Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cruelty of Nature - Through Darwin's Eyes

Cruelty of Nature by Lordfartalot at Deviantart

Bewildered- he wrote atheistically
Not seeing so plainly as others do.
Even as he wished he could - the
Evidence of design was not -in view-
Beneficial on all sides of you and me.

To him, there seemed too much misery
That a cat should play with mice
Or a parasite feed within -another
Not persuading himself that it's nice
Or what a beneficent God would do.

Thus, he judged God to be derogatory--
In countless ways, nature cruelly turned
Upon itself - creeping worms and parasites
From the earliest dawn of life -spurned
All over land and depths of sea.

Adopting the concept of evolution, he thought
The only reasonable way to cease astonishment
That animals should live by, and more, delight,
In cruelty- led away by false instincts- bent
Toward such incalculable waste.

Supported and thought to be so very wise,
He forgot that he could not see - as God
Whose mind and ways are far higher
Than man's logic or imagination could
Conceive nor understand - His Ways.

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