Monday, March 22, 2010

The Gospel according to the American Congress

The question is simple: Who do you turn to in times of need?

I commend individuals on both sides of the Health care Debate who are willing to stand by their beliefs. Freedom of religion and to speech is a right God gives to all, and both are precious.

Often when I write a letter to the editor in my local paper I get blasted online by nasty personal attacks by people who hide behind pseudo-identities, make-believe-names. They have no problem spouting their opinion but they wouldn't dare want anyone to know where they live or who they are.

As a columnist (or blogger), when you write about how you view issues and you have your picture and name associated with what you have stated, you take a stand to own your beliefs in what you express in print. This is bravery and should be commended in our web-world today.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ as My Lord and Savior. Too often the word 'christian' is diluted by meaning anyone associa
This is not always the case of people who claim to be Christians. Only true believers are indwell-ed by the Holy Spirit who guides followers in the understanding of the Bible. To non-believers, the Bible seems confusing, contradictory and man-inspired words.

Since God calls Himself the Lawmaker and Judge, I yield to God the responsibility to judge someone's heart. I am only to observe someone's words and fruitful actions, to give me insight to allegiance of their inner heart. Only He knows whether someone is truly born from above.

I must have grace and forgiveness for any who call themselves "Christians", not wanting His Body to be divided. Anyone claiming to be a Christian needs to be careful not to hurt the reputation of Christ, which I am certain I have done many times without aiming to do it.