Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stand in God

I received an email this morning. A local neighborhood is being burglarized. The crimes are increasing and the criminals are becoming more brazen not caring if someone is home making family feel scared, especially stay-a-home families.

Prepare for War! We are Spiritual Warriors!
My certain response is "We need to stand in God"! I am asking concerned family members to come together in a spirit-filled prayer walk.

This was my letter of reply:


I think those who are interested (including children) need to gather quickly and go on a prayer walk through the neighborhood. It would be nice if we make little door hangers to put on each house front door knob and to tell them we are covering them in prayer. I would be glad to make these.

"In the name of Jesus and by the blood of Christ" is the prayer request to the Lord. We need to be bold and go before the throne, and ask God to send His Warrior Angels to guard and protect this neighborhood.

I strongly believe God gives and Satan takes. What God has given we do not need to surrender to Satan. The battle is not ours but it is the Lords. As His children we need to stand on the ground that is rightly God's and let Satan know we are not let him strip from under people's feet.

Also, we need to pray against organized gang, and crime groups that may be setting up in the area.

Personal Testimony: Two weeks ago I was driving with my children back home from the orthodontist and on the stop sign for our street someone had black spray painted a logo of some kind on the sign. I knew immediately it was a gang marking of territory. I was NOT going to stand for a gang taking my street or neighborhood.

My teens were scared that their "nutty mom" was going to get them killed because someone was going to see me go to the stop sign and clean off the paint marking. I told them I was not afraid and that we had God on our side, that we never need to surrender ground that is already ours to the enemy, but we need to stand in God's name and hold it. (This battle is not only physical it is strongly spiritual).

I gathered my supplies (rag towels, paint remover, a spray bottle with water) and started walking to the street sign prayer spiritually for covering and calling on the warrior angels to descend to cover the area and to protect me and our family.

Yes, this Jesus freak was lifting her hands in the air and vocally calling out in the name of Jesus and by Jesus' blood to protect our neighborhood from gangs.

As I turned to begin my work on the stop sign, I was startled. The paint marking was gone! I for a minute thought I was loosing my mind. If my children had not been in the car to see the marking, I would have thought I just had lost my mind... I was thinking "wasn't this the sign?"  "was it another stop sign" "no, I know it was this one".

I put my supplies done and reached up to inspect the sign touching it. It was perfectly clean, not one single speck of paint, and it looked like it had never been touched.

I praised God and went home and told my children. One went done to inspect the sign to make sure I wasn't crazy... and to try to find a logical cause of how the sign was cleaned... he came up with his theory that another person got to the sign and cleaned it before me... but I knew... The spirits (angels) were empowered through prayer of man (in this case a old mom (women)). What is ours and Gods we must not surrenders ground to the enemy.

It has been two weeks and no paint markings have appeared again. Praise be to God! He is faithful. He is our protector. The battle is His. We just need to stand in His name, and let Him do His work.

I hope this testimony encourages you to stand were you are and to boldly go to the throne of God and make your request to Him be known. We are children of the King! We must never forget who we are but more importantly we must never forget Whose we are!

What has been you experience in standing in God?

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