Sunday, December 11, 2011

I AM says it all

God calls Himself, "I Am." How simple! How vague! How bold!

Jesus Came into the World as a Man so that We could know God personally!

We all have times in life that we feel alone, unloved, small, even unnecessary. But interestingly, God never once sees us this way. I wish that everyone in the entire world could just once see themselves through God's own eyes.

As He looks at you He says, "I cherish you! You are valuable and have a purpose I have given you. In your future is hope."

Um, you taking to me? The thought waves must have crossed, something cause an interference. I am sure He couldn't be speaking to me... 

God persists, "Yes, you! I love you! I know about it all, and even still after all the missteps, after all the things you have done, I want you... to know Me. I want you to 
have a relationship with Me, to seek Me, to let Me give to you."


How many times a day does God have this kind of exchange with a person? 

Did He speak to you today, or maybe you can recall the details of another day He met with you in a divine moment. 

The beauty of God's purpose for our life is that no matter what comes at us or what we do to detour it, He finds a miraculous way of using all of it together for our good! I marvel at this!

I recently wrote to my brother in response to his sadness and stress, "I know you have so many responsibilities.I can't imagine what it means to be a man. The weight of carrying the welfare of others. I guess, I would not be able to take one step without in my soul seeing God standing right with me walking stride by stride. He'd be carrying that load, instead of me. This would be the only way I could still be me and breath, and grow. It would definitely cause me to press more into Him."

While women have their own responsibilities in life, I don't think we can ever quite imagine what it means to be a man. I guess it is the same for men. Womanhood is a foggy concept at best, a bit too emotional lens, to truly be seen by a man.

But God has the 'google-map' view of the entire world (each and every man and women and child) in His mind... at all levels of zooming in and out... at all times. Nothing happens that He doesn't see or hear. But He can see deeper than "google-map." He even sees into our buildings/homes/any other structures, and more than that He clearly percieves our heart--our very being. To me, it is mind boggling to imagine His inmeasurable abilities.

I guess that is why He chose 'I AM'... in those two words... three little letters He said it all!

Do you recall a time you heard God speak to you? Do you want to share it? I would love to hear.

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