Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blogs Runneth Over

We will never thirst for want of more blogs. Blogs runneth over!

One Among Many
My heart was opened anew today as I stumbled upon a truly literary achievement in a blog. Legal Intrusion is a first rate blog. While I played around with poetry in high school, this author has mastered the beauty of this skill that only a few rare souls ever accomplish.

While I was clicking around on this site's favorites, I came upon many more highly talented bloggers. The best of these bloggers are not commercial and probably not highly traveled in site traffic, but they are still simply precious elements of our world today.

I hunt in antique stores for just the perfect 100 year old or later book. Wonder if these blogs will remain in time and space for someone 100 years from now - if the Lord tares - to discover. Will our best work during this generation be lost in web-land... filled away on some sector .... pushed back in a dark crevice of a server? Or will these gems be erased - like old discarded library books - even less obtainable because there is no thrift or goodwill store to sell a blog for a few dollars to support some good cause?

Have you lately discovered a Blog of Great Measure? Of course, we, bloggers, have a few of our own to boast about... but have you really read something enlightening, too good to miss, too full to be left empty? If so I would love for you to comment about it, so we can not only share but enjoy.

Go ahead, tell me about your favorite blog (even if it is your own).

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