Monday, December 26, 2011

Never Met Expectations - Letter From The King

Letters From the King
Dear Child,
I know you are hurting. It is hard when you know you have blown it, especially when those you love let you know that you could have responded better. Feeling like a failure, you ponder what is the use of trying, giving or living. You hear understanding, love and acceptance when you kneel before Me, but as soon as you get up and try to move on, people in your life are all too ready to correct you and tell you how much you missed the goal in your Christian walk.
You will never be able to be an example of Christ-like perfection. Even in total reliance on Me or more honestly, in casual reliance on Me, the very best you have to offer must be bathed in the covering of My grace. I know you. When I look to you, I see the righteousness of Christ, not all of your shortcomings and failures. I see who you are in Christ and all the wonder I created you to be. Most people don't know how to see others with such great love.
Never see yourself through the eyes of others. See yourself through My eyes, which are so more loving, graceful and able to know the truth of your soul. You weep inward because you disappoint others outwardly. Rarely if ever will you have a person in your life that will see you as I do. The sin in your life that is so easy for others to conquer is not their own sin. Every person struggles with personal failures, and hidden sins. It is easy to boast in areas you do good, and to cover or ignore the deepest struggles of your own will.
Be humble when you sin, confess it, repent and receive My grace. Some people would desire you to go through some kind of purgatory to pay for your sins, but that is not my way. Though people may question your ability to walk in My forgiveness and grace, I don't not want you to wallow in sin or beat yourself up. Once you have repented and received my forgiveness and grace, lift you your head and walk in the mercies that are new each day. Others my try to chain you to pass failures, because you don't meet their expectations, but I sent Jesus in the world so that you would experience freedom from the bondage of sin.
It is easy for sinners to cast stones at others, especially at My children, who are not yet sinless. Don't pretend to be sinless. Remind others that you are a sinner saved by grace, and able to be forgiven and walk in my mercy. The key is to live your life to please Me and My expectations of you.
Live life confident that you are My work in progress. And whether others accept it or not, you - being my child- get to walk in forgiveness and grace. It is a blessing of being My daughter. Don't let others take these blessing from you. Jesus came to earth to live a life as a man so that He may die personally sinless a death of a sinner for all who sin that you might as frequently as needed receive forgiveness, acceptance and beautiful grace from Me, Your Father God.
When you come to Me with a broken and contrite heart, you meet My expectations, and you will leave My presence totally restored. Walk in this truth - and be set free to live unto Me.

Letter From the King, Lindy Abbott

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