Friday, November 21, 2008

Fun Ideas for Playing in Snow with Children (All Ages)

So you want to entertain your children playing in the are some great ideas that I have used over the past 15 years.

  1. Put food color and water in spray bottle and play as you would with sidewalk chalk.
  2. Use a black piece of paper like construction paper and catch the flakes to see how each are different -use to teach how creative our God is.
  3. Make small or miniature snowmen on desk or patio close to windows so children can watch from inside. Use twigs for decorating.
  4. Use pails, shovels, shapes as you would on the beach with sand to make designs.
  5. Have a snow ball fight (lots of snow lands on cars).
  6. Take the first crunchy walks onto the snow making a path (this is so fun! early in morning after night snowfall)
  7. SnowAngels are fun to make and easy! (try to do last, because back side can get wet and cold.
  8. Collect some to put in freezer and look at another day. (don't eat...can have dirt/pollution/ etc in it...unless you live in country/rural area and you know area is clean)
  9. Mom's favorite - when everyone comes in have homemade hot chocolate (or instant with marshmallows) use milk, not water. I make while every is taking wet clothes off in bathroom and putting dry clothes on.

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