Friday, January 27, 2012

Can You Hear Me - Letter From The King

Letters From the King
Dear Child,
It is easier for someone deaf to hear Me than someone with hearing. Pause, and re-read this statement. I don't want you to miss my message. I created sounds and ears. Sound and ears are good. On earth everything I created for good is warped by Satan for his purpose. Earth is not the perfect place to hear My voice. Satan has made certain to provide enormous hindrances. Noise is not always good. It can be purposely distracting.
Your ears can hear sounds that are destructive, unnerving, and even painful. While the world provides intrusive clatter, I am speaking to you. Can you hear Me? Do you even know how to listen? My voice is heard without your ears; it is heard in your soul and spirit. Even in loud continual noise, My voice can be clear. Learning to listen for Me takes practice in My presence. You have to be still. Don't lose patience. It is like learning how to tune a radio to the proper station. You will recognize My voice when you hear it, because I dwell with you in Spirit. You must trust Me. It takes faith to hear Me and you must believe what I tell you in the Bible.
When your heart cry is "I believe God!," you will find it easier to hear My voice. You will gain understanding. This is why I say, "Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God!" The more you read the Bible, and believe It to be the Truth, you will discover hearing my voice to be as natural as an infant knows its mother's voice.
When you struggle to hear Me, don't become anxious trying to force yourself to imagine what I might be saying. Rest, knowing it is not your work to do. I am the One doing the work for You. Celebrate, knowing that no one can ever take my voice away from you. Satan does not want you to know or believe this. He wants you bombarded with information, sounds and thoughts so that you don't have any waking time to listen to Me. This is why I created you with a hunger and thirst that only I could fill.
Hear Me, I am speaking. I am not silent. Listen for Me.
Letter From the King, Lindy Abbott

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Letter From A Woman On Abortion

Human babies' greatest threat to life is complacent humans more devoted to a false 'doctrine of privacy' (in the name of tolerance) than to real life and justice.

 I admire Martin Luther King, Jr. with a great desire to learn from him and a hope to emulate his relentless quest for justice. As in all injustices perpetrated against powerless, innocent humans, the so-called 'good people' chose to avoid controversy (tension) and allowed millions of precious humans to be murdered. We, the good people of America, are doing this today.

What are the good citizens of America waiting for? Time is of the essence! Two babies are brutally killed every minute. As King pleaded with the people of the 1960's, I plead with you today, "the strangely irrational notion that there is something in the very flow of time that will inevitably cure all ills" is "a tradgic misconception." Time itself does not solve social ills. It firmly depends on who uses time more effectively. 50 million babies have been aborted in America since 1973. In 2011, 65% of pregnancies of black women in New York ended by abortion.

We are once again in our country faced with two opposing forces. One that wants abortion to end and the other that wants it to continue. But what stands between the two is the massive flood of disassociated, disinterested people who for the love of social order, pseudo-privacy and tolerance willing to let everyone do as one chooses and to pretend babies aborted are not really being humans.

With the unquestionable advances in science and medical equipment, any mother who has watched her baby on an ultrasound monitor and heard the sweet heartbeat would rightly testify that a child is within her womb! There is no doubt--it is an undeniable fact a baby lives within his mother's womb.

Again, history repeats itself. Moderates seeking only to maintain the status quo, not wanting to get involved or disturb their pursuit of happiness, avoid taking the actions necessary to stop the evil . It is someone else's problem... you think? What family has not been touched in America by a "Death by Abortion"? I dare say none.

It is time we considered a national memorial monument and a day of repentance and remembrance for these little babies. But before we can begin, we must stop "Death by Abortion" in America!

The facts are too overwhelming to deny that your family is not involved. One out of every six people in America have been aborted. How comfortable are you with this hard evidence? And truth told the mother and often the father's life has been destroyed by the abortion of the child. The personal nightmare of relentless shame, guilt and crushing despair causes many parents who aborted to plead for death to themselves to make the pain end. It is time you get uncomfortable and listen to many who are now choosing to be "silent no more"!

We just celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! His niece, Dr. Alveda King, is walking in her uncle's footsteps. These babies are condemned to death in their mother's womb without any justice for their basic constitutional rights that are endowed not by you, me or governments but by the Creator God.

God forms a baby in a mother's womb and give the child a right to life, liberty and a pursuit of happiness. Martin Luther King, Jr said, "Society must protect the robbed and punish the robber." And He so rightly proclaimed, "We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people but for the appalling silence of the good people." Do you need to repent?

 Are you willing you join Alveda King? You can get involved.

You can vote only for candidates that will vow to stop abortion today! You can attend events,  non-violence walks, the rally in Washington, D.C.. What is stopping you? Abortion must be rooted out by relentless and determined action. Love and peace are demonstrated through action.

Open your heart, listen to the cries, recognize the urgency and sense the needs.

What is your testimony? Your life is your living testimony - live it purposefully and do something today to stop abortion in America. A precious little baby's time is up. If we don't act, she will be killed. If we all speak our conscience publicly, she can live. Truly, Abortion is a matter of life or death.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Leaving Comments - The Difference it Makes

"Do you leave comments?" is the topic for "build a better blog" series. Hopefully, through this process we can all grow in our blogging.

If you take the time to read a post, do you simply click and go away, or do you consider even placing a few words in a comment box?

Do you LOVE comments?

If you do not, what are the reasons that stop you:

  • article/post too long - can't get through it so I can't comment
  • article too controversial - you like to stay out of conflict, so you prefer not to comment
  • you totally disagree with what is written - and you don't want to be negative
  • it takes too much time - you barely have time to answer emails and get the laundry done
  • you think it doesn't matter - with so many people writing blogs no one comments much
  • shy, not a talker - you don't want to get embarrassed saying something silly or wrong
Ever wonder what difference it can make:
  • Encouragement? Comments encourage both the writer and other readers.
  • To make writing's clear and valuable? Comments helps a writer hone their writing to better serve those who visit and read. Comments make people a better blogger.
  • Do you smile and say, "Hi"when you pass a person? Leaving a comment is often a nice way of saying Hi!, I am thinking about you, you matter.
  • Ask questions? Comments are a great place to ask questions and get more information.
  • Give examples or real life stories? This is a exactly what makes blogging better than printed work. It is interactive.
  • Relationships? Blogs give us an amazing opportunity to talk with people from all over the world and relationships are most important in life.
  • Relate? It is nice for the writer of a blog to know other's can relate to their experiences, and that they can relate to their visitors.

What makes some blogs attract and others repel comments? What is your opinion? Why do you comment? Why don't you? How can a blogger make it their site more interactive?

If you have a related article or post and would like to have it linked, please place it in your comment. I will go back and compile a list (placing it within this post). 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Count The Cost - Letter From The King

Letters From the King
Dear Child,
There is nothing easier in life than getting saved. It is solely My sovereign work. I say, "Look to Me and be saved." But the cost of discipleship is great, so before you say, "Yes," count the cost. Discipleship requires you to leave your life as you have planned and to wholly follow Me. If you are not willing to forsake everyone and everything else in life, you are not ready for the cost of discipleship.
I do not say these things to discourage you from desiring salvation. I speak them because abandoning all else to Me, losing yourself - your dreams, your pleasures, your glory - must be the cry of your heart. In order to grow closer to Me, you must let go of the things in the world. You will live a life separated unto Me - not your will, but Mine - is the mantra of a Christian's life.
Discipleship requires you to live your life for My pleasure and glory. The earth you live in today is not your home. This is not the place you will have great reward. Your treasures are in your heavenly home. Do not store up earthly treasures that are temporary and worthless for all eternity. The cost to some will be losing a career, to others it will be the rejection of family, and to others it will be imprisonment and tortured. Each of these are the cost of being a believer in Jesus as the truth, the way and the life.
Many will attempt to enter heaven on their own merit, through their choice of people, on their on terms. But this is a cruel deception that gives false hope of eternal security. There is by one name only, Jesus, that you can be saved. No one can come to Me accept through Him.
I want you to have Me. I long for you to know Me. Be warned, the cares and riches of this world will choke out My life in you. Salvation is for everyone, but not everyone is willing to pay the price of discipleship. Have you counted the cost?  Are you following salvation into discipleship, forsaking your life to live fully to Me? Believe Me when I say what I will give you is greater than anything you could gain on your own.
Letter From the King, Lindy Abbott

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Year For Hope 2012

What is your word or theme for this year? Listen to how I found out that mine is hope:

new life, new hope

During my thanksgiving holidays, I went to visit our dear friends/family in AL. My husband is from AL and I met him at the University of AL (I am a New Orleans girl). His high school friend and college roommate is now a retired Army officer with 9 children that home schools. This family basically is our family. I have known his college daughter who is now a Washington Times columnist since she was in a playpen. We all passionately love God and only hope in life to serve Him. They own a beautiful farm/homestead in rural AL with lots of nature trails and a pond. 

On this thanksgiving weekend, I went alone on an outdoor walk to talk with God one afternoon. I was looking at how everything had made its seasonal change, going doormat and looking dead. The Holy Spirit prompted me to move some of the fallen leaves off the path, and amazingly underneath this layer of decomposition was a little seed (it looked like a kernel of wheat) with a bright green little sprout leaf on a tender white stem. When I reached down in awe to pick it up, I heard God say, "This is the year of hope. 2012 will be the year of hope." I treasured that moment and continue to look to Him with anticipation of all the goodness He is preparing for me and my family. 

Last year was the year of the 'fast'; that was the word God gave me for 2011. It was not a physical fast from eating (like I initially thought) but a practical and spiritual fast. God used 2011 to cut back, to stop, to redirect and to narrow my focus. I am learning to only pursue God's best, not His alternate plan or one He provides by grace because I missed His BEST. What a powerful lesson this has been! Of course, I am still learning and growing in this concept. But, is it not so natural for "hope" to follow "fast"? I have to allow God's pruning so that the original plan for my future and hope can grow strong. 

I think God has been using a chain saw on me for about 20 years. It is nice to be able to get to the pruning shears. And even nicer to walk in hope.

May God bless you in 2012, and please share with a comment to tell your word for the year. You may also include a little background or even your own personal website link, if you would like.

Have a wonderful 2012!

Blessings -


Monday, January 2, 2012

I Can Reach You - Letter From The King

Letters From the King

Dear Child,

Even on your darkest or loneliest days, when no one seems to understand or be able to help, I can reach you. I know your need, even before you become aware of it. Turn your heart toward Me and I will overflow you spiritually, as people and the ways of the world never can. I meet you in the secret places of your soul, places so deep your own consciousness may never go.
I am Spirit, not limited by flesh and blood, time or space. While you can't fully grasp all that I am, I  know you completely. And  through Christ, I see you in His righteousness, transformed into His image, the essence of who you really are. In Heaven you will experience life as I created it in the beginning - perfect, sinless, whole. 
There will always be people that just don't get it. They will never comprehend all I created you to be. Rest, knowing your present state is not permanent. Your time on earth is just one star twinkling in the night of eternity. You have so much to look forward to, and so much to live for as you come to know Me and make Me known to others.
Just as I can reach you, I long to reach people from all nations... to fill their empty void, to comfort them in suffering, to bring hope to their total despair. You are never alone in the world. Where ever you go, I am there. Take me to the darkest places in your life and in the world. I will show you by My light the path you should choose. As you follow Me in obedience, I will reach others for My Kingdom through you.
Reaching and filling you is not an end, but a beginning. It is a beautiful harmony of emptiness finding fulfillment, as a desert soaks up a torrential rain.  A creative melody that is to be heard where ever you are. You in Me and Me in you. It is the mystery of life sought for by all who are inquisitive, thirsty, and needy. Many false gods seem appealing, reasonable and good. But I alone am the real God, there is no other besides Me! As people open their hearts to hear My Words, and believe, they will receive Me.
Never forget, I can always reach you! I am everything you need.
Letter From the King, Lindy Abbott