Friday, November 21, 2008

Secret to Moist Turkey

Turkey gets a bad rap on Thanksgiving because most people over cook it! Making a moist turkey is so easy.

First buy a good bird. Spending the extra dollars to get a free-range can be worth it in taste, but I have often used butterball tender young birds.

  1. Buy a turkey no more than 12-14 lbs. If you need more meat cook 2.

  2. Put in roaster upside down...yep, you read it right! Breast side down.

  3. Put meat thermometer in meat part (each poke lets out juice)

  4. No need to spice, but doesn't hurt it if you do.

  5. Bake on 325 degrees until temperture reaches 170. Final temp 180!

  6. To brown breast, turn turkey over about 20-30 minutes (170) before done and butter (with real butter). Put back in over for final baking. (I use strings under turkey or have used meat forks or tongs)

This will be the juiciest, most delicous turkey you have ever had on Thanksgiving day!

(beautiful turkey picture by George M. Bosela at

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