Friday, October 15, 2010

The Executive and The Elphant Book Needs Warning Label

The Executive and The Elephant is a book written to leaders aiming to not only help them identify problems they personally have in leadership but to teach how to resolve those problems. The information given in the book is very up to date with the latest developments in neurobiology, psychology and trends in pedagogy. The core theology taught is very old Hindu faith being newly discovered by author Richard Daft on a trip to India and blended with all sorts of other doctrine, spirituality and philosophy. He quotes Apostle Paul's teaching in the Bible, Chinese Zen Masters,Gandhi, Lord Buddha,and many others.

If you are looking for a religious faith, and will to try any idea that passes by, instead of seeking for truth, and a personal relationship with Creator God, you may have found your perfect book. If you consider yourself a Christian believer, even in the mildest degree for you this book should have a big warning label: Caution This Book May Mislead or Delude!

Richard Daft tries to breath new life into the ancient, but inaccurate, believe that within each person are two competing selves, two voices within as the angel and the devil or the one of passionate pleasuring warring against one of thoughtful reason. His intentions are good. He is trying to help executives become better leaders, but his philosophical model of how to become a better leader has more variety than a pot luck dinner. The odd combination of all these teachings lead the reader down dangerous paths of false religions that end only with creating within a self-disciplined sense of false security in one's self.

Be certain each human has a drive within toward selfish, pleasurable passions but don't be deluded it is not a voice within. It is sinful fleshly desires that do not improve with body relaxation, repeating mantras, meditating on a good thought, focusing on a candle light, or variety of techniques to discovering your inner witness. Richard Daft misleads his audience to think they can become wise in their own eyes on their journey toward a higher mind (intellect) that may one day lead to connection to divinity (becoming one with God or in reality being god). At this point one has arrived, and he notes that very few ever get to this level.

This book is not a executive leadership book. It is a book full of worldly philosophy and false teachings that will lead its reader away from the One true Jehovah God and toward a self-actualization of false religions. Do not be duped into thinking this book is anything but one mans desire to share a religious faith he discovered and is marketing it as executive leadership training.

For a Christian reader, it is heresy filled to the brim with eastern religion, anti-Biblical teachings, and introductions to many paths that lead away from Jehovah God.

A very disappointing book, and honestly I can never understand why publisher waste ink and paper on a book filled with complete lies. What is most disappointing is this book was given by a CEO of a Christian publishing house in Nashville, who also teaches  Belmont Universities MBA program, asking for book reviews!

Help me understand why a CEO of a Christian Publishing company would want to be associated with such a book.

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