Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Are Americans Under Law or Under God?

Every person as an individual has to make a choice whom they will serve? But interestingly every Nation must make that choice also? No other choice is available.

If you do not live under God's grace you, you live under man-made law. Under God is also called "natural law" or "common law" which includes all the rights given by God's grace.

When America began it is a firm fact that the foundational documents, diaries, journals, letters, and all other recorded material shows the people who united together to create our Nation chose to be under God.

Since this was their choice, they gave every limited powers to the Federal government listing and enumerating powers given. The Federal government was designed to be weak in its ability to control the people or the States. The main reason Federal government was needed was to protect our borders from attacking enemies, to protect trade with foreign nations, and to pay off  debt incurred by the American Revolutionary War of Independence from Great Britain.

The government did not give the people anything... not one single right or power has ever been given by any government. Government can take rights away! We - the American people - MUST be vigilant. We must stay informed, speak up, vote and teach our children to never forget these principles.

Our Forefathers thought about this, and declared that it was the duty of the people to - if ever necessary to stop the Federal government from limiting our liberties. Our first means to do this is to VOTE in representatives who understand "living under God" and limited government.

The rights of the people are always God-given. ALWAYS were, are and will be.

Our Constitution did not give us rights. The Bill of Rights were added by the States before they would ratify the Constitution to list 10 very important rights our Federal government should never take away.

The States were never to be bossed around by an all-powerful, encroaching, over-regulating Federal government. The States' government also were honored with the task of protecting our God-given rights and to make certain no one took them away. Our States can stand up to the Federal Government through the court system.

Our Federal law need to be totally re-examined for usurping the rights of the people. If you don't get involved you are choosing to giving up your "Under God Liberties" to be "Under the Laws Made and Enforced by Man".

I choose to live under God! What do you choose?

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