Saturday, December 10, 2011

Life In The Dash

I sometimes wish I didn't have to be concerned about big issues like the world!  

Our country - liberty - abortion - illiterate - deception - corruption - hurting people - war - abuse...

But once God has opened your eyes and then moves upon you to learn, act, speak, or write, you have a responsibility. To whom much that has been given much is required.

My Beautiful Niece - Emily is a Missionary in Bolivia!

Life would be easier if I was a bobble head. And had cotton candy for a brain.

But, I would miss out on touching so many on the soul/spirit level, and on growing with God as the sculptor of my soul.

I know God created me to write, and knowing this brings great fulfillment in my soul when I am able to do what I was created to do by God. 

I write about what God shows me and lays on my heart. I may never be understood ... that is OK. I may never fully understand myself.

Who in their right mind wants to take on mind boggle issues/ to stand in the gap/ to enter spiritual warfare/ to be a lighting rod??? I would much prefer to tend a backyard garden, take pictures, write creatively, repurpose finds that others see as trash... but when I remember that I am only passing through this physical world- just living in the dash - between my date born - the date I died, I want to live for eternal purposes.

Beautiful Flower in Bolivia - My heart is so at peace in God's Creations!

I chose to serve God so that as many people on the earth as possible 
has the opportunity:

  • to life (protection from being aborted and from abuse), 
  • to be free--to have the liberty to choose to live according to their conscience, 
  • to be able to know God and, if desired, 
  • to choose to be His (and to live eternal life with God). 
Eternity is too long to not care about other people, and how they will spend eternity.
 It is not enough for me to know I will spend eternity in heavenly paradise with God. I am living in the dash, so I still have a purpose for being here on earth.

What do you feel called to do in life?

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