Monday, December 5, 2011

Save Yourself!

Recently, I had someone write to me in deep concern. They were afraid that I had fallen entrapped to the toxic teachings of Religion and dogma, and by doing so I was going from 
one prison (a childhood of domestic violence to a rigid faith in a God teaching religion). 

She warned me, "Save yourself!" 

So as I usually do, I took the time to respond to her sincere concern for my wellbeing. And while writing her back I became filled with love--overwhelmed by God and very thankful for the relationship with Him that I so am blessed to have. He is everything to me, and fills all of the needs I have in life. I only wish others knew Him, not for what they think He is, but for who He really is: a holy, just, giving, loving, protective, approachable, healing Person. So I am sharing my response to her with you, below:

A Relationship - In Love - God and Me

I so do see the reality that I was a victim of domestic violence in many of the worst ways possible, short of being not in a domestic home but more like being in a torturous concentration camp being lead by wicked people who smiled and laughed while they carried out horrid violent acts and spewed hateful venomous words.
So, Yes, I have always seen it for what it really was since high school when my high school counselor told me, "Lindy, this is not normal. This does not happen every night or any night in other people's homes. This is severe child abuse." Unfortunately, I was not removed from this home (it was many years ago and the protective law were not yet enforced in the town I grew up like I have heard they were in many Northern and Urban cities.)
I will never let religion/dogma, toxic faith, false humility entrap me! But I also know that I can never save myself.
I must have poorly communicated. Actually, I have been saved by grace (a gift I do not deserve because in life I too have been a sinner, not a holy righteous person). God has forgiven me for all of my sins and by my faith in Jesus (the Godman who lived a sinless life, therefore was able to righteously deserve eternal heaven life. But instead of saving Himself, He willingly died for me and you and every single person who frankly can not and has not lived sinless. We all will never deserve eternal life or be able to save ourselves).
I don't have a religion! Matter of fact, I have a lot of frustration with churches in general and religions.
Instead of religion, I have a beautiful relationship with GOD Himself.
I know Him as my loving, providing, listening, and giving Father Who is always available to me. I enjoy the guidance and protection from His Spirit that dwells within me. He counsels me, teaches me, and comforts me. And I deeply love Jesus, who I am intimately related to, as anyone would be for someone who died for them. I love Him so much and He loves me. 
So, you see, no trap, no prison, there is nothing I need to be saved from. I think from my life experiences I would recognize the difference between living in freedom and bondage; It is probably why almost every church I have been part of makes me a little sad, feeling like someone has cut my wings to keep me from flying high and being who God created me to be.
Thank you so much for you dear concern. I am glad I had the opportunity to share more deeply with you. And it is always nice to know someone loves enough to reach out in your best interest. Thank you.
dearly, Lindy

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