Sunday, June 9, 2013

If I died Tonight - What I want you to know

None of us know when our last day on earth will be.

I was thinking about this and decided to write down what I would want anyone left behind after my death to know:

GOD is all that matters. 
I know I am going to heaven. It is not because I was good, though I tried to be. It is because God is good and He showed me that He is life. Jesus is God. He was born to live a life without sinning so that he could die to release all humans from the curse of eternal death. I have sinned and so have you, therefore, you and me and every person who ever lives is cursed to eternal damnation, to join the rebellious fallen angels in hell for eternity.

But as I said, God is Good, therefore, He became the provision to give us a way to avoid that future. He loves us so much He died for us so that we might live. And He didn't stay dead, He rose from the grave. He beat Satan and death... and made a way for us to do so also.

You see it is kinda hard to realize that what is physical in life is not as real or important as what is spiritual. We are here on earth for a short time... a speck ... a grain of sand on a beach... but eternity goes on without end.

Think spiritually.
 Push past the physical realm. I know there is a lot to push past, but you never have to not be physical... you can't. You just need to get your priorities straight. Put God first in everything, every decision, every drive, every goal, every want... filter everything through God.

I promise you life will be so much simpler, happier and more at peace. You are loved, accepted, chosen and special. Stop trying so hard to be somebody when you already are - who you are. Don't change for anyone except for God.

In everything you do, make sure it please God. 
And I am not talking about any god, because God is only one - Jehovah God of the Bible who came to earth as Jesus. Jesus is God.

May the Holy Spirit help all who read or hear to see what He so graciously showed me so many years ago, for which I am eternally thankful.

I have said it all - if I died tonight, I can know that I said what was most important.

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