Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Narcissitic Personality Disorder

 Everyday it seem President Obama stirs up more hatred, division, and takes credit for all good throughout the world.

I just heard Obama on a staged Youth Show (On Demand Comcast - Barak Obama's own channel) take credit for helping the Chile get the miners out of the mine. I think I am going to loss my mind. Pray, p[ray, pray.

Look at this description of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.... How do you think President Obama rates?

Narcissistic personality disorder symptoms may include:(Mayo Clinic)
  • Believing that you're better than others
  • Fantasizing about power, success and attractiveness
  • Exaggerating your achievements or talents
  • Expecting constant praise and admiration
  • Believing that you're special and acting accordingly
  • Failing to recognize other people's emotions and feelings
  • Expecting others to go along with your ideas and plans
  • Taking advantage of others
  • Expressing disdain for those you feel are inferior
  • Being jealous of others
  • Believing that others are jealous of you
  • Trouble keeping healthy relationships
  • Setting unrealistic goals
  • Being easily hurt and rejected
  • Having a fragile self-esteem
  • Appearing as tough-minded or unemotional
In my option, he scores so high... he could have his own sub-category made.

Go To The Back Of The Bus

Do not ignore what is happening these days in America! Educate yourself! Be aware. 

Obama's legacy will certainly be one of hate. No president in American history has ever so hated so many American people in general as a group as Obama. He hates people who are not dark skin, if they don't also hate America for the dark skin people being oppressed by the white.

Yesterday, Obama speaking about Republicans and those voting republican rallied, “It's time you sit in back of the bus”. October 26, 2010. Clearly he is using such rhetoric to stir up racial tension, to insight activism, to anger racially motivated minorities to fear that a day may be coming when they again will be forced into submission, oppression, discrimination.

Sadly, Obama is so isolated in his own world of belief he can not even hear his own words from other view point. He does not display the ability to empathize. He can not think like Americans. He can not understand liberty and justice for all. He can not force himself to say endowed by our Creator. He can not believe in anything but "eye for eye" mentality based in punishment, revenge and hate. Please listen closely to his words, listen behind the way he phrases his words, the pictures he conjures up and the words he will not say, the words he drops from our Creator-centered documents. Clearly, this is the way he has been speaking his entire lifetime. This is the real Obama, he is not having a slip of tongue or a misspoken thought.

Truly, I did not ever believe in my lifetime or in American history that we would have a leader as President with such venomous hate for people not in the same thinking of himself. Be warned this is the behavior of a Narcissist. He is in the mold of Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Husein, Tao, and many other murderous dictator leaders.

The spirit of America, of love of God, Country and Mankind will rise and be victorious but we must act now.

So what can we, Americans, do:

  • we must rise above Obama's hatred; love your enemies is strength not weakness. It is much easier to hate. While not capitulating, we must move in forgiveness, mercy, love, and equal justice under common law.
  • we must vote him and anyone who aligns with him out of office, voting for people who will go into the fire of Congress to be a friend of the prophet Daniel, who will not bow or worship any man but only Jesus - the one and only true God, the God of love, justice and mercy. We can not remain neutral. Not voting is a vote for the one who is currently in power.
  • we must speak out against his words without speaking in anger, violence or hatred. we must be heard. we can not be silent for fear of retribution or persecution. We can not let someone else speak in our place.

  • we must be vigilant to come to the aid and show loving support to individuals and groups that are fired, demoted, denigrated, belittled, accused, made an example, etc.
  • we must pray continuously that hatred and violence is not stirred up among the populous or those who are still applauding, rejoicing and bring approval to his message.This is not a ploy by flesh and blood. We are in a spiritual war, that must be fought in the spirit. Be aware that demonic fallen angels are following the lead of Satan. All wickedness is being poured out on our Nation. 
  • We must confess America is not as innocent as we make ourselves out to be. We have opened the flood gates of sin... murdering babies in the womb, tolerating sexual immorality, rampant with porn, child abuse, and slave trade of children/teens, teaching their is no Creator God, etc. We must take spiritual stand and NEVER give the ground God has already taken. We must pray in boldness and in the spirit, enabling and empowering Spiritual Angels to fight, guard, and cover when necessary.
  • we must be willing to stand in the gap, to hold back evil, to be prepare to defend  our Constitution by all legal means given to us by our founders who prepared the Constitution for a day like today.
Do not loose hope! Obama offered false hope and so many people desiring a good future followed him as though he was a King or a god. He is neither, and this is why his hope is empty, a bag of hollow bones, a trap to fall into ignorance and hatred of those not like-minded.

We have real hope! Hope that has stood the test of time. Hope that will continue for eternity, because the object of our hope is not a policy, person, economic condition, etc.  God is the object of our hope. God will be faithful. Study His Word, pray, speak, stand, support, vote, be alert and on guard in spiritual armor.

God will speak and do when He is ready, we cry out to Him in repentance, reconciliation, and righteousness.

If you read this and you fear, question who you have chosen to be your Master. In God, who is love, Perfect Love cast out all fear.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Islam: Religion or Nation?

The headlines of the Murfreesboro, TN newspaper, The Daily News Journal, "DOJ: Islam is religion" is surely a catchy hook title that will sell papers, but is it accurate?

U.S. Attorney Jerry E. Martin of Nashville, made it clear, to him, it is "quite simply ridiculous" to not treat Islam as a religion. He is expressing his views because there is a case currently in court about whether Islam is a recognized religion, due to Muslims (in Murfreesboro and beyond) want to build a huge Islamic Center of Murfreesboro (52,000 square feet!) on the corner in a one of the town's residential areas. Yes, yes, there will be a little mosque surrounded by a ball field, swimming pool, meeting convention halls, and so much more... like a little Islam City.

Is it normal for a US Attorney, of the Department of Justice, to publicly comment on a case currently in court? I thought they usually waited until the case moved up to higher courts to keep their bias out of lower court decisions... maybe that is only in non-Islam cases. I don't know, I am not a US Attorney of the DOJ. He should know what he legally and ethically should and shouldn't be doing. (forgive me for running on that bunny trail of thought)

But still, I ask is it accurate to make a defining statement that is only a partial definition? 

No, it is not! A forensically sound definition is a complete and accurate representation of the word.

So let me state this as complete and accurate as possible without being simply ridiculous, Islam is a religion and it is a Nation.

Does that sound familiar to another religion word? Yes, Judaism. Judaism has been described as a religion, a culture, and a nation. All of these descriptions have some validity. In the very same way the word Islam can be defined as a religion, culture and nation. The similarity of Islam and Judaism ends here, because no matter how much people like to claim Allah and Jehovah are the one same God, any Muslim or Jewish believer would sharply disagree.

But concerning land rights within the USA for a religion, Islam has a MAJOR difference to all religions I know... The laws, rules, cultural teachings of Islam do not legally fall within the boundaries of our Constitutional Laws. Judaism of today, even orthodox Judaism, completely rest within the boundaries of the USA Constitutional Laws.

So the question should not be "Is Islam a religion?" The real question to ask: "Is Islam Constitutional?"

Mild, maybe even moderate might be, but orthodox Islam is NOT! There is no difference between extreme Islam and orthodox Islam in practicality, one just sound not as fringe to the faith as the other. The truth is when Islam as commonly practiced today throughout the world its rules, laws, and teachings are completely unconstitutional!

Clearly, a faith that does not abide by the Constitution in the most grievous of ways, limiting personal liberty to the point of death, beatings, and mutilations (kind of hard to miss these happens almost daily in the news).

We are a Nation of Law, and our most cherished national law is found in every word of the Constitution. Let us ask the real question that matters: Is Islam Constitutional?

Now, that is a question I would like to see the Supreme Court take on for a constitutionally sound decision... right after they determine if Barrack Husein Obama is legally a citizen of the USA... another important issue being skirted by the courts today.

What do you say?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Living Life in the Zone - Scores High!

Kyle Rote Jr. and Dr. Joe Pettigrew, authors of Living Life In The Zone, have written a book worth buying and reading. In the times we live in when authors are trying so hard to have a wide audience appeal by being spiritually all-inclusive and encouraging easy believism, it is refreshing to read a Biblically sound well-organized and very informative book for men. The book is a 40 day spiritual game plan for men. I guarantee it will be hard to find a man that wont be able to relate to the topics, sports stories or solutions for practical daily needs.

This book hits home fast with focusing attention on the first day with making personal time with God. I love a book that doesn't beat around the bush and take 30 chapters to slowly sneak in that the goal of the book. This book is clearly written to help men develop a real personal relationship with God and to live a life of sacrificial obedience to Him. The priorities of wife, children, friends follow in proper order as the book precedes to work through every aspect of a godly man's life.

This book is not a soft ball throw to encourage a casual Christian or cultural Christian. The authors used Scripture, real life testimonies, practical teaching and probing questions to help men apply the lessons taught. I highly recommend this book to any man that is wanting to get his life in order according to God's plan!

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Executive and The Elphant Book Needs Warning Label

The Executive and The Elephant is a book written to leaders aiming to not only help them identify problems they personally have in leadership but to teach how to resolve those problems. The information given in the book is very up to date with the latest developments in neurobiology, psychology and trends in pedagogy. The core theology taught is very old Hindu faith being newly discovered by author Richard Daft on a trip to India and blended with all sorts of other doctrine, spirituality and philosophy. He quotes Apostle Paul's teaching in the Bible, Chinese Zen Masters,Gandhi, Lord Buddha,and many others.

If you are looking for a religious faith, and will to try any idea that passes by, instead of seeking for truth, and a personal relationship with Creator God, you may have found your perfect book. If you consider yourself a Christian believer, even in the mildest degree for you this book should have a big warning label: Caution This Book May Mislead or Delude!

Richard Daft tries to breath new life into the ancient, but inaccurate, believe that within each person are two competing selves, two voices within as the angel and the devil or the one of passionate pleasuring warring against one of thoughtful reason. His intentions are good. He is trying to help executives become better leaders, but his philosophical model of how to become a better leader has more variety than a pot luck dinner. The odd combination of all these teachings lead the reader down dangerous paths of false religions that end only with creating within a self-disciplined sense of false security in one's self.

Be certain each human has a drive within toward selfish, pleasurable passions but don't be deluded it is not a voice within. It is sinful fleshly desires that do not improve with body relaxation, repeating mantras, meditating on a good thought, focusing on a candle light, or variety of techniques to discovering your inner witness. Richard Daft misleads his audience to think they can become wise in their own eyes on their journey toward a higher mind (intellect) that may one day lead to connection to divinity (becoming one with God or in reality being god). At this point one has arrived, and he notes that very few ever get to this level.

This book is not a executive leadership book. It is a book full of worldly philosophy and false teachings that will lead its reader away from the One true Jehovah God and toward a self-actualization of false religions. Do not be duped into thinking this book is anything but one mans desire to share a religious faith he discovered and is marketing it as executive leadership training.

For a Christian reader, it is heresy filled to the brim with eastern religion, anti-Biblical teachings, and introductions to many paths that lead away from Jehovah God.

A very disappointing book, and honestly I can never understand why publisher waste ink and paper on a book filled with complete lies. What is most disappointing is this book was given by a CEO of a Christian publishing house in Nashville, who also teaches  Belmont Universities MBA program, asking for book reviews!

Help me understand why a CEO of a Christian Publishing company would want to be associated with such a book.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stand in God

I received an email this morning. A local neighborhood is being burglarized. The crimes are increasing and the criminals are becoming more brazen not caring if someone is home making family feel scared, especially stay-a-home families.

Prepare for War! We are Spiritual Warriors!
My certain response is "We need to stand in God"! I am asking concerned family members to come together in a spirit-filled prayer walk.

This was my letter of reply:


I think those who are interested (including children) need to gather quickly and go on a prayer walk through the neighborhood. It would be nice if we make little door hangers to put on each house front door knob and to tell them we are covering them in prayer. I would be glad to make these.

"In the name of Jesus and by the blood of Christ" is the prayer request to the Lord. We need to be bold and go before the throne, and ask God to send His Warrior Angels to guard and protect this neighborhood.

I strongly believe God gives and Satan takes. What God has given we do not need to surrender to Satan. The battle is not ours but it is the Lords. As His children we need to stand on the ground that is rightly God's and let Satan know we are not let him strip from under people's feet.

Also, we need to pray against organized gang, and crime groups that may be setting up in the area.

Personal Testimony: Two weeks ago I was driving with my children back home from the orthodontist and on the stop sign for our street someone had black spray painted a logo of some kind on the sign. I knew immediately it was a gang marking of territory. I was NOT going to stand for a gang taking my street or neighborhood.

My teens were scared that their "nutty mom" was going to get them killed because someone was going to see me go to the stop sign and clean off the paint marking. I told them I was not afraid and that we had God on our side, that we never need to surrender ground that is already ours to the enemy, but we need to stand in God's name and hold it. (This battle is not only physical it is strongly spiritual).

I gathered my supplies (rag towels, paint remover, a spray bottle with water) and started walking to the street sign prayer spiritually for covering and calling on the warrior angels to descend to cover the area and to protect me and our family.

Yes, this Jesus freak was lifting her hands in the air and vocally calling out in the name of Jesus and by Jesus' blood to protect our neighborhood from gangs.

As I turned to begin my work on the stop sign, I was startled. The paint marking was gone! I for a minute thought I was loosing my mind. If my children had not been in the car to see the marking, I would have thought I just had lost my mind... I was thinking "wasn't this the sign?"  "was it another stop sign" "no, I know it was this one".

I put my supplies done and reached up to inspect the sign touching it. It was perfectly clean, not one single speck of paint, and it looked like it had never been touched.

I praised God and went home and told my children. One went done to inspect the sign to make sure I wasn't crazy... and to try to find a logical cause of how the sign was cleaned... he came up with his theory that another person got to the sign and cleaned it before me... but I knew... The spirits (angels) were empowered through prayer of man (in this case a old mom (women)). What is ours and Gods we must not surrenders ground to the enemy.

It has been two weeks and no paint markings have appeared again. Praise be to God! He is faithful. He is our protector. The battle is His. We just need to stand in His name, and let Him do His work.

I hope this testimony encourages you to stand were you are and to boldly go to the throne of God and make your request to Him be known. We are children of the King! We must never forget who we are but more importantly we must never forget Whose we are!

What has been you experience in standing in God?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Word of Promise Delights

The first Bible I picked out for myself over 26 years ago was a Thomas Nelson New King James Version, and I have always loved it. I was so delighted that The Words of Promise New Testament audio was the NKJV. For people unfamiliar with this version of the Bible it is a translation from the work of the original King James Version that has created the standard for Biblical accuracy.
Extraordinary Audio Bible

The poetic and familiar phraseology loved by many die-heart KJV fans will be surprised to know the NKJV holds true to words translation and syntax. This is very important to many who love to hear the Bible as they have known it from childhood, or at least since they have been a Christian.

This set of audio CDs are amazing quality, so enjoyable to hear with some of the best trained voices that not only transmit the words of the Bible but often the passion, and emotion, and life of the Word.

I highly recommend this set of audio CDs. Anyone who loves God's Word or who would desire to give a love one a gift of life this would make an excellent gift.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Can SEE!

Teenagers struggle with a phenomena deteriorating their vision.  The sensory input of their eyes do not compute brain activity into producing willful action. Many teens have been reported to say they didn't even see to begin with and therefore their brain was unable to pick of the visual data.

I have found a solution in my home that is working with astonishing results. I am using the "I Can See" glasses.

When I notice with my eagle parent eyes that underwear is crumbled on the bathroom floor for days, empty used up milk cartons are resting on the refrigerator shelf, dirty dishes are becoming science laboratories in secret spots of bedrooms, I present my teen with something special, the "I Can See" glasses.

I help them place these dark rimmed glasses on their face and ask them to look and see if they find something that needs to be done. Without error, these special glasses have been able to help my teens' eyes narrow in on objects that are not where they belong!

I am so relieved to find out that it is not due to lack of proper parenting, a bad attitude, or raw rebellion! These glasses are so valuable and have ended circular conversations that can lead to mind-bleeding arguments. I have been so impressed that I had to share the success I have had with the "I Can See" glasses.

I will be so happy to send a pair of these glasses to one lucky commenter. It is that simple!

If you too are struggling with teens appearing to have lost connection between visual observation and appropriate taught action, you may find these glasses a wonderful blessing in your home.

Peace, harmony and cleanliness!

Even moms can enjoy wearing them.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Sights

Have you seen a church lately? The beautiful Bride of Christ. Do you know her? Does she know you? She isn't a building, an organization, a business or a religion. She is the blushing Bride, the pride and joy of Jesus. She is living, growing, and in love with her Jesus.

Are you committed to His Bride?
Do you know Jesus? Have you seen His precious Bride? Do you spend time with her, help her, commit to being a friend to her for life?

You say, you have heard about Jesus... but you haven't seen Him lately with His Bride. You've visited a local church but something was not right about  about Her... something was missing, like she wasn't a complete Body. She just did seem to act like she knew and belonged to Jesus.

She needs your help. God gifted you so you could offer Her your specialty. Without you she will never be fully what God intended Her to be. She is living, growing, changing. Seasons come and then they go. She will never be the same.

I longed to know Her and be be part of Her life. I heard about Her unconditional love, forgiveness, gentleness and tender loving care. I wanted to come to Her, but I was unsure... would She embrace me... or look beyond me... see past me... reject me.

I dreamed about Her, what I longed for Her to be.

I wanted to run into Her arms today...
where I will be loved, nurtured, listened to, appreciated, prayed for, understood, supported, encouraged, taught, corrected, bound in healing places, walked alongside, forgiven, offered opportunities to step out by faith, to trust, to try, to mess up, to grow, to learn, and given a chance to step out again, maturing in a walk of faith in the Son of God, Jesus.

Have you seen His Church? I wonder how She will treat me? Will His Church hold me, help me, get to know me? I am so committed to Jesus. I wish I knew the love of His Bride.

Am I willing to take a risk, to be committed to Her? Or will I just keep waiting.... waiting for her to... become what I need Her to be.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blogs Runneth Over

We will never thirst for want of more blogs. Blogs runneth over!

One Among Many
My heart was opened anew today as I stumbled upon a truly literary achievement in a blog. Legal Intrusion is a first rate blog. While I played around with poetry in high school, this author has mastered the beauty of this skill that only a few rare souls ever accomplish.

While I was clicking around on this site's favorites, I came upon many more highly talented bloggers. The best of these bloggers are not commercial and probably not highly traveled in site traffic, but they are still simply precious elements of our world today.

I hunt in antique stores for just the perfect 100 year old or later book. Wonder if these blogs will remain in time and space for someone 100 years from now - if the Lord tares - to discover. Will our best work during this generation be lost in web-land... filled away on some sector .... pushed back in a dark crevice of a server? Or will these gems be erased - like old discarded library books - even less obtainable because there is no thrift or goodwill store to sell a blog for a few dollars to support some good cause?

Have you lately discovered a Blog of Great Measure? Of course, we, bloggers, have a few of our own to boast about... but have you really read something enlightening, too good to miss, too full to be left empty? If so I would love for you to comment about it, so we can not only share but enjoy.

Go ahead, tell me about your favorite blog (even if it is your own).

Friday, October 1, 2010

Devoted to Devotions

Today I am blessed to share this link:

  Lindy Abbott at Godly Gals

A few weeks ago I wrote a devotional for an amazing lady that has hosted a year of Godly Gals to her website. I hope you enjoy everything you find on her site.

 Devotions have found me. I did not find them. Well, that is not totally correct. I guess a long time ago, many, many years ago... I wanted to express what I was experiencing about God but had so little time being a mom of young children... this is way before blogging or facebook... in the stone-ages of emailing! I would send out an email once a week to a bunch of people who probably wished I would stop. Do you remember the days of mass emailing? Now I am mostly bombarded by mass company emailing that I detail as soon as I see it.
Pouring - Both Emotional Tears & God into Me

As column writer Take, Root and Write website, I was asked to try my hand at a devotional column. God has a funny way of getting us to do things we would never do without his nudging. Well, my healing column on this site is coming to a close since the website has been bought by a new owner with a different vision from God.

The column, Abuse and Trauma, Hope and Healing, may find new life on a sister devotional site to Take Root and Write or it might find its resting place at my own blog on my personal journey in healing from trauma. Either way, it will go on because writing is a way I process what God is doing in my soul.

My heart is sad at the end of this season. I wrote this column article with great passion and purpose. The column ideas came to me as easily as dust finds a way to my tabletops or my cat finds the oddest places to take a nap. I never had to dig or try to put together an article. The words begged me to be written, to be birthed from my heart of experience to appear in print. God touched me and in turn I have been allowed to reach others.

Now I am left with the devotional column, Letters From The King. This assignment seems to not want to let go of me although I don't find much birth pangs to get the words out. I feel more like a funnel allowing God to pour through me, not in a saturated way but as a vessels for His thoughts. He talks to me, and I write what I hear. It doesn't much feel like mine at all, but His.

But isn't that so His way.... to strip from us what we own and to leave working what belongs to Him. I am never certain after I write one of these "Letters From The King" if it is quite good or not. It doesn't feel like a burden to has been lifted from me as when I write from my experience. It just feels done.

If you care to check out these columns you can go here: Abuse and Trauma Healing Articles or Letters From The King

Can't help but wonder what God is up to now... I must confess I don't always like to learn His lessons. Truthful is not always pretty.  It hurts to give up something longed for or enjoyed. But I have learned to walk in faith trusting God even in the times I don't want or understand. Do you struggle to? What gets you through these "letting go" times? What is God teaching you?