

Jesus is the leader of all Christians. He is the head of the Christian Church. Don't get caught up in a label... get caught up in the truth of The Bible. Rejoice if you believe in Jesus, and share with others the Good News of why you believe. Jesus identifies with Christians. He is not ashamed of you. Don't be ashamed of Him, the Gospel, or being called a Christian.

Are all Christians sinless? Certainly not! None are sinless. Are all Christians sinners? Certainly Not! Sinners are people who remain in sin. What are Christians in relations to being a sinner or sinning? Christians are people who were once sinners (lived a lifestyle of sin) BUT are now saved.... I like to say Christians are Sinners Saved. The Bible says they are saints. Is a saint sinless, no, but a saint is not a sinner either? Think upon that! When words are misused, or when people mistakenly call themselves something they are not... words loss their true definition. 

My point? Jesus loves all people. People who choose to believe Jesus died for their sins, and ask Him to be Lord of their life are rightly called Christians.

Monday, January 10, 2011

BREATHE - It reduces stress!

Most women are pretty good at multi-tasking because we use both sides of the brain simultaneously unlike most men. But we also commonly put ourselves in high stress situations thinking we can handle it all.

Slow down and BREATHE
You may be cooking, remember you need to make an appointment. You put the food in the oven and another dish in the microwave, and pick up the phone to make the call. You don't have the number logged in so you go to find the phone number. The baby starts to cry or someone knocks at the door. The buzzer goes off on the microwave.... and then the dog or cat knocks over your grandmother's vase. Yes, this is a normal day for the average mom. And it causes tremendous stress that effects the body in negative physical ways.

Stress - everyday stress - can damage our heart, arteries and cause heart disease. The release of the hormone of adrenaline flowing continually makes these changes in your body, but there are ways to reduce stress once it has started. You need to BREATHE for about 15 minutes.

BREATHE - Fifteen minutes a day, especially when you feel stressed.

Breath - Slowly in the nose, and very deeply through the mouth.

Release - As you release air through  mouth, let go of stress

Envision - Picture a place in nature that you love and can relax in.

Activate - See you body in parts of what you envision...for example, imagine your blood flowing like a beautiful waterfall or see your heart beat with the slow swinging of a hammock.

Think - Allow your thoughts to line up with truth. Don't believe lies. Replace lies with Scriptures and repeat them.

End - As you end, physically press against floor with feet, touch chair or sofa. This grounds you to return to your activities and day.

Of course, if you are like me when I am stressed, you might either fall asleep as you envision your relaxing escape and struggle to return life in a timely matter.  But this method of relaxing and releasing is a powerful, simple way to actually cause your heart rate, temperature and blood pressure that can elevate in a matter of minutes when you start to stress out.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Gospel - Plain and Simple

God promises are true - He is faithful.
Jesus told his disciples to share the Good News. It was a plain and simple request, and so is the message:

God created the earth, its atmosphere, water, land, animals, birds, fish, plants and people. People are a special creation of God, not an animal or a plant, but a human made in the image of God. People live for all eternity. Everything was perfect on earth.

In heaven a revolt was taking place after creation. The highest angel, Lucifer, was not content serving God his creator. Lucifer wanted to be comparable to God, to be his own god. God sent Lucifer from heaven and with him one third of the angels of heaven followed to be cast out of heaven.

Lucifer, who became known as Satan or the Devil, went to earth to destroy what God had created. He knew to get back at God for punishing him and casting him out of heaven he would focus on killing and bringing great suffering to God's special creation, humans.

Satan tricked Eve to disobey God and to become unholy therefore unable to stay in God's presence. Eve led Adam, and in turn Adam's children from that point on continued to be cursed by disobedience. 

God wanted humans to have a way to be restored to Him. He wanted to stop the cycle set into motion by Satan. Jesus had to be born in the form of a man to live a sinless life. Without sinning, Jesus was able to become our sin on the cross, and therefore to take our punishment for sinning.

About 2000 years ago, Jesus was born, lived a sinless life, died on the cross bearing our sins, was buried, and rose again. When we accept Jesus' death as punishment of our sins, we are saved and like Jesus we will rise to heaven when we die.

God did everything for us. There is no thing we can do or that we need to do . It is already done! All we need to do is believe God.

Whoever believes God by grace is saved!

There it is - you have read the Gospel - plain and simple. If you believe, you can read on to see what you must do.

If you believe what I have written about God is true, you can simply confess to God that you want to be saved from your sins by what Jesus did for you and that you want to be restored to have a real relationship with God as your loving Father and very wise, all-knowing, all-powerful Lord.

The Gospel is good news because you don't have to live life alone, separated from God who created you. Jesus died for you. You can know for certain you will be in  Heaven with God for eternity. As soon as you tell God you believe with a heart decision to have Him be yours and you to be His, you are saved. People who are saved call themselves believers, followers, disciples or Christians. 

I hope this is plain and simple for you to understand. If you have any question, you can comment or message me. I will be very glad to explain in more detail. If you believe God, and want to know what to do next or how to mature as a follower of Jesus, I will love to help you.

It is my prayer that all who read this will hear it with an open heart and be willing to believe.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Apple says Christians are "objectionable and potentially harmful"

This is my letter I sent to Steve Jobs and Apple:

Dear Steve Jobs and Apple:
Apple has wonderful products. It is one of the few companies that still produce QUALITY items. And I love supporting USA companies.
Apple statement Against Christians!
It greatly saddens me that the Manhattan Declaration has been told that Christians are objectionable and potentionally harmful. Frankly anyone with a strong believe can be considered objectionable to those who don't agree. I find much material, shows, movies, songs, books, people and groups to be objectionable to me and my values, but I don't want to censor or squash their right to freedom of speak and expression. 
And sadly, everyone can be potentionally harmful. While we all want to be considered kind, loving, caring, we all have within us the ability to harm ourselves and others. 
Let me make this clear. I have been a believer in God through Jesus for over 25 years. I am opinionated but I am trying to learn to speak in love, and I never want to harm someone. I want to love people. I think you will overwhelmingly find most Christians are like this. 
If you have been hurt by Christians individuals I am very sorry, so have I. But I think we all need to give each other grace because no one is perfect.
Please reconsider your decision about the Manhattan Declaration app being removed for the available options to purchase for your iphone and other products.

If you want to send an email, use this

I am really sad about this because I was wanting to buy an apple laptop for my next computer. If you are unfamiliar with the Manhattan Declaration look at it, Here are the points in the declaration:
We are Christians!
Because the sanctity of human life, the dignity of marriage as a union of husband and wife, and the freedom of conscience and religion are foundational principles of justice and the common good, we are compelled by our Christian faith to speak and act in their defense. In this declaration we affirm:
 1)   the profound, inherent, and equal dignity of every human being as a creature fashioned in the very image of God, possessing inherent rights of equal dignity and life;
 2)   marriage as a conjugal union of man and woman, ordained by God from the creation, and historically understood by believers and non-believers alike, to be the most basic institution in society and;
3)   religious liberty, which is grounded in the character of God, the example of Christ, and the inherent freedom and dignity of human beings created in the divine image.
Just wanted you to be informed. What do you think about Apple doing this?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Are Americans Under Law or Under God?

Every person as an individual has to make a choice whom they will serve? But interestingly every Nation must make that choice also? No other choice is available.

If you do not live under God's grace you, you live under man-made law. Under God is also called "natural law" or "common law" which includes all the rights given by God's grace.

When America began it is a firm fact that the foundational documents, diaries, journals, letters, and all other recorded material shows the people who united together to create our Nation chose to be under God.

Since this was their choice, they gave every limited powers to the Federal government listing and enumerating powers given. The Federal government was designed to be weak in its ability to control the people or the States. The main reason Federal government was needed was to protect our borders from attacking enemies, to protect trade with foreign nations, and to pay off  debt incurred by the American Revolutionary War of Independence from Great Britain.

The government did not give the people anything... not one single right or power has ever been given by any government. Government can take rights away! We - the American people - MUST be vigilant. We must stay informed, speak up, vote and teach our children to never forget these principles.

Our Forefathers thought about this, and declared that it was the duty of the people to - if ever necessary to stop the Federal government from limiting our liberties. Our first means to do this is to VOTE in representatives who understand "living under God" and limited government.

The rights of the people are always God-given. ALWAYS were, are and will be.

Our Constitution did not give us rights. The Bill of Rights were added by the States before they would ratify the Constitution to list 10 very important rights our Federal government should never take away.

The States were never to be bossed around by an all-powerful, encroaching, over-regulating Federal government. The States' government also were honored with the task of protecting our God-given rights and to make certain no one took them away. Our States can stand up to the Federal Government through the court system.

Our Federal law need to be totally re-examined for usurping the rights of the people. If you don't get involved you are choosing to giving up your "Under God Liberties" to be "Under the Laws Made and Enforced by Man".

I choose to live under God! What do you choose?