Monday, January 2, 2012

I Can Reach You - Letter From The King

Letters From the King

Dear Child,

Even on your darkest or loneliest days, when no one seems to understand or be able to help, I can reach you. I know your need, even before you become aware of it. Turn your heart toward Me and I will overflow you spiritually, as people and the ways of the world never can. I meet you in the secret places of your soul, places so deep your own consciousness may never go.
I am Spirit, not limited by flesh and blood, time or space. While you can't fully grasp all that I am, I  know you completely. And  through Christ, I see you in His righteousness, transformed into His image, the essence of who you really are. In Heaven you will experience life as I created it in the beginning - perfect, sinless, whole. 
There will always be people that just don't get it. They will never comprehend all I created you to be. Rest, knowing your present state is not permanent. Your time on earth is just one star twinkling in the night of eternity. You have so much to look forward to, and so much to live for as you come to know Me and make Me known to others.
Just as I can reach you, I long to reach people from all nations... to fill their empty void, to comfort them in suffering, to bring hope to their total despair. You are never alone in the world. Where ever you go, I am there. Take me to the darkest places in your life and in the world. I will show you by My light the path you should choose. As you follow Me in obedience, I will reach others for My Kingdom through you.
Reaching and filling you is not an end, but a beginning. It is a beautiful harmony of emptiness finding fulfillment, as a desert soaks up a torrential rain.  A creative melody that is to be heard where ever you are. You in Me and Me in you. It is the mystery of life sought for by all who are inquisitive, thirsty, and needy. Many false gods seem appealing, reasonable and good. But I alone am the real God, there is no other besides Me! As people open their hearts to hear My Words, and believe, they will receive Me.
Never forget, I can always reach you! I am everything you need.
Letter From the King, Lindy Abbott

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  1. I can relate to this so much in my life even now and when I was a child


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