Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Year For Hope 2012

What is your word or theme for this year? Listen to how I found out that mine is hope:

new life, new hope

During my thanksgiving holidays, I went to visit our dear friends/family in AL. My husband is from AL and I met him at the University of AL (I am a New Orleans girl). His high school friend and college roommate is now a retired Army officer with 9 children that home schools. This family basically is our family. I have known his college daughter who is now a Washington Times columnist since she was in a playpen. We all passionately love God and only hope in life to serve Him. They own a beautiful farm/homestead in rural AL with lots of nature trails and a pond. 

On this thanksgiving weekend, I went alone on an outdoor walk to talk with God one afternoon. I was looking at how everything had made its seasonal change, going doormat and looking dead. The Holy Spirit prompted me to move some of the fallen leaves off the path, and amazingly underneath this layer of decomposition was a little seed (it looked like a kernel of wheat) with a bright green little sprout leaf on a tender white stem. When I reached down in awe to pick it up, I heard God say, "This is the year of hope. 2012 will be the year of hope." I treasured that moment and continue to look to Him with anticipation of all the goodness He is preparing for me and my family. 

Last year was the year of the 'fast'; that was the word God gave me for 2011. It was not a physical fast from eating (like I initially thought) but a practical and spiritual fast. God used 2011 to cut back, to stop, to redirect and to narrow my focus. I am learning to only pursue God's best, not His alternate plan or one He provides by grace because I missed His BEST. What a powerful lesson this has been! Of course, I am still learning and growing in this concept. But, is it not so natural for "hope" to follow "fast"? I have to allow God's pruning so that the original plan for my future and hope can grow strong. 

I think God has been using a chain saw on me for about 20 years. It is nice to be able to get to the pruning shears. And even nicer to walk in hope.

May God bless you in 2012, and please share with a comment to tell your word for the year. You may also include a little background or even your own personal website link, if you would like.

Have a wonderful 2012!

Blessings -


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