Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Is Satan Real?

I know a lot of different people think a lot of different things about the boogie monster... nice try. No, seriously hands down not many people differ when it comes to identifying evil. Evil is real! Unfortunately we have felt the evil effects in our own life, and know that pain it causes.

But this is my question, is Satan Real? Yes, I am speaking of the Devil.

Is there an actual Fallen Angel that was cast out of heaven by God to the earth and a 1/3 of the angels followed him to become demons? 

I don't want to talk about God right now. I only want you to consider this: Is Satan a real being? Does Satan have your demises in mind? Does he care about what you are doing? Does he want you to be on his side against his enemy? Does he plot, plan, and move mightily in the lives of humans?

Don't guess. Reason. 

Wind is real. I have eye-witnessed the effects of tornado and hurricane winds. Wind is defined and measured. Wind moves and causes a breeze, a gust, a storm.

Be logical, not emotional. 

Wind is a common experience to all people who live.

But Satan, is he common?

Consider these thoughts: I have read that Satan aims high. It is recorded that the Devil tempted Jesus for forty days. Satan had a lot to loose to Jesus. The Devil chooses to carefully who press hard into with his power. When a person is nearest to God, often they will witness that continual temptation and conflict beat down upon them with a power stronger than most have ever had to withstand. Why? Martin Luther testified that he endured several such conflict with the devil, but did Martin Luther not go on to lead a reformation of Christianity to return to God and His Word!

Temptation does for us what a storm does for an oak - it roots us!

Or as a fire does for painted pottery or porcelain - it makes them permanent!

If you have experienced great conflict with the tempter - you are being transformed by God for His use and purpose.

If you know nothing of the battle of warring with Satan, don't due to your lack of experience claim him not to be real. You lack experience because your lack of faith in God causes you to be of little concern to Satan. He has no cause for using is forces to attract you from God using all the forces available to him.

So if you seek to know the reality of God it may do you good to inquire of anyone you know that loves and obeys Jehovah God of the Holy Bible. If Jesus is the reason for every breath in their life, ask them, "Is Satan real?" I am certain, they will have personal witness of his reality.

Is this not a reasonable request, and a prudent way to find truth?

But if you are a doubter, why not ask God yourself? You will have to be still, open to discover, and willing to listen to what you hear. I know not of one person who sought, who waiting still, as long as it took to still their own mind, to hear.

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  1. Great Article Lindy!

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful and powerful insights!

    I really love that your words aren't just spoke to the Christian but to everyone....Good job!

    S. Heiden


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