Thursday, August 6, 2009

Is the Whitehouse Trying to Intimidate Free Speech?

While this may not seem odd to most, I am highly uncomfortable with the current Presidential administration. This was on a recent white house government post:

There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care.
These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to

Freedom to Speech
I see nothing wrong with people blogging or emailing their take on issues in America. There is always a lot of disinformation. Separating lies from facts is one of the reasons American owe it to themselves and their families to be highly educated. It is essential to not be spoon fed facts from government, schools, newspapers, news shows, television or speeches. One must seek facts and know history, civics, and current events.

Anyone who questions or intimidates being challenged is putting a big red flag up. Do we have an administration who feels they are beyond hard questions, protest, and investigative truth-seeking. It appears to be since Obama continually is trying to rush huge legislation through congress even before our representative have time to read it.

One has to wonder how in the world could his administration have time to write such huge pieces of legislation after only a few weeks or months, and be in such a rush to ram-rod it through processes that were put in place to purposely make law creation a tedious slow procedure to insure only laws that were worthy of surviving ever made it to the President's desk for his signature or veto. Laws were not to be made quickly, because each Federal law had the possibility of stripping away or taking control over individual State Rights.

State Rights
America was born as a country bonded together by our desire to have States where local government was always suppose to control the details of our cities and counties from education, to zoning, to taxing, and social agendas. The beauty of strong state rights and weak Federal rights is the mobility of the American citizen to move to a state that was more of his/her liking.

As the Federal Government digs further and deeper into our lives, individual Statehood becomes almost meaningless. What would be the difference of being one big United Statehood instead of 50 states united together for common protection, and purposes that served the good of all Americans- not a particular nationality, minority, group of people or agenda.

You Have a Choice
If you want to live in a place that allows their infants to be killed in their mother's womb or for same sex couples to marry (for example), go live in a State that agrees to such standards. But don't use the Federal Government legislation to force others to adopt your beliefs or choices of living. For many citizens it is a moral sin to agree to these standards and we are being forced to live under and pay for a sinful government agenda.

It should not be that way in America! This is not freedom for all. It is the 'liberty' of a few mandated, controlled, and force-ably removing the liberty of most.

I live in my State because it is where I want to raise my family. I believe in the conservative Christian values, and want to be an active citizen in helping to take care of our local poor, widows and children in need. The only reason the Federal government needs to step into states with our hard-earned tax money funding controlling laws is when citizens of a state forsake brotherly love.

I say, "Let those States who want to live under nanny-federal-government enjoy higher taxes, less freedom and poor quality social programs (including education). But also give the States back their rights to take care of their own citizens without big brother telling us what and how to do it!"

We are to be led by God and not by government. I love my Country, but I will not be shackled by greedy, power-hungry, godless people who want to re-create America in the image of their god. I am proud to be an American; I always have been! And I believe in the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness I am charged in the constitution to protect from a tyrannical government.

If the Lord taries, I have an obligation to my children and grandchildren, to give them a country that is full of its promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

What do you want from your government? Is it right for the white house to ask citizens to turn emails and websites into

Should my email be sent? And what happens if I get flagged? Will google pull my blog? Will I get a visit from the Feds? Will I be on Obama's Most Wanted list? Should I be afraid?

Fortunately, for me, My God, Jehovah of the Bible is Sovereign. And it helps that He is my Abba, Father! (Greater is He that is within me, then he that is within the world!)


  1. Oh, I read about that yesterday! Sent Dad an e-mail about it and he joked in reply, "I am going to have to report you for this."


    Just imagine though if the White House had released such a statement about the war or whatever when George W. Bush was President - we would never hear the end of it! It's infuriating that Obama can get away with saying or doing whatever he wants because he's the media's "anointed one".

    Guess we have to make as much noise as we can...


  2. Great Post, Lindylou!
    America has never known widespread persecution against Christians and those who stand up for the truth, until now. I am horrified at the "change" that has come to our country. But, come it must, and those who are willing to take up their crosses and follow Jesus will be the ones He will reward in the end. Be not afraid of those who can kill the body, but of Him who has power to destroy the soul...

  3. Mid,

    I totally agree with the Scripture you used, "Be not afraid of those who can kill the body, but of Him who has power to destroy the soul..." We need to keep His Word before this.

    Oh, Amanda, Andrew came up with a great idea we all need to flag pro Obama Healthcare emails and websites to flood! I know God is going to use Andrew by the strategic way he think!


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