Saturday, November 5, 2011

New Thoughts on Racial Issues in America

Here we go again! America has a race problem, but it is not a white against black or a black against white problem. It is a prejudice problem, but not how you think about the word prejudice! The problem  has to do with the color of one's skin, but truly it is a problem of a completely different color.

Children learn from parents... are you racist?

Black Americans in general have been stereotyped by themselves-- by large-- and the Democrat Party, and ANYONE else who thinks of people with black skin as one stereotype. This is prejudice of the worst kind!

Let me explain:

Herman Cain running for President was accused by an organization, Politico, of having committed sexual harassment against two employees in 1999. They also stated that a settlement had been reached. No names. No specific acts. No amounts of money. Nothing.

Of course, no ethical organization would print a story like this, until it was thoroughly researched and verified as truly Mr. Cain being guilty of sexual harassment. Without facts of the charges being true it is clearly done only is to smear his character.

Interestingly, I was reading Clarence Thomas's book "My Grandfather's Son" this week when the story broke.

I couldn't help but see the obvious similarities. But what was so hurtful, was to read the agony that the accusation caused Mr. Thomas. He was in so much pain he went home and crawled on his bed crying in a fetal position.

Why would he respond so deeply?

Because Mr. Thomas and Mr. Cain are the grandchildren of a black generation in America that was assumed to be guilty of any accusation by a women! It is the "To Kill A Mockingbird" story all over again, that they all to well know is not simply a scenario made up in a book. So it is the one situation that they never want to be in, and for good reason, they tend to be sensitive to this in their life.

And it is doubly painful to for them to see people hypocritically assume what they SHOULD think, believe or want in life just because their skin color is black!

Mr. Thomas and Mr. Cain came from very poor economic Southern areas of our country, but don't think this problem is geographic! In the South during their lifetime they have been able to raise up out of poverty. The South has not held them done or tried to cast them into a set mold. The South is where they found the beginning of opportunity.

And with this opportunity their family (Mr. Thomas was raised by his grandparents) taught them diligently apply themselves to learning in school. They were taught and applied principles of hard-work and self-disciple to achieve any goal in life. And both men, became disciplined of character through taking responsibility for the outcome of their future life.

They have become an example of the classic American dream story of rags to riches through applying Godly principles of becoming an independent-thinking, diligent, steadfast person. They persevered through very trying--nearly impossible odds--to succeed. And they continue to do so today.

So what is the problem; who is prejudice?

Anyone who stereotypically thinks that people of one color skin have the same ideals, goals, foundation, desires and political party affiliation is PREJUDICE.

We are all created equal, in the image of creator, who creatively gave us different skin color, but we are unique in our soul and spirit.

A body is just a body. It is the physical housing for our soul and spirit, but its skin color does not define who we really are?

We need to see color, and appreciate color. But when we meet someone we are not meeting a black, brown, olive, medium, fair person, those labels are just the skin color (like looking at a book cover). Do all books with the same color cover have the same story inside? Do they all have the same principles and worldview? Of course, not!

Well, using the book analogy, Mr. Thomas and Mr. Cain may have the same skin/book-cover color as those who have chosen by a large majority to want principles of the Democrat Party, but you can't know them and what they believe until you listen to what they have to say. And if you tell them they are wrong simply because of their beliefs being different from what you expect, you are prejudice! Color does not dictate ideology! Nor does color determine a person's soul!

Our soul (mind, will and emotions) develops our beliefs. And our soul has the will to choose what to believe. What we are taught we believe unless we begin to learn new ideas and then we get to choose which to believe. People who all believe one way have been taught that one way, and most are never exposed to information that has different facts.

Obviously, by removing the Bible and God from our education system, Godly principles are not taught but labeled as religious ideas, instead of truth to live by. It is with the spirit--who is born anew through God's Spirit--that is able to be rightly guided by God's principles.

We are soul, spirit and body, but clearly the body does not dictate what one thinks or how one makes a choice. You have to know a person (soul/spirit), not a body.

When will people ever see others clearly?

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