Sunday, June 23, 2013

Where Does Love Begin?

Love - 

it is the craving of all. It is a common need; we must have love in order to be fulfilled in our life. The absence of love creates a vacuum, an endless hole within, a need that must find its abundant source. In all of creation, One meets the satisfaction of this definition... one and only one is the sufficient, boundless, and everlasting source--that one is God.

Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God.
 1John 4:7

BUT where does LOVE begin?

We seek love mostly in people, but after being hurt, rejected and treated ungracefully we convince ourselves that we will never be loved genuinely. We seek love with sex, desires, things, adventures and accomplishments searching to be fulfilled. We try to love over and over, but mess up so much, and get rejected.

So where do we start with love? Where does it begin?

GOD is birthed in us through Jesus. When we accept Jesus, the Holy Spirit--LOVE-- lives within us and enables us to love. GOD is LOVE. Without God we are unable to love.

I have friends that have not decided whether to believe that Jesus is God or that God is real or that God is what the need/want in their life. But truly the majority of their question result from their opinion, experience or understanding of religion and a church. They are left with a less than appealing view of God. So they are unsure they want to be part of "religion and churches" which they assume is equated to God Himself.

The big questions should be: Do they want to serve God's purpose instead of their own? Do they want to be surrendered to God allowing Him to live through them? Do they believe in God enough to devote their life to Him, to worship Him and to live for Him?

I am glad my friends understand these is the real question to ask. The shallow question often asked in churches about God is: Do you want Jesus in your heart? Do you want to go to heaven? Do you want to have your sins forgiven?

Of course when we surrender to God to be Lord of our life, Jesus as the Holy Spirit does come to live within us, we do go to heaven and our sins are forgiven, but these gracious gifts of love do not proceed or come to anyone without them FIRST giving themselves wholly to God.

Why are there so many problems in churches? Splits? Arguments? Backstabbing? Hurtful people? Power struggles?
Why do so many "Christians" habitually sin? Act hypocritical? Are two faced? Elitist? Judgmental? Stern? Hateful? Petty? Unforgiving?
"These kinds of people" who call themselves "Christians"--in fact-- do not have God, the source of LOVE, complete fulfillment, satisfaction, and confidence. What they claim is false and therefore misleading to the world and painfully God is misunderstood by many.

The Truth is: God is where LOVE begins! 

Do you long to have love, to be on a journey that will require suffering/sacrifice but will bring growth and many opportunities to love others, to know what it is to be totally loved and to overflow with the power to make a positive impression on those you know and beyond?

Know God and you will always be loved. God is the beginning of LOVE.

Love to you today,

Lindy Abbott

Monday, June 10, 2013

Show Me My Sin - Know Grace

Grace is the ability to receive undeserved mercy. 

Mercy is forgiveness, access, protection or ability granted that did not have to be given.

Therefore Grace is receiving forgiveness that is not deserved but granted by the power and benevolence  of the One that is able.

God gives grace and mercy. 
He is able and worthy to do so, because of Jesus' life, death, burial and resurrection. He is the only one able to forgive sins.


a small word.

Without sin, grace, mercy and forgiveness is less needed and therefore does not poured out into a person's life. While grace and mercy can still be provided to draw you away from sin or to "for a time" when you are under another's covering, insulate you from temptation, forgiveness is only known by sinners.

"Show me my sin" 

is a request a person can make if they are serious about knowing God. Sin keeps us apart from God. Sometimes in our life, when we are not sensitive to sin or before we are filled with the Holy Spirit, we don't recognize sin in our life. We mull through life thinking we are basically good, but --in fact--are oblivious to countless sins we commit regularly.

I will not give you a list of sins to check off. This is a spiritual exercise between you and God. If you want to see yourself, if you want to get a picture of your need of God, if you want to hear God and walk a deeper spiritual path, ask God, "show me my sin."

When I did this in my twenties, God answered this prayer quickly. Matter of fact, I got to a point in watching my sinful life roll before my eyes like a replay of personal "hidden" life video that I cried out to God to "stop." I had seen enough. I could bare no more.

And after-- when I realized what a great sinner I was-- and how much God had done for me to make me sinless in His sight through Jesus Christ, I could not and still can not contain my thankfulness and love for God.

This spiritual exercise was a definite turning point of great growth in my life. I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to ask God this question because I was deeply struggling to see myself as the greater sinner over someone who had hurt me so deeply over so many years. You see in my mind this person would always be the greatest sinner, but not after God showed me my sin against Him.

Oh, the joy to know complete forgiveness and then to be seen clean in the sight of God.

What freedom this brings! I pray that as many as want to know, that they ask and receive.

"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you." Matthew 7:7


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Build The WALL First, Mexican American Border

UPDATE: June 2013

I wrote this post on February 14, 2011; it is now June 2013 and still nothing has been done about building the wall between Mexico and the United States but much has been discussed and plotted about giving Mexicans and other Nationalities that have illegal entered or illegally overstayed their visa to have the right to become an American Citizen.

Let us start with the right terminology. A person that enters the country illegally is a foreigner who is breaking the law thus they are rightly called an illegal alien, not an immigrant. An immigrant is one who applies for immigration status and obeys American laws, so let us stop calling lawbreaking foreigners immigrants. If they want the fine status of immigrant they can return to their foreign nation from which they came and apply to come to America as an immigrant legally.

American Citizenship is not a right to be tossed about lightly and given to people who come to our country illegally or who are lawbreakers by staying here beyond their legal permitted time. Being an anchor baby grown up as a child while most would want to grant citizenship is legally questionable because the parents were not under the legal jurisdiction of the State in which the baby was born if they were here illegally. You see, you can't have it both way. An illegal (a criminal of the United States) can not simply become legal by passing through the birth canal on American soil. But this is beyond the scope of this article while it still has a lot to do with amnesty.

The whole point of this article was to state the unquestionable fact that AMERICA could have build a wall on our southern border several times over if they started and were determined to finish it. Then, they could eliminate the illegal crossing and entry and the overstay of visas.

But no one in power, not one political person has the fortitude to demand that the wall be built!

Get politicians and politics out of the way. No nation can remain sovereign with porous borders. American will crumble and not be valuable to anyone if we don't face the pure fact that a secure border must be established, PERIOD. This must be dealt with FIRST, completely, and when the border is finished and the Nation's boundaries and ports are secure, then and only then should we be discussion other issues regarding illegals aliens (not immigrants) in America.

Let us look at History!

China has a Wall. It measures 3,339 miles long. This wall has 7,000 lookout towers and 700 beacon towers.

The Berlin Wall was constructed by USSR on one weekend. It began on Friday and on Monday it was finished. The Berlin Wall was 96 miles. It had 300 watch towers and 30 bunkers. During 1961 to 1990, only 5,000 people successfully crossed this border wall. 

Soviets build the Berlin Wall in 3 days, Fri evening to Mon afternoon
The American- Mexican border is 1,969 miles long. The estimate of illegal entry from Mexico to US is 500,000 per year since 1990:

For a period of time in the 1990s, US Army personnel were stationed along the U.S.-Mexico border to help stem the flow of illegal immigrants and drug smugglers. These military units brought their specialized equipment such as FLIR (infrared) devices and helicopters.
 They worked in conjunction with the US border patrol who were deployed along the border and, for a brief time, the smugglers and the alien traffickers simply ceased operations over the one hundred mile sections of the border was sealed at a time. It was very effective but temporary as the illegal traffic resumed as soon as the military withdrew.

I keep hearing people say the Mexican-US  Border can not be sealed. How can this be said by a country that  has sent men to the moon, and a hubble telescope giving everyone amazing pictures of space?

America Can't Build A Wall To Protect It's Citizens?!?

People who work the border have been convinced it is an impossible task. I say they are naysayers and quitters. Don't mistake me for blaming the border patrol. They are wonderful Americans doing their job, but they do believe it can't be done. I know this sounds harsh or mean but it is a LIE, that our border can not be made permanently secure. We don't need some high tech wall.

The Berlin Wall was effective and it was 13 feet high concrete, that was enforced with "shoot to kill" dead zones for people who tried to escape.

Mexicans are not illegally escaping Mexico. Mexicans are illegally entering USA. For anyone who didn't know, Mexico and America are two separate countries.... not two American states. Mexicans do not have the right to take what belongs to Americans, just as Americans do not have the right to enter Mexico and take the rights of Mexicans.

Hello!? When is it cruel to protect your border? It is called sovereignty of a Nation. All Nations have not only a right but an obligation to its citizens to secure it borders from illegal entry.

If you think it can't be done, give me the job... or I will give the job to my 17 yr old son. It a matter of weeks the border would be sealed! Building a concrete wall does not take a very long time. Even if we do 100 feet every weekend. in 20 weekends the wall would be build. But let's say we work around the clock. 100 feet each three days (and this is a slow 1961 model). In 60 days, the 2000 foot border would be complete!

And who would be the manpower, anyone receive welfare checks or unemployment. If you don't work you don't eat, unless you are unable do to illness. For 60 days tents with cots could be put up for the people to stay in while working. This does not take high intelligence. It takes common sense.

People are illegally entering the United States. This is an issue of National security! We are being invaded illegally by people who are stealing our citizens tax dollars in receiving American education, healthcare, food, jobs, and subsidized living. NO NATION CAN REMAIN IN EXISTENCE DOING THIS!

People who plead the case of rights for people illegally entering USA are traitors against our Nation. They are destroying our sovereignty, economy, security, hope and future.

I am an American Citizen. I stand up as a Patriot. I refuse to be hushed. I love my Nation. I will not be silent while our Country's survival is at stake.

What is your response? Are will you remain silent, and see what happens?

If I died Tonight - What I want you to know

None of us know when our last day on earth will be.

I was thinking about this and decided to write down what I would want anyone left behind after my death to know:

GOD is all that matters. 
I know I am going to heaven. It is not because I was good, though I tried to be. It is because God is good and He showed me that He is life. Jesus is God. He was born to live a life without sinning so that he could die to release all humans from the curse of eternal death. I have sinned and so have you, therefore, you and me and every person who ever lives is cursed to eternal damnation, to join the rebellious fallen angels in hell for eternity.

But as I said, God is Good, therefore, He became the provision to give us a way to avoid that future. He loves us so much He died for us so that we might live. And He didn't stay dead, He rose from the grave. He beat Satan and death... and made a way for us to do so also.

You see it is kinda hard to realize that what is physical in life is not as real or important as what is spiritual. We are here on earth for a short time... a speck ... a grain of sand on a beach... but eternity goes on without end.

Think spiritually.
 Push past the physical realm. I know there is a lot to push past, but you never have to not be physical... you can't. You just need to get your priorities straight. Put God first in everything, every decision, every drive, every goal, every want... filter everything through God.

I promise you life will be so much simpler, happier and more at peace. You are loved, accepted, chosen and special. Stop trying so hard to be somebody when you already are - who you are. Don't change for anyone except for God.

In everything you do, make sure it please God. 
And I am not talking about any god, because God is only one - Jehovah God of the Bible who came to earth as Jesus. Jesus is God.

May the Holy Spirit help all who read or hear to see what He so graciously showed me so many years ago, for which I am eternally thankful.

I have said it all - if I died tonight, I can know that I said what was most important.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Three Essentials to Prayer - How to Pray?

Many Christians wonder how to pray.

They "try" as they suppose they should. They study prayer topics in the Bible and try again to emulate the "Lord's Prayer" which is an excellent example of the ingredients of prayer...but they are frustrated by the lack of power found in their prayers and the sheer boredom of trying to pray.

They hear voices and are confused if they are hearing God, Satan or their own heart desires. Rightly so, they sense their meager attempts to pray are fruitless, and worse, cause them to doubt their faith and question both their own heart and that of the reality of God Himself.

Should communicating to the Creator God be so troublesome? Is God not able to communicate to us if He wishes? God is ABLE. Therefore, if God is able then what is wrong? It must be us-- our condition- - our own attitude and actions. While in everything spiritual we are continually growing, here are three essentials to Prayer:

  • Patience
  • Precepts 
  • Perseverance.

Any Christian --young or old -- should work toward developing and practicing their prayer life... effectively communicating to God.


We are instructed continual in Scripture to "wait on the Lord." God does not live by our clock or time zone; we must learn to align our soul to His. In a real sense God is beyond our concept of time... but we can grasp some truths about God's timing. First and foremost, His timing is perfect and ours definitely is not; we should eagerly want to make certain that we are not rushing into something or lagging behind. We need to press into the Holy Spirit and be willing to set our life to His schedule. God is never early or late. He is quite timely!

All of the prophecies foretelling of the Messiah would not have been fulfilled if God was in one instance untimely. We need to trust Him fully that no clock or calendar days are of any importance when it comes to waiting on the Lord.

When we come to Him in prayer, we are to be still before Him and continue to seek Him, until we have full assurance from Him that we have received the steps or direction we must take according to His will.

Many persons (ministers/ministries/followers) meaning good have blundered by moving forward when the grace of God did not lead in unison. How tragic that many harms have come to churches and their members because the leaders follow visions of greatness and thoughts of goodness instead of pressing into the fact that a true believers waits upon the perfect timing of God.

No program can facilitate a movement of the Holy Spirit and His power. This is not to say that churches need not run their assemblies in order and respect the time of its attendees, but when followers of God gather to worship and learn and love they should not be constrained by the minutes ticking on the clock. 

In the same way when we pray, we must be patient to allow the Holy Spirit to guide our private time in talking and listening and meditating upon trials, prayer requests, joys and simply relishing being in His presence.

It is a wise lesson to learn early that we should never move forward without assurance from Him of the step we should take, even if it is to be a step of faith (one of not knowing what the next step will bring) we should wait until we make that step in full assurance that the unction of the Holy Spirit abounds, that we are right with God in every area of obedience that we are made aware and that we are totally abandoned to submit to His will, upon His asking.


The diligent study of the Bible is our greatest source of foundation in prayer and in every other aspect of life as a follower of Jesus.

Reading, studying, and applying the Word of God as a balm on every need is they way we should live from the day of salvation until the day we have our final breath of life. We are not to be silly in opening the Bible and taking the first verse that our eyes light upon as an answer to prayer or to go dipping in with a finger to find a response pretending that God is a mystical source of chance. This is totally unBiblical!

We should read verses within chapters and chapters within Books and Books within the entire Scripture from Genesis to Revelation. We should cling to the easiest of verses first, the ones that we know there is no doubt about its meaning. If we did this for the first several years of being a Christian, even the first decade, we would not tire of not having enough to embrace and embed within out heart. 

We need to read these passages, and apply them to our lives --both within our heart and by our outward actions. Learning to be obedient, to the easiest and clearest of instruction, will guide us gently to rightly dividing the more obscure passages of Scripture, because when we come upon them (the controversial/obscure passages) we will have a large wealth of Scripture knowledge that must not be contradicted, since we stand on God's Word as fact and promises that can not lie or change. 

So in prayer, what we suppose we hear God say must always be aligned to what we KNOW for certain God has already spoken in His written Word. It is by this process, we become very attuned to identifying the voice of God verses our own, one in our memory or the enemy. 

Truly it is a simple process and easy for any believer to become quite apt at doing, that is, if they would only study God's Word and become a doer of the Word, not a mere hearer. In this way, being a doer of the Word, the Word becomes flesh in our own life and It becomes a part of our very fiber because we are being shaped by It as we are obedient to It.

Quickly we will be to discern a lie or a suggested answer in prayer that is impossible to be of God because it contradicts Scripture, thus we will be sharp against the deceitful tongue of trickery that might try to masquerade as a word of encouragement or unction from God that is clearly false.

Understand this to be absolute: God cannot and will not contradict Himself.

He can't hate divorce and love it at the same time. He can permit it when the occasion rises to the point that it becomes one of sanity or health or safety but we must tread very lightly in these type of situations. Moreover, God will never condone the murder of a baby in the womb or the union of homosexuals - these are absolutes and if we - in earnest prayer - hear differently we must belabor our time before the Lord until by His Word He instructs us to obedience.


A praying saint finds perseverance is necessary. God is not a magical genie that instantly answers our request by manipulating people's freewill and bending physical circumstances to meet our wish. This kind of thinking is a completely perverted concept of God.

We know in our own life that God is ever so resilient and full of grace that He never gives up on us no matter how long it takes us to learn or change. Therefore, particularly when we pray for others, we must persevere in their behalf knowing that God is working with an individual like ourselves that is not easily molded into submission and obedience though it is the best for us. God's grace sufficiently draws us and teaches us until we chose to surrender to Him and His best for our life. 

Oh, if we were all more of a malleable brood of children in the hands of our loving Father - what kingdom work could be done for the glory of God - if we were truly a lump of clay laying on the Potter's wheel without a hardened self-will and sinful determination.

Therefore, we must persevere for both our own benefit and that of the person for whom we pray - waiting until God's will to manifest and form.

I hope this helps...

for anyone reading that is seeking how to pray.  Pray! Continue every day and through each day in this worthy pursuit, for it is the only way for us to know the will of God and to be filled with the power of God, that His will on earth may be done - Yes, We must pray!