Friday, January 28, 2011

Is America Still A Racial Country?

I have hesitated a few times to type this, but I can't keep quiet any longer. I am so tired of hearing people accuse anyone who doesn't support our current president to be a racist. It simply is not true!

How many times the past three years have you heard Americans being accused by public "characters" as being racist? 

Do Americans you know judge the ability of a person to do their job or to be a leader based on skin color? Do you? Would you refuse to have a person of different color skin be your boss, teacher, leader, neighbor? Do you look at the color of the people sitting in a church or restaurant and sit by people that match your skin color? Would you decide to or not to vote on a candidate totally based on the pigment color of the skin?

Clearly there are people who are racist. People taught to hate by their parents and that continue to hate others that are not like themselves. What kind of people vote for only people of their skin color? What kind of person would support a person regardless of what they do, but totally just based on the color of their skin? 

Statistics show over 90% of people who have dark skin voted for and continue to support the first President who has dark skin, and a father that was African. 90% is a huge number of any statistical group. Since this demographic group is about 10% of US population, it amounts to about 30 million of the 300 million Americans. (personally I wish we didn't have demographic groups based on skin color, but that is me.)

I would campaign and vote for someone of any nationality or color that ran on a platform I agree with and want for our country. I have many possible candidates that I would love to support for any high office in our land or even a local office based on policy, character, reputation, experience.... and I frankly, don't care what color of the skin the person happens to have or what gender they happen to be.  It is not that I don't like variety of skin color or variety of that matter. It is not that I pretend I don't see color, like people for a while said (and even I thought it was a good saying) to be color-blind. 

But the truth is I see color.... .

I know when someone has red, blonde, brown or black hair. I know when someone is of a different nationality. I can see the different colors of people's skin. What matters is does this effect my opinion or feelings about or toward that person.

Of course, the topic is hot because we have an American President that was born to a father from Kenya, Africa who was visiting for college. Also, as everyone knows his mother was a Caucasian American, and he lived  teen years with his mother's parents (both Caucasian), and also lived several years in early elementary years in Indonesia. 

But I honestly want to know, do you vote for people or support people for jobs by looking at their skin color? 

I have many candidates that I would love to vote for that have dark skin color. It does not matter to me, but in the same way I am not going to be silenced by people crying and accusing, "racist." We need to  speak, we need to be honest, we need to kindly discuss.

The group of people are that I referred to in the Stats above.... who overwhelmingly votes for people who have their skin color, African Americans.... Does this make a person racist? Many people think only light or white skin people can be "racist" but is it not truly a matter of the heart and not skin color. Anyone can be prejudice. 

So think about it. 

Are you prejudice? Are you racist? Are you aware of color? Are you color-blind? 

We are all created in God's Image! And God loves variety, look at the colors of flowers, birds, skies, fish... Color is a blessing in life, and it makes our life esthetically beautiful.

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