Thursday, August 6, 2009

Are You a Writer or do you write?

Being a writer and a speaker is not something I would like to try to do. It is much more! It is who God created me to be. I have always loved to journal, to express my thoughts and feeling in writing.

Can you trace back through your life, seeing God's hand in developing you as a writer?

At age 10, I ‘ran away from home’. As I walked several miles, I ended up at a corner drug store. I purchased a little memo pad and a pen.
After getting an ice cream cone at Baskin and Robbins, I sat on a curb near the small strip mall, and placed my hurting heart into word on this little pad.

Words Flow
Words have always flowed easy for me, like a river flooded by an opened dam. Even at young ages, while I didn’t know God personally, I felt His presence leading me to write. Do you feel His presence when you write, like He is guiding you to ideas to type?

In High School, I joined a Creative Writing class. I wrote a poem about flowers blossoming and soon withering to die, but expressed how people continued on and never really died. My teacher was amazed and asked if I knew it was Biblical. Of course, I didn’t have a clue, but I held that comment in my heart understanding the poem was special.

I lived my childhood in a horrifically abusive home. No child should ever have to experience such violence, humiliation, and fear. I passed the innocence and play of childhood. Instead, I knew hard labor, beatings, shame, violation and despair.

Away from Home
I was blessed to attend college away from home. In a few months, I meet My Precious Lord Jesus and my future husband of now 25 years. I wedded early at age 21, and continued to grow rapidly in my relationship with God and in starting my own family.

For years I tried forgiveness, reconciliation and healing, but God wanted me to have so much more. Over the last 10 years, He has carefully led me through intensive trauma counseling, as I continued to juggle the role of wife, mother, and friend.

About 15 years ago, God spoke to my heart telling me I was going to be a writer and speaker for Him. I didn’t understand how it would happen but I strongly believed God.

Have you listened to God and heard Him call you to be a writer?

Therapeutically Healing
Throughout therapy, and motherhood, writing therapeutically helped me heal. I began a blog to giving hope for healing to people who have been through abuse and trauma ( In addition, I started a personal site to share everyday happening, insights from God and my opinions on current events (

In December, God blessed me beyond my imagination by inviting me to become a regular writer for a Christian weekly digital magazine and website, I am currently the author of two regular articles: Letters from the King, and Abuse & Trauma, Hope & Healing.

Have you taken the person time necessary to grow mature and receive Biblical understand to have something solid to speak about?

Joy of Freedom
Several weeks ago God walked me through the end of my healing. It is with emotional joy that I am learning to live life without disassociation and trauma triggers. I am delighted with this daily freedom. The love I have for God bubbles out of me.
I am certain that God will be able to use me in so many new ways if I am properly trained, further fulfilling my life verse, “For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” (NKJV Philippians 1:21)

Has God set you free, moved obstacles, opened doors, filled you with His Spirit, releasing you into being a writer for Him?

Are you a writer or do you write?

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