Monday, August 24, 2009

She Still Calls Me Daddy by Robert Wolgemuth Book Review

At first look, She Still Calls Me Daddy appears to be a book written by a man for other men. Pleasantly, it turns out to be a delightfully interesting book, rich with wisdom of experience for a much wider audience. Robert Wolgemuth has beautifully crafted a book that is an easy, must-read for new Fathers-of-the-Bride. But more surprisingly, he has written a book that is an insightful read for mothers and parents, in general, at all stages of life. The relevance comes from the writing being authentically lived; Wolgemuth has lived the words written in this book.

The gem of this book is his coming to terms that his role of daddy, protector of his daughter, changes to daddy, protector of his daughters’ marriage! I simply love this. Who would not desire a person who deeply loves them to be working intentionally to protect their marriage? Wolgemuth shares the purposeful shift in his father-daughter relationship, the moment he released her from his care by speaking the word, “Her mother and I do,” granting a new son this protective role in his daughter’s life.

This is why I treasure this book as an essential parenting book , one that will used as a resource for many years.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Editorial La La Land - Congressman Bart Gordon

I tried to send this to my local newspaper but I got a notice the their website key verification failed after I hit the send button. Fortunately I have learned to make a copy of all my letters to the editor because most of the time they end up in Editorial La La Land.

So here goes my letter to the editor, maybe someone in my State will get to read it:

Thank you for the article this weekend about the telephone meeting planned by Our Congressman Bart Gordon. On Thursday, last week I personally made a trip downtown to ask when our representative was going to be meeting with his constituents, as he has all previous years. I was told by the receptionist that he had not yet decided on a time but I could call anytime and see if a date had been set.

As most constituents of the 6th district I was befuddled trying to figure out how it was "more convenient" for his 700,000 constituents to go online and sign up for one of two telephone "meetings".

The only person convenienced by a telephone conference call is Congressmen Bart Gordon himself!

I called his office today to express my desire to still have an opportunity to meet with him face to face. If he wants to convenience all 700,000, he might set 3-4 dates for meetings at MTSU (Middle TN State University) Murphy Center or football stadium. I am sure many constituents could find time to attend, and be convenience by the large arena.

I told his office to consider how inconvienced people without internet connections are to be involved, since you can not sign up even by calling his office. For that matter, think about older residents that are totally uncomfortable with using computers. This just doesn't seem very accommodating to a very large sector of his district. After directly asking if people could go into his downtown office on main and use his internet to sign up for this conference call, his office staff told me, "Yes." So I thought it would be nice to inform all of Bart Gordon's constituents to head down to his office if they need to sign up for one of two phone calls he will be making before he runs back to Washington.

Also, I told them that I, personally, am highly inconvenienced by having a telephone conference because I have never had one in my life. It is unnerving. When will I get to speak? Will I have to listen to a long monologue from Bart Gordon without any feedback or comments? How will his office decided who gets to ask a question? Will it be a video conference? How will he really understand what the people want when he considers voting for upcoming bills? Is not a representative someone that is elected by a districts citizens to govern in their behalf, representing their principles and desires.

Noah Webster explained that a Republic was "a state in which the exercise of the sovereign power is lodged in representatives elected by the people. In modern usage, it differs from a democracy or democratic state, in which the people exercise the powers of sovereignty in person."

How Can Bart Gordon represent this citizens of his district if he doesn't meet with them to understand how he should exercise the legislative power given to him, being elected by the people? Something just doesn't feel right about waiting months for my Congressman to come home from Washington to speak with him and to only get to do it over a large, controlled, impersonal conference call.

Frankly, it feels like he doesn't care what I or any other of his constituents think. Is this what American Congressional Representation has come to? If so, God help America regain our former governing principles that has made US the greatest country to live.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Is the Whitehouse Trying to Intimidate Free Speech?

While this may not seem odd to most, I am highly uncomfortable with the current Presidential administration. This was on a recent white house government post:

There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care.
These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to

Freedom to Speech
I see nothing wrong with people blogging or emailing their take on issues in America. There is always a lot of disinformation. Separating lies from facts is one of the reasons American owe it to themselves and their families to be highly educated. It is essential to not be spoon fed facts from government, schools, newspapers, news shows, television or speeches. One must seek facts and know history, civics, and current events.

Anyone who questions or intimidates being challenged is putting a big red flag up. Do we have an administration who feels they are beyond hard questions, protest, and investigative truth-seeking. It appears to be since Obama continually is trying to rush huge legislation through congress even before our representative have time to read it.

One has to wonder how in the world could his administration have time to write such huge pieces of legislation after only a few weeks or months, and be in such a rush to ram-rod it through processes that were put in place to purposely make law creation a tedious slow procedure to insure only laws that were worthy of surviving ever made it to the President's desk for his signature or veto. Laws were not to be made quickly, because each Federal law had the possibility of stripping away or taking control over individual State Rights.

State Rights
America was born as a country bonded together by our desire to have States where local government was always suppose to control the details of our cities and counties from education, to zoning, to taxing, and social agendas. The beauty of strong state rights and weak Federal rights is the mobility of the American citizen to move to a state that was more of his/her liking.

As the Federal Government digs further and deeper into our lives, individual Statehood becomes almost meaningless. What would be the difference of being one big United Statehood instead of 50 states united together for common protection, and purposes that served the good of all Americans- not a particular nationality, minority, group of people or agenda.

You Have a Choice
If you want to live in a place that allows their infants to be killed in their mother's womb or for same sex couples to marry (for example), go live in a State that agrees to such standards. But don't use the Federal Government legislation to force others to adopt your beliefs or choices of living. For many citizens it is a moral sin to agree to these standards and we are being forced to live under and pay for a sinful government agenda.

It should not be that way in America! This is not freedom for all. It is the 'liberty' of a few mandated, controlled, and force-ably removing the liberty of most.

I live in my State because it is where I want to raise my family. I believe in the conservative Christian values, and want to be an active citizen in helping to take care of our local poor, widows and children in need. The only reason the Federal government needs to step into states with our hard-earned tax money funding controlling laws is when citizens of a state forsake brotherly love.

I say, "Let those States who want to live under nanny-federal-government enjoy higher taxes, less freedom and poor quality social programs (including education). But also give the States back their rights to take care of their own citizens without big brother telling us what and how to do it!"

We are to be led by God and not by government. I love my Country, but I will not be shackled by greedy, power-hungry, godless people who want to re-create America in the image of their god. I am proud to be an American; I always have been! And I believe in the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness I am charged in the constitution to protect from a tyrannical government.

If the Lord taries, I have an obligation to my children and grandchildren, to give them a country that is full of its promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

What do you want from your government? Is it right for the white house to ask citizens to turn emails and websites into

Should my email be sent? And what happens if I get flagged? Will google pull my blog? Will I get a visit from the Feds? Will I be on Obama's Most Wanted list? Should I be afraid?

Fortunately, for me, My God, Jehovah of the Bible is Sovereign. And it helps that He is my Abba, Father! (Greater is He that is within me, then he that is within the world!)

Are You a Writer or do you write?

Being a writer and a speaker is not something I would like to try to do. It is much more! It is who God created me to be. I have always loved to journal, to express my thoughts and feeling in writing.

Can you trace back through your life, seeing God's hand in developing you as a writer?

At age 10, I ‘ran away from home’. As I walked several miles, I ended up at a corner drug store. I purchased a little memo pad and a pen.
After getting an ice cream cone at Baskin and Robbins, I sat on a curb near the small strip mall, and placed my hurting heart into word on this little pad.

Words Flow
Words have always flowed easy for me, like a river flooded by an opened dam. Even at young ages, while I didn’t know God personally, I felt His presence leading me to write. Do you feel His presence when you write, like He is guiding you to ideas to type?

In High School, I joined a Creative Writing class. I wrote a poem about flowers blossoming and soon withering to die, but expressed how people continued on and never really died. My teacher was amazed and asked if I knew it was Biblical. Of course, I didn’t have a clue, but I held that comment in my heart understanding the poem was special.

I lived my childhood in a horrifically abusive home. No child should ever have to experience such violence, humiliation, and fear. I passed the innocence and play of childhood. Instead, I knew hard labor, beatings, shame, violation and despair.

Away from Home
I was blessed to attend college away from home. In a few months, I meet My Precious Lord Jesus and my future husband of now 25 years. I wedded early at age 21, and continued to grow rapidly in my relationship with God and in starting my own family.

For years I tried forgiveness, reconciliation and healing, but God wanted me to have so much more. Over the last 10 years, He has carefully led me through intensive trauma counseling, as I continued to juggle the role of wife, mother, and friend.

About 15 years ago, God spoke to my heart telling me I was going to be a writer and speaker for Him. I didn’t understand how it would happen but I strongly believed God.

Have you listened to God and heard Him call you to be a writer?

Therapeutically Healing
Throughout therapy, and motherhood, writing therapeutically helped me heal. I began a blog to giving hope for healing to people who have been through abuse and trauma ( In addition, I started a personal site to share everyday happening, insights from God and my opinions on current events (

In December, God blessed me beyond my imagination by inviting me to become a regular writer for a Christian weekly digital magazine and website, I am currently the author of two regular articles: Letters from the King, and Abuse & Trauma, Hope & Healing.

Have you taken the person time necessary to grow mature and receive Biblical understand to have something solid to speak about?

Joy of Freedom
Several weeks ago God walked me through the end of my healing. It is with emotional joy that I am learning to live life without disassociation and trauma triggers. I am delighted with this daily freedom. The love I have for God bubbles out of me.
I am certain that God will be able to use me in so many new ways if I am properly trained, further fulfilling my life verse, “For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” (NKJV Philippians 1:21)

Has God set you free, moved obstacles, opened doors, filled you with His Spirit, releasing you into being a writer for Him?

Are you a writer or do you write?