Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Secret Power of a Mother's Prayer - Spiritual Warfare

Let me get this out upfront - Jesus - His name and His blood is the power - of a mother's prayer! It is only a secret because we live in a world that is not a Christian's home. It is ruled by God's enemy, Satan and his demons, and this is the secret that so many people are not facing as truth.

Jesus prayed, should not we also pray. by Hongmin on DeviantART

I awoke this morning at 4:30. Like a bullet, I shot up sitting in bed. I have been awaking quickly like this for the past few weeks since I have been reading A Woman's Guide to Spiritual Warfare by Quin Sherrer and Ruthanne Garlock. What I study during the day, Satan tests in my life and God enforces in my dreams.

I had a powerful warfare dream last night. My husband and I were rescuing my brother who was morphing in age between under 18 and then 30's. You know how dreams have that morphing ability to alter any sense of reality. But one thing was real, I was praying in the power of Jesus in "His name and by His blood" to halt the physical world and alter the powers of the spiritual realm. The prayers of one righteous in Christ individual was able to shield and miraculously bend the normal inevitable outcomes of physical dynamics.

So when I awoke, I was stirred by noises from my living room and after beginning to pray in bed, I went into the living room and walked through my home praying in the power of spiritual warfare. I walked in faith, not fear--in His strength, not my weakness. And of course, I prayed for my son who is no longer living at home--he is the first person I prayed over when I sat up and I persisted in prayer for him this morning until I felt a sense of release.

I read yesterday about travailing in prayer. We mothers can understand this because we travailed in childbirth. The baby is not birthed immediately like so many things we get and expect in today's instantaneous world. A mother must persist. She must keep up the good fight. She must labor until the child is brought into this world. In the very same way, a mother can labor for her child spiritually. She can persist in prayer and never let up until her child is released from the clutches of the enemy and darkness-- until her child receives God's grace to be lifted from the miry pit he has dug for himself through sinful choices.

Satan hates the children of God - this is so evident! Infant sacrifice, abortion, child abuse, abduction... the destruction of children is his focus. He has a plan to tempt them, to confuse them, to lie to them, to "kill, steal and destroy" God's plan for their life. We mothers must resist the enemy for our children until they are able to maturely in spiritual warfare fight for themselves. Of course, I am not discounting the prayers of a father, not at all. But, we mothers must do our God given part. We are the nurturing heart of the home; we are, also, the spiritually sensitive warrior of our home.

Never underestimate the power of Jesus' name and the blood of Jesus. Never underestimate your ability to bind the enemy from talking, attacking and keeping a hold on your child.

Realize that spiritual warfare is not a one day's work but a walk of life on earth. We are prayer warriors for life.

I believe in God. I believe in His Word and His promises. Therefore, I will travail in prayer for my children, my family, my home and my own life all the days I breath air on this earth.

Ps 68:11 - The LORD gives the command (His Word of power); the women who proclaim the good tidings are of a great host.

Woman, for the Lord, are like a military company that through bearing and speaking His Word are able to be a powerful army of praise for the LORD. I want to be one of these woman. Do you?



a sister in the Lord

Friday, January 17, 2014

Gay-For-Pay, Straight Baiting and FratmenTV - A Mother's Point of View

artwork by billy2toes on deviantART
Gay-For-Pay, Straight-baiting and FratmenTV are some things in life I wish I knew nothing about.

As a Christian mother, I long ago determined in my heart that I would love my children unconditionally. I also recognize sexual immorality as sin and do consider the gay lifestyle to be a decision that is unBiblical. And, of course, I consider all porn as unBiblical.

Here is where the gay lifestyle and porn collide: Did you know that gay men enjoy luring straight guys into the gay lifestyle?

Well, I have heard of this but I honestly thought you had to be hanging around gay bars. Also, I had given gay people the benefit of the doubt that, as they claim, gay people believe that gay is not something you choose it is something you are, so if they really believe that it never crossed my mind that there could be an entire industry built around luring young STRAIGHT athletes into the gay lifestyle. But guess what? That would be a strong NO.

Facebook primarily, but Instagram also, have provided a source for the gay porn industry to comb the internet for fresh new bodies. They contact young men who are well built and offer them thousands of dollars to fly out for a photo shoot. They talk about how muscularly developed and ready they are for modeling; and if they get a slight interest, they will aggressively come after the person.

Of course, this is nothing new.

Over 30 years ago when I waited tables in a college town I was contacted by a wealthy client of the nice restaurant to have sex for pay. He offered me an amount and to a poor college student it is hard to say no to "easy" money, but I hesitated and said in my sassy response, "I am worth more than that." So he upped the amount and I said, "No you don't understand money can't buy me." The call ended quickly, and I was never contacted again.

In my life it was a defining moment, I proclaimed to myself, the world and satan that I was not prey for that type of sexual immorality. But I know that so many young people are not as strong and confident as I was in that moment of temptation.

My world has been rocked by all I have learned but I do not believe in being silent. I am a survivor of child abuse and too many people were silent. People need to know about this danger that is lurking about for young athletes who engage in social media. If they are any combination of these: gullible, non confident, have a financial need, not spiritually grounded, and probably already open to sexual immorality (being sexually active or wanting to be) -- taking the step to "gay-for-pay" is not that big of a leap.

I am angered by it, by the fact that gay men feel it is exciting to see a straight guy have gay sex for their enjoyment. It is sickening that they lure them by baby steps just as every porn industry does. Oh, take off your shirt... well, what about your shorts... etc.

Now, the person going for the shoot is not innocent. They are choosing to get thousands for posing for photos to show off their body and they are clearly told some will be nude, but Fratmen leave out the fact that they are a gay-for-pay company and that when the person comes for the photo shoot he will be enticed by followers and payers to strip. Once there they are encouraged that they will thrill their fan base if they begin down the "gay" sexual encounter path. This is something that a young man will have to choose for himself when he is alone with just the predators paying him for the photo shoot.

Like I said, young ladies have dealt with this since filming porn was started, now there is an industry to lure in young men.

Our world is a evil place.

As a Christian mother, I am battling in spiritual warfare. The enemy wants to kill, steal and destroy our children. He is always looking for a weakness, a sin, for a foothold. Once our children are old enough to make their own choices we can speak but really our advice is not our strongest action. Prayer is key, and for me, speaking out to shed light on this darkness is also one weapon I have against the evil one.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Simplicity Is Best

by Never Been Kissed at DeviantART

Discontented - I wanted more.
Each page I flipped,
Rubbed open envy's sore.
A fleeting happiness - in
Accumulating things to store.

Now boxes fill my cluttered house
And bring distress.
Since more is less
And less is more;
I long to simplify this mess.

by lindy abbott 2014

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cruelty of Nature - Through Darwin's Eyes

Cruelty of Nature by Lordfartalot at Deviantart

Bewildered- he wrote atheistically
Not seeing so plainly as others do.
Even as he wished he could - the
Evidence of design was not -in view-
Beneficial on all sides of you and me.

To him, there seemed too much misery
That a cat should play with mice
Or a parasite feed within -another
Not persuading himself that it's nice
Or what a beneficent God would do.

Thus, he judged God to be derogatory--
In countless ways, nature cruelly turned
Upon itself - creeping worms and parasites
From the earliest dawn of life -spurned
All over land and depths of sea.

Adopting the concept of evolution, he thought
The only reasonable way to cease astonishment
That animals should live by, and more, delight,
In cruelty- led away by false instincts- bent
Toward such incalculable waste.

Supported and thought to be so very wise,
He forgot that he could not see - as God
Whose mind and ways are far higher
Than man's logic or imagination could
Conceive nor understand - His Ways.

lindy abbott 2014