Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Have A Dream to Stop Abuse

Do you dream? 

You should. We all were created with the ability to dream. And some of us are able to dream bigger than others. Usually our dreams are as big as our God, and my God is without limit.... He is infinite. The only limitation is that we live in a physical world with physical boundaries but the good news is that is only part of who we are and what this world is. On a much bigger realm is the spiritual world. And we don't have to wait for death to be living spiritually. Made in God's image, we should live spiritually everyday. And in the spirit, in His spirit, we can go to 'infinity and beyond'. Really.

Dream Big - Let God Give You Dreams

So what does a dreamer dream when she was raised as a child of horrific abuse? What does a dreamer dream when she was rescued as a child of the King? 

She dreams BIG because she has seen BIG and she knows BIG.... big good and big bad. 

I have shared about this before... could have been as long as a year ago. 

God has been stirring in my heart. 

He is playing my heart harp strings and I am hearing His song. He told me this weekend that I am entering the year of HOPE. I know for some it is hard to understand that a person can hear the voice of God. But with many who have been deeply hurt, they can hear Him, because in those dark depths of hellacious life His is the only voice that can pierce through so much wickedness, anger, suffering and hate. We -- survivors -- learn to listen to His voice, the melodious tune of love, because we know it is the light beaconing in to show us the only way out. 

Is it any surprise then that those who are bouncing along this life of work, school, shopping, trips, accomplishments, and goals... that you struggle to hear or altogether miss His voice?

You don't have to be abused to hear God or love Him or know Him or follow Him. Thank God! And can I hear an "Amen!" Glory to God! 


for those of you who already have heard my dream, keep praying with me for it to blossom fully, for its timing to come to fruition, for the people and resources to rise up.

I have never once doubted or questioned. I know all is in God's timing. Some have responded, but I know I am still to be waiting. The structure is developing but the full breath of life that must flow through the work is not yet come. So I wait, and as God prompts I will speak, and then I will wait more. Allowing Him to work. 

Oh, how when think our plans work on our timing... and if they do they are certainly ours and not His. But when you simply speak His dreams, His burden, His desires... allowing Him to verbalize through you... you know to wait until the unction of the Holy Spirit moves. So here it is again, the cry of my heart, the need I see, the dream I would love to see come true. Child of faith, listen to God, it is all you must do.

It has been my dream to help survivors of child abuse who are now adults trying to raise their own children without repeating the cycle. Such assistance is very dear to my heart because I was one such mom. I desperately needed help when my children were young. Being raised in a home with 8 siblings that endured psychologically twisted torture for nearly two decades, I have had to overcome more than anyone should ever have to endure. In being a Rutherford county resident and seeking assistance I found that help is available to those who are currently being abused, living in drug/alcohol addiction, at or below poverty level, and either still abusing or placing their children in unsafe situations. Help for people who have come out of horrible sordid types of abuse but who are sincerely trying (often by the grace of God) to not abuse their children are basically provided with no where to go for much needed help. 

I have dreamed of the type of programs that would have brought a welcome friend/network to lean on as I tried to recover and heal, a place for my children to be safely nurtured and understanding adult support provided, and a emergency call number for my family (husband, children) to know any hour of the day or night someone who is trained will help them walk through the challenging recovery years. 

Child Abuse organization come in many shapes and sizes and provide much of the same assistance (locally and nationwide). It remains my heart longing to see a non-profit group established to do the real hard work of assisting the actual adults that ARE STOPPING the cycle of child abuse.  I can not tell you how many times I have been told how great I was doing comparatively to those still abusing their children, but being better than an abuser was not my life goal. Those words were not encouraging, they simply communicated our organization doesn't help people like you-- adult survivors of extreme child abuse who are passionate about not abusing their children. 

If you think being an adult survivor of child abuse stopping the cycle of child abuse is easy or even basic, you have no idea of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual damaged done to a child of abuse. 

It not only takes real grit determination, it takes a willingness to face the reality of the horror you lived through, the endurance to persevere through healing, and the finances to pay for therapy/doctors/medicine/child care on one income (while going through recovery a person is not usually stable to be employeed and do not qualify for ssi disability). And I have not even begun to share the spiritual warfare needed to end the generational curse--for those who are God-centered and reverent to the spiritual realm of life.

I would love to talk with those in our community who can help organize to start a non-profit that will be a necessary, loving, support to people who are fighting the front lines in the war against child abuse, the ones doing the hard work daily to stop the cycle! I love my community, and know if only people are aware of the need, some will be touched to step up and help solve a major problem in the health of families.
You can send me a private message at or leave a message below. 

Sweet Dreams to you!


  1. wow I can relate to this one to big time wow

  2. Lisa, thank you so much for your comments. I don't think people realize how important just a few simple words are.


  3. Your welcome Lindylou I love your words to every post here God Bless you


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