Monday, August 24, 2009

She Still Calls Me Daddy by Robert Wolgemuth Book Review

At first look, She Still Calls Me Daddy appears to be a book written by a man for other men. Pleasantly, it turns out to be a delightfully interesting book, rich with wisdom of experience for a much wider audience. Robert Wolgemuth has beautifully crafted a book that is an easy, must-read for new Fathers-of-the-Bride. But more surprisingly, he has written a book that is an insightful read for mothers and parents, in general, at all stages of life. The relevance comes from the writing being authentically lived; Wolgemuth has lived the words written in this book.

The gem of this book is his coming to terms that his role of daddy, protector of his daughter, changes to daddy, protector of his daughters’ marriage! I simply love this. Who would not desire a person who deeply loves them to be working intentionally to protect their marriage? Wolgemuth shares the purposeful shift in his father-daughter relationship, the moment he released her from his care by speaking the word, “Her mother and I do,” granting a new son this protective role in his daughter’s life.

This is why I treasure this book as an essential parenting book , one that will used as a resource for many years.

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