Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Are We One Race Under God?

Racism is evil at its core. It is the concept that one person is superior to another. It has the pride of life at its seed. Satan's sin was his pride - Racism is based in such pride.

Do you determine a person's value or ability by their skin color, their nationality, or their language? Or do you believe every single person is wonderfully and beautifully created? Racism breeds in societies that devalue people. Oh, the powerful, the rich, .... they have value.... but the average joe?

Is any child born average or below average?
Stop right there! Do you realize that there is NO "average joe"? 

Did God ever create an average person? NO! Are you average? What about your children? Are you uniquely made? No child was ever born average... think long and hard about this point.

Racism implies that people can be sorted by some characteristic. The characteristic is outward. It can be easily viewed by others.

So what are humans? Are we our flesh and blood? Is that our soul? Is that where value, worth, and potential can be identified?

Evolution, yes, Darwinism, teaches the survival of the fittest... the best physical characteristics can be strengthened, an improved human race will evolve...

How old are you? Has that been your observation of people you really know? Is one soul of greater value than another? Are you a greater value than others? Are you superior or are you simply unique? Are you an individual that can be assessed by your outward characteristics or do you have greater intrinsic value?

Racism is bred in the hearts of those who do not believe in God's Divine unique creative ability to make every single human with extreme potential for greatness, individuality and creativity.

What is the solution for racism?

Recognize the value of every single human created by God.

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