Sunday, November 30, 2008

Preparing your heart for Christmas!

The glitter, the tinsel, the decorations, trees, candles, stockings... the money we spend to bring Christmas into our homes... the time we spend getting ready for the holidays. Shopping, making gift lists, digging in attics, cooking, writing and mailing Christmas Cards, singing carols, standing in lines, looking for deals, wrapping packages, planning menus, mailing gift boxes, taking Santa pictures, going on candlelight tours, celebrating at parties, having 'dirty santa' gift times, hosting dessert or a festive open house or ladies Christmas tea. These are all the things that come to mind when we are preparing for Christmas.
I have an important question: Are you preparing your heart for Christmas? Are you taking time to be still in God's presence, contemplate the history of the coming of Christ and the future return of Christ? How much of what you are doing is about Christ? Is He the focus of your season... or just part of it?
Have you ever tried to prepare your heart with a family advent candle wreath? This Advent Guide, on the following listed website) is used to "reminded about the meaning of Christ's birth and become more excited about his coming in the past, in the future, and in our own lives."
This is an excellent guide to use for the next four weeks. Why not try a new tradition that puts Jesus in the center? Aren't we hopefully awaiting His second coming? Advent is Latin for coming. Maybe this year you can not only look back at history to the coming of Christ in flesh and blood (a man-God), but you can look toward His coming in all of His Kingly Glory! What a special meaning for Christmas.... rejoicing in His historical coming and anticipating His second coming!
We teach our children to anticipate the arrival of Santa (a make-believe story to make their childhood magical).... what greater joy is in teaching our children to anticipate the arrival of Jesus Christ (a true story to make their childhood and life miraculous)!
Share your Advent experiences to encourage others to try. Also come back anytime in the next foru weeks and share any current, real life events that happen in your family when you prepare your heart for Christmas with this advent plan. Also share any new ideas that you use in your advent candle time.
As with anything in life, be flexible and creative! It is not about the procedure or program but it is about your heart.
Tip: Hallmark sells Advent candles for $5. I bought mine yesterday! You don't need a wreath... just set up the candles and enjoy the time with God.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Twitter - Why Join, Why Bother, Why Follow

Twitter! What is everyone on the internet all a twitterabout? is one of the coolest sites on the internet. It is a healthy exchange of people's chat about what they are doing and what is currently going on in their life. The best part is that you are limited to 140 characters. For someone who is extremely long winded, this has been a sharp learning curve. You have to learn to make every word count.

Twitter can be very good for your emotional, spiritual, social health. When you are impressed by something in life, you have a deep longing to express it to someone. Twitter gives you that place. By expressing what has impacted you, depression is much less likely, because you are connected to others and sharing. Not only do you share outward, but people express input and you are able to receive affirmation, accountability, assistance, prayer, love, empathy, and so much more. God made us to be relational. Twitter is helping fill that need/ void.

Twitter has made a real difference in my life. That sounds important but it is true.

I really like to talk to people....anyone that follows me on twitter know this. OK, I do tend to reply to all different people when they twit something of interest to me. I love to see people who think deeply about life - even if their worldview is very different than mine. Matter of fact, this is one of the best reasons to can expand the type of people that you normally see or hang with and get to find out what they think about and do.

People Twitter for all kinds of reasons. Sure you have your people that are social networking, trying to build up a base for business, marketing/sales twitters. You also have crude, vile twitters. The great thing about twitter is that you can follow whom ever you want and you can let other people freely follow you. Twitter also gives you the option to stop following people and to even block a person from following you. If you want more privacy, you can select to only allow people you approve to follow you. This is how my daughter's account is set up. I get to see who is following her and who she follows, and I get to approve who she will twitter with.

A lot of people use twitter to find people with common interest. The search engine for finding people who like things you are interested in is pretty powerful and easy to use. You can also check out the fellow-twitters of people you enjoy. This is a wonderful way to find more people that you would find interesting.

I have made some really great relationships, and I genuinely care about the people I have gotten to know through twitter. I look forward to the first twitter convention! I just know it is going to happen. Before we know it, there will be twitter clothes, bags, and all kinds of other "in the club" goodies.

Another great plus to twitter is letting people know about your blogging. Many people have greatly improved their blog visits from twitter. You can quickly tell hundreds of people when you have posted a new blog. Also I have found some great bloggers through my twitter contacts and I also find out about all kinds of events and websites that I would never have known about without twitter.

If I had to pick one characteristic that I liked best about twitter it would have to be the loving care found in this community. When I need prayer, encouragement, advice, ideas, or a place to vent.... I can always turn to twitter. I get to be there for other twitters also. It is wonderful to be able to let someone know that you are praying for them or understand what the person has written about. It makes our big, impersonal, fast-paced world just a little more intimate and friendly.

You can twit once a day, once a week or once a month. You can use it for any purpose that fits your personality, lifestyle, and needs. It is a resource, it is an outreach, it is a way to be connected. If you haven't yet give twitter a try. My name on twitter is healingsoul... look me up if you start to twitter. If you are already twittering, feel free to add your thoughts and reasons about why you twitter...and what twitter means to you.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Is Repentence Needed for Salvation?

Many of us pretend to have it all together...we don't want to be needy...we don't want people to know that inside of us it may feel like our wall is crumbling down and overgrown with weeds.

The truth is every single person is needy, whether they admit it or not. Every person has a need to be loved, accepted and to know that he/she matters (that they have purpose to living).

God is the only true, complete solution/ answer to meet every single one of our needs, and to make us know we are fully loved, and accepted. He is the only healer, restorer, able to tear down our old broken walls and make it to be new! He isn't in the fire protection, get out of hell business...what good would this broken down wall be with just protection against fire? It needs to be restored, redeemed. You also need redemption....and redemption begins with repentence.

I knew before I type one word...there were already readers lining up their point of view along strongly and dearly held doctrinal teachings/ beliefs. Want to start a quick argument in a "Christian" group? Ask a question like this one..."Is Repentence Needed for Salvation?" Now I am not into arguing - it does absolutely no good. It tears apart relationships. A discussion is quite different...sharing facts and information...expressing beliefs and point of views. A discussion requires people to have an openness to hearing what someone else has to say, and what God says is of utmost importance.

People firmly hold to their view often because the salvation of loved ones hang in the balance. If a person's relative has died and didn't repent, the person can not bear that this relative might not be in heaven. This dreaded fact or paralysing fear will not even allow many people to even be objective and take an honest look at what God has to say.

And even using the Bible to back up doctrinal beliefs can get sticky. I have known pastors to work a passage of Scripture into a sermon that was totally out of context to the verses meaning but it sounded like it made THEIR point THEY were trying to teach. This way of preaching unnerves me, when a pastor clearly had a message or point to say, so they find verses to back up their point. Yuk!

The Bible is living, and exciting, and constantly teaching. Any passage in Scripture can be taught... a whole sermon could be made from any verse in the Bible...if the preacher is seeking God to know HIS message in the Words God selected for the passage.

Each verse must be taken in context, not only in the paragraph, Chapter or Book, but it also needs to be in context of the entire Bible. A doctrine can not be based off of one verse, anymore than a verse on a point being ignored. The easiest passages help the Bible student understand the more obscure, more difficult concepts. A subject must be studied out in the whole context of Scripture before a definite answer or doctrine be determined.

So What Does the Bible Say about repentance? In Matthew 4:17 Jesus called for repentance..."From that time Jesus began to preach and to say, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand."

I don't know anything in this verse that is complicated. From that time...what time? Jesus just finished His 40 days in the wilderness and was beginning His ministry. He had not even called his first disciple.

What was Jesus doing? He was beginning to preach.

What did Jesus say as He preached? He said, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand."

What did he mean in the word Repent? a Greek word - metanoeo, meaning to think differently, to reconsider, turning away from sin and to dependence on God's way. (From Strong's and Vines)

Why or for what reason did Jesus have to ask people to repent? the kingdom of heaven is at hand

The kingdom of heaven....Ask any person where they want to go when the die and most often people will say heaven....attend most any funeral and the person doing the service will often talk about heaven in even vague terms and somehow indicate that the dead person is in a better place.... Could this often be false assurance, giving hope to the mourning that their relative, friends, acquaintance is not suffering anymore?

Clearly, in Scripture the kingdom of heaven is being with God. Jesus literally ushered in the kingdom of heaven with His very presence. This is why He was able to say...'the kingdom of heaven is at hand' was literally in present tense as He spoke at hand - in plain view of all whole saw and heard Him. The kingdom of heaven is not a building....a grand mansion in the sky without God....a place to rest without any trouble. Heaven is only an eternal place of peace, joy, and liberation because God is there. And we can walk in His presence even here on earth, experiencing a foretaste of heaven here on earth...not complete, but still sweet intimate presence with God.

Mk 1:4 ...preach the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins.

Lu 13: 3,5 ... unless you repent, you shall all likewise perish.

Act 3:19-21 Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord, and that He may send Jesus Christ, who was preached to you before, whom heaven must receive until the times of restoration of all things, which God has spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began.

Acts 26:20 - ...that they should repent, turn to God and do works befitting repentance.

Rev 2:21-22 And I gave her time to repent of her sexual immorality, and she did not repent. Indeed I will cast her into a sickbed and those who commit adultery with her into great tribulation, unless they repent of their deeds.

Scripture, God in His Holy Word, is so clear. Repentance is needed for a person to enter into salvation and receive the Holy Spirit as their guarantee of the fact that he/she indeed is saved and going to heaven in life after death.

It gets so hard, when Pastors and/or churches try to drum up a high number of salvations by raking in any warm body that will mumble a prayer or say the words..."I accept Jesus".

When I tell a person about Jesus and the fact that He alone is the way to God, I make it clear that salvation comes through conviction of the Holy Spirit, the calling of God and the conversion of God making all their old dead spirit, fully new and alive in God....never to be dead again.

I ask careful questions....not wanting a person to rush into a prayer not understanding the cost of discipleship in Christ Jesus. Salvation is not in the mind, not a mental assent. Salvation certainly includes a person using their mind, but it is the heart...the will of a person crying out for forgiveness and a willful decision to turn from independence, their way of life, to dependence on the Lordship of God, a willful choice to live by God's learn, seek and transform.

Too many people are given reassurance of salvation and rushed on to baptism in a pick and choose banquet style doctrine of selecting the Bible verses that are deemed acceptable and good to the 'believer'.... a place to confirm their morals and values... a community of acceptance, love and connection.

If salvation is not all about God, His holiness, His righteous, His ability to change a person and give their life purpose, meaning and direction.... it is not true salvation that God explains in the Bible.

Many will balk and say...oh, it just says that a person has to confess Jesus.... confess what about Jesus...

Ask a person, "Do you want to go to hell?" Either they will tell you there is no hell (like their denial of its existence makes it not real) or of course, they don't want to go to hell.....they hope they will get to heaven...somehow have their good enough deeds out way the bad stuff they do or they will be able to say with assurance they know they are going to heaven or will ask how they can keep from not going to hell. Few people that are truly mentally stable will look you in the face and say, "I want to go to hell." I have yet to meet one in my life.

Ask a person, "Do you want Jesus to save you from going to hell?".....50/50 chance they will say yes.

But take the next step, ask a person if "they are willing for Jesus to be Lord of their life"....are they ready to repent (change their mind and ways of living), to accept Jesus' salvation and be able to go to Heaven (be in God's presence...having a relationship with Him). Now most will take a long hard thought at this question. This is the counting the cost part of salvation. It is the willingness to daily carry your cross and follow Jesus. God never promises a rose garden of no suffering, feasting at the world's wealth, living the easy life....if you come to a relationship with Him.

God does promise to take away your sins, to place Holy Spirit inside of you to teach/guide/ and comfort you, and to never leave you or forsake you....and He also promises heaven...presence with Him...beginning at the point of "yes, Lord."

So take a sober time before God, have you repented? Have you made sure that the people you have lead in a sinner's prayer were first ready....convicted by God of their need...understood the cost...willingly accepting to be an obedient follower of Jesus? Do you have to check this salvation thing out? Do you have a family member or friend that comes to mind that needs to have their 'salvation' assured as genuine? Don't wait before it is to late. Jesus himself said, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." What are you waiting for, there is no time like the present?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Fun Ideas for Playing in Snow with Children (All Ages)

So you want to entertain your children playing in the are some great ideas that I have used over the past 15 years.

  1. Put food color and water in spray bottle and play as you would with sidewalk chalk.
  2. Use a black piece of paper like construction paper and catch the flakes to see how each are different -use to teach how creative our God is.
  3. Make small or miniature snowmen on desk or patio close to windows so children can watch from inside. Use twigs for decorating.
  4. Use pails, shovels, shapes as you would on the beach with sand to make designs.
  5. Have a snow ball fight (lots of snow lands on cars).
  6. Take the first crunchy walks onto the snow making a path (this is so fun! early in morning after night snowfall)
  7. SnowAngels are fun to make and easy! (try to do last, because back side can get wet and cold.
  8. Collect some to put in freezer and look at another day. (don't eat...can have dirt/pollution/ etc in it...unless you live in country/rural area and you know area is clean)
  9. Mom's favorite - when everyone comes in have homemade hot chocolate (or instant with marshmallows) use milk, not water. I make while every is taking wet clothes off in bathroom and putting dry clothes on.

(playful snowmen picture by juanarreo at

Secret to Moist Turkey

Turkey gets a bad rap on Thanksgiving because most people over cook it! Making a moist turkey is so easy.

First buy a good bird. Spending the extra dollars to get a free-range can be worth it in taste, but I have often used butterball tender young birds.

  1. Buy a turkey no more than 12-14 lbs. If you need more meat cook 2.

  2. Put in roaster upside down...yep, you read it right! Breast side down.

  3. Put meat thermometer in meat part (each poke lets out juice)

  4. No need to spice, but doesn't hurt it if you do.

  5. Bake on 325 degrees until temperture reaches 170. Final temp 180!

  6. To brown breast, turn turkey over about 20-30 minutes (170) before done and butter (with real butter). Put back in over for final baking. (I use strings under turkey or have used meat forks or tongs)

This will be the juiciest, most delicous turkey you have ever had on Thanksgiving day!

(beautiful turkey picture by George M. Bosela at

Easy, Moist Dressing

This recipe is so easy and delicious. It is from my sister in Boston, that not only cooks for about 40 people every year on thanksgiving but she teaches girls at Harvard how to cook thanksgiving meal the weekend prior to every thanksgiving.

Terry's Dressing

1 diced bell pepper, onion, 2 sticks of celery and 2 crushed cloves of garlic

1 bag of Pepperidge Farm yellow cornbread

1 stick of BUTTER

2 Campbell chicken broth cans

1/2 tsp ground sage

Pepper to taste.

Sautee diced/crushed veges in butter. When soft (onions clear), add chicken broth, and sage. Warm.
Put cornbread in mixing bowl and add warm broth mixture. Stir until cornbread is moist. Pepper to taste.
Put into greased 9X13, Bake uncovered 350 degrees for about 30 minutes until warm through and through.

Can be made early and refrigerated, and warmed.

Hope you enjoy.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Welcome to the Simple Life

Simple is good. In living a simple life, our needs are met, and we are content. Our life is full, and we are able to focus on two very essential foundations of building a family - love and respect.
Simply put - Homeschooling builds families! Homeschooling is not essential to building a simple family life - love and respect is! Homeschooling, though, is a great advantage to having the time necessary to love your children and to respect them individually.

Don't casually read over those two essential foundations of your center life:

1) Love God, yourself, your spouse and your children

2) Respect God, yourself, your spouse and your children individually.

Jesus tells us that His yoke is easy and light. So many people have come up with complicated programs, techniques, steps to follow for building families. God's plan is easy and light.... it flows out of His grace and provided strength you receive in your personal walk with Him. At the core of every family is the need to love and respect.

A long list of rules, techniques, consequences, curriculums, programs, etc. are not at all needed. Moreover, these tend to complicate and confuse, to condemn and conform, to be cold and uncaring. We do not need behavior modification techniques in our marriage or parenting. We are raising human children created in the image of God, not Pavlov's dog. The attitudes of the soul precede all behavior.

We so try to complicate the littlest of things, instead of living a simple life. Am I loving and respectful? What a simple life question to live by in all circumstances! Not is it fair, is it enough, is it equal, is it acceptable, is it the current trend, is it popular! Am I acting and speaking and thinking with love and respect toward God, myself, my spouse, my children? This should be the first question of every Simple Life Family.

A simple life is a life that brings glory to God, period. Not a small period, that assumes since your life is simple, so it will not be able to in Christ have purpose or impact.

Just the opposite is true. Most often the simplest things in life have the most impact...a first kiss, "yes, Lord", a spring crocus in a snow, "I'm sorry", an apple, banana or blueberries, a cup of morning coffee, reading the Bible...just a verse at a time, a prayer for protection/guidance, listening for God to speak (be still), a bear hug of love, sharing laughter, witnessing a child's first steps or words, holding the hand of one your love, a clean shower or bath, "thank you", a walk in the woods, the first melting cookie from the oven (with glass of milk - of course), a smile of acceptance.... I think you understand.

It is all the beautiful simple things in life that add up over time to living a fulfilling, satisfying, joyful, meaningful life.

Simple isn't always the easiest, but it is the purest. A fresh loaf of bread - just milled, kneaded and baked - is the basic core of any diet, simplest of ingredients, full of vital nourishment for our body, and comforting to our soul. But baking home milled bread takes a few extra steps then opening a bag brought home from the store. Home baked bread is simple in ingredients, in meeting many dietary needs, in being a daily basis for any meal.... but it takes discipline and order in the home to have time and energy to make it.

It is not easy at all the say, "I forgive you" but it is a simple few words that releases two souls to move forward out of past hurt. This key part of a simple life is so important to showing love and respect. It is not easy in our effort to come to a point of forgiveness, but in Christ, He can say it so freely through us, helping us to see the positive ripple effect on so many lives.

My ability to live a simple life depends on my ability to rejoice in my weakness and receive God's sufficient grace, moment by moment. In my weakness, He is strong. This is easy but it is also so good, so God!
I have so many weaknesses, I need to rejoice, I have so many places for God to live out strongly through me. Where I am short, He fills in the need. When I have no more to give, nothing left, GLORY, God can come in and fill me up.

2 Corinthians 12:8-9 Concerning this thing I pleaded with the Lord three times
that it might depart from me. And He said to me, "My grace is sufficient
for My strength is made perfect in weakness." Therefore most gladly I will
rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.
Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in needs, in
persecutions, in distresses for Christ's sake. For when I am weak, then I
am strong."
God uses our very weaknesses to be our strengths, because weakness makes us rely on God for our strength. My greatest areas of weakness given over to God can be His strengths in me. It is a simple thing to say "When I am weak, He is strong." It takes no mustering up of strength, great effort on my part, figuring out how to perform, making it work.... simple life depends on my ability to surrender my weaknesses to be filled with His Strength!
Welcome to the Simple Life! Welcome to a life filled with love and respect. Take a deep cleansing breath and move forward.... the simple life, your simple life is waiting for you.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Four Most Important Communication Words

So many books have been written on the topic of communication. Poor communication can be a relationship killer. I don't know about you but I am a slow learner! It has taken me about a year to not only hear four healing words, but to learn to put them in practice.

"What Do You Need?" It is such an easy question, but so necessary if we want to genuinely restore trust in hurting and broken relationships. The same four word can bring comfort, love and significance to those that we really care about to ensure that communication doesn't need to be repaired.
Teen years can be very difficult. Children are learning to think for themselves and make decisions about who they want to be and how they want to live. Parents often find themselves scrambling to learn how to adjust to a child that is changing right before their eyes.

A few weeks ago I was walking down the street with my 13 yo ds, Teddy Bear. I could tell something was wrong ... he had a teen attitude... any parent of a teen knows what I am talking about. I didn't want to just let it go... I want to know what he was thinking, what was wrong, was he hurt, did he need help.

So I asked him to walk with me. By walking we began to talk. At a point down the road, I asked him, "What do you need?" This simple question opened up a world of conversation. As I listened, I was able to see his heart.

In amazement he finally turned to me and said, "I need you. Mom, I need you!" Wow! My thoughts began to think "sure. you need food, clean clothes, a bed.... all the things I do for you.... Is that what you are trying to say?" I blundered. "No, Mom, I NEED you. I need you to be my mom." Shocked to hear my teen son say he needed me.... Honestly, I don't know if anyone has ever said that to me in my life. Trying to absorb them meaning and the words, I reached over for a hug and said, "Thank you, I love you."

We walked back home a little closer, and definitely more understanding of each other.

Don't miss these blessing! Take the time to talk to your loved ones. Ask, "What do you need?" even in an intense conversation. These are healing words, helping words, giving words, caring words. The may be the four most important communication words.

"What do you need?" asked with a listening heart.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Do We Still Have Free Press?

I want as many people as possible to read this post before Tuesday, November 4th.

Please feel free to write about it yourself, put it in emails, send it to editorials or anything else you can think of to get this truth and any other truth that you have become aware of out into the light. America is in a spiritual war!

I may be one little lady in TN, but as long as I still have a voice and my hands still can type, I am going to keep seeking for truth and telling as many people that will listen or read.

I have watched this year unfold, reading newspapers, posts, blogs, listening to radio shows, all TV stations... in an attempt to find Truth. So many sources that we have been relying on in the past, are questionable. I just received information last week that which I faithfully have used to test any e-mail before I forward it, had fallen to Obama workers and was not reporting Truth on questions or comment about Obama. I was warned to not use them as a truth checking source anymore. I guess a new site a independent truth seekers will have to start up... maybe it can be called truthcheck. Let me know when you find one.

Last weekend, when I was in AL visiting friends I was told that there were 57 states in Islam.

How did I make it all the way to October 23 before I learned that there are 57 member states of the Islamic Organization (OIC)? Today I googled "57 states Islam" and read to my surprise that "The Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) is an international organisation with a permanent delegation to the United Nations. It groups 57 member states, from the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, Caucasus, Balkans, Southeast Asia, South Asia and South America. The official languages of the organisation are Arabic, English and French." (per Wiki online)

Why was this information never told to Americans by our news channels and newspapers when Barak Obama supposedly mis-stated the number of states he visited in America? I am well-read, and keep up-to-date with current events. I am shocked that this was covered up. I am not a conspiracy-theorist person. I stay away from fringe groups on all sides of the spectrum, but there is a certain amount of trust that our citizens put in the fact that we live in a country with free media.

The media outlets (TV and print) are suppose to investigatively report on important news. How could this not have been examined? I thought it was odd that a person running for President would misstate the number of American states. I would think any America citizen over the age of 7 or 8 would certainly know the number of states in America.

When I first heard, Obama say 57 states I just figured he was weary and tired after endless campaigning. I gave him the benefit of doubt, that everyone makes mistakes and thought no more about it.

Now, I am upset, I feel I have been lied to because I read nowhere and heard nowhere until this weekend that there are 57 states in the Islamic Organization. If other citizens were told this, I think they would feel ashamed of American media. If I was a journalist, I would rather leave my place of employment rather than sit on truth that could cause the citizens of America to be deceived!

Now I wonder how many other lies have we been told, because our newspapers and news organizations have not researched and reported on facts about Obama. To me, learning about the 57 states is the smoking gun. Where there is smoke, there is fire!

Will any journalist be brave enough to stake their personal reputation and career on speaking out truth and reporting honest facts about Obama?

To look away, and pretend you did not see, or to coward down to bosses or editors, does not remove the guilt from that fact that you participated in deceiving America Citizens. Is there anyone still in journalism that is part of the "free and brave" in America?

If you still are committed to journalistic integrity and want to keep American having a free press, please write, speak and stand up to be heard will you still can, while we still have free press in our country. Serve your country, restore citizens trust in media, before it is too late.

America Citizens are being lied to everyday. The deception is so thick and dark. If I could pinch myself and wake up, I would rather believe that I was having a dream confused by a Hitler-ese storyline.

I remember being a young girl in school learning about German Nazi's, Hitler, and the horrendous stories of the holocaust. As clear as today, I remember raising my hand in class and asking how could this happen? Why didn't someone do something? Why didn't someone stop this from happening? I just couldn't believe what I was hearing... that people could be so deceived to believe such a lie, that so many people had to die, because people chose to turn away, to protect themselves, to pretend the horror was not happening.

Now I stand on the edge of such a day in History. What will my grandchildren or great-grandchildren say about me and the American citizens of 2008? What kind of country will they be born into? We have a responsibility to every single person that has ever shed their blood for this country or that has lost a love one in the defense of the freedom and Constitution in America. These brave people knew that America was blessed and favored because we were one nation under God! They were willing to fight and give their life, to sacrifice their comfort and possessions to preserve our liberties that God had given us. We live in a country that was founded on religious freedom, so that its citizens could worship the God of the Bible! This is Truth!

While I totally understand believers will only win this war on our knees in prayer and fasting, God does ask us to stand, to not give up the ground He has already given us. One of the most important ways we can ever stand is to speak Truth. Lies can never stand when they are exposes to the light.

Stay strong in God. Pray, fast, read His Word, sing songs of Worship and Praise. And speak for Truth. Question everything you read, hear and see... only Truth can withstand scrutiny. Truth will always outshine and rise to the top.

I am sorry that I am so passionate, I love my God and have always been thankful for being born in this country, America.

I do not want to give it away to a wicked deceptive liar, satan. As God be my witness, I do not wish a hair on Obama's head or anyone in his family hurt - he, himself, may be under the influence of the Deceiver and not even realize that what he is saying or doing is lies. Pray, if he is deceived, that God would open heart to see the truth.

In everything, to God be the glory!