Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Leaving Comments - The Difference it Makes

"Do you leave comments?" is the topic for "build a better blog" series. Hopefully, through this process we can all grow in our blogging.

If you take the time to read a post, do you simply click and go away, or do you consider even placing a few words in a comment box?

Do you LOVE comments?

If you do not, what are the reasons that stop you:

  • article/post too long - can't get through it so I can't comment
  • article too controversial - you like to stay out of conflict, so you prefer not to comment
  • you totally disagree with what is written - and you don't want to be negative
  • it takes too much time - you barely have time to answer emails and get the laundry done
  • you think it doesn't matter - with so many people writing blogs no one comments much
  • shy, not a talker - you don't want to get embarrassed saying something silly or wrong
Ever wonder what difference it can make:
  • Encouragement? Comments encourage both the writer and other readers.
  • To make writing's clear and valuable? Comments helps a writer hone their writing to better serve those who visit and read. Comments make people a better blogger.
  • Do you smile and say, "Hi"when you pass a person? Leaving a comment is often a nice way of saying Hi!, I am thinking about you, you matter.
  • Ask questions? Comments are a great place to ask questions and get more information.
  • Give examples or real life stories? This is a exactly what makes blogging better than printed work. It is interactive.
  • Relationships? Blogs give us an amazing opportunity to talk with people from all over the world and relationships are most important in life.
  • Relate? It is nice for the writer of a blog to know other's can relate to their experiences, and that they can relate to their visitors.

What makes some blogs attract and others repel comments? What is your opinion? Why do you comment? Why don't you? How can a blogger make it their site more interactive?

If you have a related article or post and would like to have it linked, please place it in your comment. I will go back and compile a list (placing it within this post). 


  1. If I take the time to read I do my very best to take the time to leave a comment. I find them encouraging and it can be the difference somedays between doing another post and hanging up the blog.

  2. Mystic Mom, I totally agree. While I love to write and will keep blogging sometimes it can feel like I am writing to myself... even though there is a huge world out there.


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