Saturday, January 29, 2011

Education is Easy!

What do reading, prison, classes, and crime have to do with each other?

If a child does not learn to read, he will very likely end up in prison, remain in a low poor class, and live a life of crime.

Anyone CAN learn to read!
In the early days of America - those wonderful days before compulsory education - everyone who wanted to make it in life and wanted to become who God created them to be....  learned to read. Literacy rates in America were about 98%.

Reading was something that set an American apart from other Nations. And reading broke the caste system of classes, of the have and the have nots, of the lords and the serfs, of the ruling/power families and the masses of population.

To Read was to be free - and it still is!

Do you want to stop poverty? Do you want to keep people out of prison? Do you want to stop having forced lower class? Do you want to stop crime? Teach a person to Read!

Schools - when they did develop because frankly they were not a necessity - were in the communities and were only a few months out of the year, but most important no one was grouped by grade or age or ability. One teacher could effectively teach 30, 40, 50, etc. Because everyone was learning to read, write and do basic arithmetic. And do you know what? Everyone learned to read, write and do basic math!

There was no special ed for the learning disabled, because God does not create masses of learning disabled humans. We are all unique, but we are not a mass of dumb animals that evolved from lower complexities of creatures. Darwin and evolution taught "classes". Some people were better than others, more fit than others, more evolved then others. This is not only hogwash - it is a lie of the Enemy to destroy, kill, and rob humans from abundant life.

Everyone can learn to read, and they don't need a specially trained teacher to do so. Americans have a phonetic language. Learning to read by sight reading limits a persons vocabulary and reading level. Teach a child the sounds of the letters, and they will learn to read anything they want. People are unique. They learn at different ages, but by 13 or 14 every child can read with high efficiency - regardless if they start to read at age 2 or age 10!

Schools need to stop separating students into classes and training pupils to have a life of crime doomed for prison. Parents need to teach their children the sounds of letters. If they don't know them - they need to seek out someone to teach them and their children. Everyone and/or anyone can teach a child the sounds a letter makes. If you want to build a welfare state - label people, make them think they are slow, make them think they are less. If you want to get a person off welfare or to never go on welfare, teach them how to phonetically read!

Part of America's greatness was that all of its citizens learned to read, write and do basic math by the age of 13. At this point a young person could go into an apprentice or further study of any career they chose. We are robbing our Nation's children of choice and liberty. We are robbing them of a future and hope.

School does not need to be expensive - schooling needs to return to being simply a place to teach reading, writing and basic arithmetic.... if a person masters these three they have the tools necessary to become whatever God created them to be, and they can get out of the classroom and start being productive citizens, enjoying the liberty of life!

Reading, writing and arithmetic is the key to unlocking poverty and prison doors.

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