Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Sights

Have you seen a church lately? The beautiful Bride of Christ. Do you know her? Does she know you? She isn't a building, an organization, a business or a religion. She is the blushing Bride, the pride and joy of Jesus. She is living, growing, and in love with her Jesus.

Are you committed to His Bride?
Do you know Jesus? Have you seen His precious Bride? Do you spend time with her, help her, commit to being a friend to her for life?

You say, you have heard about Jesus... but you haven't seen Him lately with His Bride. You've visited a local church but something was not right about  about Her... something was missing, like she wasn't a complete Body. She just did seem to act like she knew and belonged to Jesus.

She needs your help. God gifted you so you could offer Her your specialty. Without you she will never be fully what God intended Her to be. She is living, growing, changing. Seasons come and then they go. She will never be the same.

I longed to know Her and be be part of Her life. I heard about Her unconditional love, forgiveness, gentleness and tender loving care. I wanted to come to Her, but I was unsure... would She embrace me... or look beyond me... see past me... reject me.

I dreamed about Her, what I longed for Her to be.

I wanted to run into Her arms today...
where I will be loved, nurtured, listened to, appreciated, prayed for, understood, supported, encouraged, taught, corrected, bound in healing places, walked alongside, forgiven, offered opportunities to step out by faith, to trust, to try, to mess up, to grow, to learn, and given a chance to step out again, maturing in a walk of faith in the Son of God, Jesus.

Have you seen His Church? I wonder how She will treat me? Will His Church hold me, help me, get to know me? I am so committed to Jesus. I wish I knew the love of His Bride.

Am I willing to take a risk, to be committed to Her? Or will I just keep waiting.... waiting for her to... become what I need Her to be.

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