Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Gospel - Plain and Simple

God promises are true - He is faithful.
Jesus told his disciples to share the Good News. It was a plain and simple request, and so is the message:

God created the earth, its atmosphere, water, land, animals, birds, fish, plants and people. People are a special creation of God, not an animal or a plant, but a human made in the image of God. People live for all eternity. Everything was perfect on earth.

In heaven a revolt was taking place after creation. The highest angel, Lucifer, was not content serving God his creator. Lucifer wanted to be comparable to God, to be his own god. God sent Lucifer from heaven and with him one third of the angels of heaven followed to be cast out of heaven.

Lucifer, who became known as Satan or the Devil, went to earth to destroy what God had created. He knew to get back at God for punishing him and casting him out of heaven he would focus on killing and bringing great suffering to God's special creation, humans.

Satan tricked Eve to disobey God and to become unholy therefore unable to stay in God's presence. Eve led Adam, and in turn Adam's children from that point on continued to be cursed by disobedience. 

God wanted humans to have a way to be restored to Him. He wanted to stop the cycle set into motion by Satan. Jesus had to be born in the form of a man to live a sinless life. Without sinning, Jesus was able to become our sin on the cross, and therefore to take our punishment for sinning.

About 2000 years ago, Jesus was born, lived a sinless life, died on the cross bearing our sins, was buried, and rose again. When we accept Jesus' death as punishment of our sins, we are saved and like Jesus we will rise to heaven when we die.

God did everything for us. There is no thing we can do or that we need to do . It is already done! All we need to do is believe God.

Whoever believes God by grace is saved!

There it is - you have read the Gospel - plain and simple. If you believe, you can read on to see what you must do.

If you believe what I have written about God is true, you can simply confess to God that you want to be saved from your sins by what Jesus did for you and that you want to be restored to have a real relationship with God as your loving Father and very wise, all-knowing, all-powerful Lord.

The Gospel is good news because you don't have to live life alone, separated from God who created you. Jesus died for you. You can know for certain you will be in  Heaven with God for eternity. As soon as you tell God you believe with a heart decision to have Him be yours and you to be His, you are saved. People who are saved call themselves believers, followers, disciples or Christians. 

I hope this is plain and simple for you to understand. If you have any question, you can comment or message me. I will be very glad to explain in more detail. If you believe God, and want to know what to do next or how to mature as a follower of Jesus, I will love to help you.

It is my prayer that all who read this will hear it with an open heart and be willing to believe.

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