Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why Should Black Americans Vote for Democrats?

Let me preface this post to make it clear that I do not think the question I posed for the Title of this article is the way people in general should be thinking ... speaking of people by the color of their skin... black, white, brown, etc. I use it only because it is a topic being discussed lately because of the entrance of a black American to the potential candidates being nominated for the Republican Presidential ticket. I think that people of any color should vote based on principles and ideals not skin color.

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My hope is that through a civil discourse among Americans that truly want to accept, understand and love one another that we can usher in God's healing to our deeply divided Nation. This is no longer politics as usual - thank God! The people literary fir the first time in decades have a choice!

I am so glad Herman Cain is running for the President of the United States of America. I have long wanted to support a black American for the high office in our country, especially when Obama was running last year. The enthusiasm of so many that rallied behind Obama... I understood the excitement but Obama's principles were so drastically different from mine,  I could not support him! In many ways I wished my friends who share my values had someone to embrace that they could rally behind.

Therefore, it is my joy to rally behind Mr. Cain, not because of his skin color but because of what he speaks about and stands up for. I agree with his message. To me it is just so sweet to finally get the opportunity to openly stand along side a black American because for so many years being conservative I have been blamed by liberals and far democrats as being prejudice. Nothing could be further from this. I live by God's Word and openly welcome all people into my heart and home.

Cain's principles are so closely related to mine. The more I learn about him the more I like him. No one is perfect, but Cain is forthright, at ease with who he is and can speak for himself without a speechwriter/teleprompter! So, his candidacy is a delightful time to ask "Why Should Black Americans Vote for Democrats?" It is particularly a question because many pundits that pretend to represent black Americans claim black Americans can only vote in a single bloc vote. I strongly disagree with this kind of mindset!

For example, Mr. Leonard Pitt's recent column was printed in my local newspaper, the Daily News Journal. As I do with most articles in our paper I read it in full, and I was angry (offended) by the time I finished it. But my anger was not in sin, it was righteous anger against lies. Matter of fact, I thought it was so tasteless I wrote and called our newspaper to express my concern. I was very thankful to the honest, open reception I received from the executive manager of our paper! My response is in the DNJ today.

I was quite upset about his racist comments especially toward the end of the letter/article. Pitts simply rolled with hatred and false accusations.

If you read the column let me make this clear- I don't care for Ann Coulter who Pitts was responding to.... She says outlandish comments in an attempt to draw controversy and increase readership.

I was outraged that Pitts compared conservatives to having the moral authority with black Americans to a pimps talking about women rights. There is a big difference historically between Democratic whites and Republican whites-- in general-- when it comes to their opinion of black people.

Republican from the very start and all the way through emancipation, constitutional amendments, and first civil rights have fought hard against Democratic majority to get legislation passed in Congress. This is a little fact that Democrats want to forget and lie about! Mr. Pitts is one of them who speak lies. To be fair to Mr. Pitts it is quite possible he doesn't know the real history of slavery laws in the United States Congress. So for him and anyone else that may be basing their current opinion on lies... lets get the record straight:

It was not until the Democratic party took over congress that our country began passing legislation that encouraged continued slavery. 

In 1789 (Northwest Ordinance forbade slavery in fed territories and States could enter only as free states, the original congress fought to pass law to limit slavery because they wanted it to never be legal... it is the very reason the Constitution was specifically written to NOT support slavery but instead was anti-slavery by not allowing slave-owners the right to have more voting power simply because they pushed to have equal representation for their slaves... more population allowed a state to have more representation in congress. The slave owners wanted it both ways... to keep and expand slavery but to also be allowed to count each of their slaves as part of the population... therefore they would have more voting power.

The congress in 1808 also voted to abolish slave trade.

It was not until 1820 when the DEMOCRAT party was in control of congress that pro-slavery legislation emerged. They passed the Missouri Compromise reversing previous laws and permitting slavery in half of the fed territories... it was only then that several territories entered as Slave States. AND this was the first time since the formation of America that slavery was promoted by Congress..... only when the DEMOCRATS won control of congress!

The DEMOCRATS continued passing pro-slavery laws like the 1850 Fugitive Slave Law requiring Northerners to return escaped slaves back into slavery or pay a huge fine. YES, this Slave keeping law was a DEMOCRAT law that denied both jury trial and right of habeas corpus... it was clearly unconstitutional. This law was harmful even to free blacks because they were being falsely picked up and sent into slavery. Nearly 20,000 blacks escaped into Canada from the North who were legally not slaves but in fear of being picked up and put into slavery. This is also when the underground railroad was strongly helping slaves escape.

Again in 1854, the DEMOCRAT controlled congress pass another pro-slavery law, The Kansas-Nebraska Act which further repealed more slavery restriction and increasing the US territory that permitted slavery. Democrats were trying to make slavery possible coast to coast.

It was after this that those members of the Democrat party that were against slavery left the Democrat Party and joined with other anti-slavery Americans (Whigs, Free-Soilers, Emancipationists) to form a new party (the REPUBLICAN PARTY!!!!) that would fight slavery and secure equal rights for black Americans! It was one of these new Republican party founders that worked to get Boston public schools desegregated and even argued this point before the Supreme Court! This REPUBLICAN (Charles Sumner) spoke for two-days straight in the US Senate AGAINST SLAVERY! After the speech he was beaten unconscious by DEMOCRAT Preston Brooks with a club on the Senate floor! Sumner didn't recover until after 3 years, but amazingly his first speech on the Senate Floor upon his return was against slavery.

Dred Scott was decided upon by a DEMOCRATICALLY controlled Supreme Court! It was not until 1860 when Republican Abraham Lincoln won against the Democrat Stephen Douglas that blacks had a strong voice in American Politics again... And we all know what Lincoln did to free blacks from slavery! So tell me again...... why should American Blacks love the Democratic party.... I just can't figure it out!

My hope is people - all people - will see themselves as unique individuals created in the image of God and able to learn and choose for themselves... that they will no longer see themselves as a color, but a precious soul.

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