Friday, January 17, 2014

Gay-For-Pay, Straight Baiting and FratmenTV - A Mother's Point of View

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Gay-For-Pay, Straight-baiting and FratmenTV are some things in life I wish I knew nothing about.

As a Christian mother, I long ago determined in my heart that I would love my children unconditionally. I also recognize sexual immorality as sin and do consider the gay lifestyle to be a decision that is unBiblical. And, of course, I consider all porn as unBiblical.

Here is where the gay lifestyle and porn collide: Did you know that gay men enjoy luring straight guys into the gay lifestyle?

Well, I have heard of this but I honestly thought you had to be hanging around gay bars. Also, I had given gay people the benefit of the doubt that, as they claim, gay people believe that gay is not something you choose it is something you are, so if they really believe that it never crossed my mind that there could be an entire industry built around luring young STRAIGHT athletes into the gay lifestyle. But guess what? That would be a strong NO.

Facebook primarily, but Instagram also, have provided a source for the gay porn industry to comb the internet for fresh new bodies. They contact young men who are well built and offer them thousands of dollars to fly out for a photo shoot. They talk about how muscularly developed and ready they are for modeling; and if they get a slight interest, they will aggressively come after the person.

Of course, this is nothing new.

Over 30 years ago when I waited tables in a college town I was contacted by a wealthy client of the nice restaurant to have sex for pay. He offered me an amount and to a poor college student it is hard to say no to "easy" money, but I hesitated and said in my sassy response, "I am worth more than that." So he upped the amount and I said, "No you don't understand money can't buy me." The call ended quickly, and I was never contacted again.

In my life it was a defining moment, I proclaimed to myself, the world and satan that I was not prey for that type of sexual immorality. But I know that so many young people are not as strong and confident as I was in that moment of temptation.

My world has been rocked by all I have learned but I do not believe in being silent. I am a survivor of child abuse and too many people were silent. People need to know about this danger that is lurking about for young athletes who engage in social media. If they are any combination of these: gullible, non confident, have a financial need, not spiritually grounded, and probably already open to sexual immorality (being sexually active or wanting to be) -- taking the step to "gay-for-pay" is not that big of a leap.

I am angered by it, by the fact that gay men feel it is exciting to see a straight guy have gay sex for their enjoyment. It is sickening that they lure them by baby steps just as every porn industry does. Oh, take off your shirt... well, what about your shorts... etc.

Now, the person going for the shoot is not innocent. They are choosing to get thousands for posing for photos to show off their body and they are clearly told some will be nude, but Fratmen leave out the fact that they are a gay-for-pay company and that when the person comes for the photo shoot he will be enticed by followers and payers to strip. Once there they are encouraged that they will thrill their fan base if they begin down the "gay" sexual encounter path. This is something that a young man will have to choose for himself when he is alone with just the predators paying him for the photo shoot.

Like I said, young ladies have dealt with this since filming porn was started, now there is an industry to lure in young men.

Our world is a evil place.

As a Christian mother, I am battling in spiritual warfare. The enemy wants to kill, steal and destroy our children. He is always looking for a weakness, a sin, for a foothold. Once our children are old enough to make their own choices we can speak but really our advice is not our strongest action. Prayer is key, and for me, speaking out to shed light on this darkness is also one weapon I have against the evil one.


  1. Brave post, which you'll no doubt get some flack for -- but thank you for saying what needs to be said.

    My dad lived in California thirty-five years ago, and this sort of thing (recruiting) was happening even then. It's a sad thing to think about.

  2. thanks for opening my eyes to this. Sin is disgusting in all its forms. I feel I am constantly at war for the hearts of my young men.

  3. It is heartbreaking. We need to keep our sons in prayer because the enemy is seeking those who allow a foothold by sin to kill, steal and destroy.

  4. Although I only read the 1st two sentences, my prayer to God is to "save me" from His "children" !


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