Monday, June 10, 2013

Show Me My Sin - Know Grace

Grace is the ability to receive undeserved mercy. 

Mercy is forgiveness, access, protection or ability granted that did not have to be given.

Therefore Grace is receiving forgiveness that is not deserved but granted by the power and benevolence  of the One that is able.

God gives grace and mercy. 
He is able and worthy to do so, because of Jesus' life, death, burial and resurrection. He is the only one able to forgive sins.


a small word.

Without sin, grace, mercy and forgiveness is less needed and therefore does not poured out into a person's life. While grace and mercy can still be provided to draw you away from sin or to "for a time" when you are under another's covering, insulate you from temptation, forgiveness is only known by sinners.

"Show me my sin" 

is a request a person can make if they are serious about knowing God. Sin keeps us apart from God. Sometimes in our life, when we are not sensitive to sin or before we are filled with the Holy Spirit, we don't recognize sin in our life. We mull through life thinking we are basically good, but --in fact--are oblivious to countless sins we commit regularly.

I will not give you a list of sins to check off. This is a spiritual exercise between you and God. If you want to see yourself, if you want to get a picture of your need of God, if you want to hear God and walk a deeper spiritual path, ask God, "show me my sin."

When I did this in my twenties, God answered this prayer quickly. Matter of fact, I got to a point in watching my sinful life roll before my eyes like a replay of personal "hidden" life video that I cried out to God to "stop." I had seen enough. I could bare no more.

And after-- when I realized what a great sinner I was-- and how much God had done for me to make me sinless in His sight through Jesus Christ, I could not and still can not contain my thankfulness and love for God.

This spiritual exercise was a definite turning point of great growth in my life. I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to ask God this question because I was deeply struggling to see myself as the greater sinner over someone who had hurt me so deeply over so many years. You see in my mind this person would always be the greatest sinner, but not after God showed me my sin against Him.

Oh, the joy to know complete forgiveness and then to be seen clean in the sight of God.

What freedom this brings! I pray that as many as want to know, that they ask and receive.

"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you." Matthew 7:7


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