Friday, January 27, 2012

Can You Hear Me - Letter From The King

Letters From the King
Dear Child,
It is easier for someone deaf to hear Me than someone with hearing. Pause, and re-read this statement. I don't want you to miss my message. I created sounds and ears. Sound and ears are good. On earth everything I created for good is warped by Satan for his purpose. Earth is not the perfect place to hear My voice. Satan has made certain to provide enormous hindrances. Noise is not always good. It can be purposely distracting.
Your ears can hear sounds that are destructive, unnerving, and even painful. While the world provides intrusive clatter, I am speaking to you. Can you hear Me? Do you even know how to listen? My voice is heard without your ears; it is heard in your soul and spirit. Even in loud continual noise, My voice can be clear. Learning to listen for Me takes practice in My presence. You have to be still. Don't lose patience. It is like learning how to tune a radio to the proper station. You will recognize My voice when you hear it, because I dwell with you in Spirit. You must trust Me. It takes faith to hear Me and you must believe what I tell you in the Bible.
When your heart cry is "I believe God!," you will find it easier to hear My voice. You will gain understanding. This is why I say, "Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God!" The more you read the Bible, and believe It to be the Truth, you will discover hearing my voice to be as natural as an infant knows its mother's voice.
When you struggle to hear Me, don't become anxious trying to force yourself to imagine what I might be saying. Rest, knowing it is not your work to do. I am the One doing the work for You. Celebrate, knowing that no one can ever take my voice away from you. Satan does not want you to know or believe this. He wants you bombarded with information, sounds and thoughts so that you don't have any waking time to listen to Me. This is why I created you with a hunger and thirst that only I could fill.
Hear Me, I am speaking. I am not silent. Listen for Me.
Letter From the King, Lindy Abbott

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