Monday, January 10, 2011

BREATHE - It reduces stress!

Most women are pretty good at multi-tasking because we use both sides of the brain simultaneously unlike most men. But we also commonly put ourselves in high stress situations thinking we can handle it all.

Slow down and BREATHE
You may be cooking, remember you need to make an appointment. You put the food in the oven and another dish in the microwave, and pick up the phone to make the call. You don't have the number logged in so you go to find the phone number. The baby starts to cry or someone knocks at the door. The buzzer goes off on the microwave.... and then the dog or cat knocks over your grandmother's vase. Yes, this is a normal day for the average mom. And it causes tremendous stress that effects the body in negative physical ways.

Stress - everyday stress - can damage our heart, arteries and cause heart disease. The release of the hormone of adrenaline flowing continually makes these changes in your body, but there are ways to reduce stress once it has started. You need to BREATHE for about 15 minutes.

BREATHE - Fifteen minutes a day, especially when you feel stressed.

Breath - Slowly in the nose, and very deeply through the mouth.

Release - As you release air through  mouth, let go of stress

Envision - Picture a place in nature that you love and can relax in.

Activate - See you body in parts of what you envision...for example, imagine your blood flowing like a beautiful waterfall or see your heart beat with the slow swinging of a hammock.

Think - Allow your thoughts to line up with truth. Don't believe lies. Replace lies with Scriptures and repeat them.

End - As you end, physically press against floor with feet, touch chair or sofa. This grounds you to return to your activities and day.

Of course, if you are like me when I am stressed, you might either fall asleep as you envision your relaxing escape and struggle to return life in a timely matter.  But this method of relaxing and releasing is a powerful, simple way to actually cause your heart rate, temperature and blood pressure that can elevate in a matter of minutes when you start to stress out.

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