Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Islam: Religion or Nation?

The headlines of the Murfreesboro, TN newspaper, The Daily News Journal, "DOJ: Islam is religion" is surely a catchy hook title that will sell papers, but is it accurate?

U.S. Attorney Jerry E. Martin of Nashville, made it clear, to him, it is "quite simply ridiculous" to not treat Islam as a religion. He is expressing his views because there is a case currently in court about whether Islam is a recognized religion, due to Muslims (in Murfreesboro and beyond) want to build a huge Islamic Center of Murfreesboro (52,000 square feet!) on the corner in a one of the town's residential areas. Yes, yes, there will be a little mosque surrounded by a ball field, swimming pool, meeting convention halls, and so much more... like a little Islam City.

Is it normal for a US Attorney, of the Department of Justice, to publicly comment on a case currently in court? I thought they usually waited until the case moved up to higher courts to keep their bias out of lower court decisions... maybe that is only in non-Islam cases. I don't know, I am not a US Attorney of the DOJ. He should know what he legally and ethically should and shouldn't be doing. (forgive me for running on that bunny trail of thought)

But still, I ask is it accurate to make a defining statement that is only a partial definition? 

No, it is not! A forensically sound definition is a complete and accurate representation of the word.

So let me state this as complete and accurate as possible without being simply ridiculous, Islam is a religion and it is a Nation.

Does that sound familiar to another religion word? Yes, Judaism. Judaism has been described as a religion, a culture, and a nation. All of these descriptions have some validity. In the very same way the word Islam can be defined as a religion, culture and nation. The similarity of Islam and Judaism ends here, because no matter how much people like to claim Allah and Jehovah are the one same God, any Muslim or Jewish believer would sharply disagree.

But concerning land rights within the USA for a religion, Islam has a MAJOR difference to all religions I know... The laws, rules, cultural teachings of Islam do not legally fall within the boundaries of our Constitutional Laws. Judaism of today, even orthodox Judaism, completely rest within the boundaries of the USA Constitutional Laws.

So the question should not be "Is Islam a religion?" The real question to ask: "Is Islam Constitutional?"

Mild, maybe even moderate might be, but orthodox Islam is NOT! There is no difference between extreme Islam and orthodox Islam in practicality, one just sound not as fringe to the faith as the other. The truth is when Islam as commonly practiced today throughout the world its rules, laws, and teachings are completely unconstitutional!

Clearly, a faith that does not abide by the Constitution in the most grievous of ways, limiting personal liberty to the point of death, beatings, and mutilations (kind of hard to miss these happens almost daily in the news).

We are a Nation of Law, and our most cherished national law is found in every word of the Constitution. Let us ask the real question that matters: Is Islam Constitutional?

Now, that is a question I would like to see the Supreme Court take on for a constitutionally sound decision... right after they determine if Barrack Husein Obama is legally a citizen of the USA... another important issue being skirted by the courts today.

What do you say?


  1. Lindylou wrote the following: But still, I ask is it accurate to make a defining statement that is only a partial definition?

    No, it is not! A forensically sound definition is a complete and accurate representation of the word.

    Horse-pucky. First off, the sentence "it is quite simply ridiculous to not teat Islam as a religion" wasn't intended to be a 'defining statement'. In the context of what you wrote (and of the article itself), the attorney wasn't defining the word Islam. He was commenting on strategies which attempt to define it in a legal trial.

    Second, all of us "define" words on occasion, and no one requires that they be exhaustively complete. If I were to ask you to define Christianity, I'm sure you'd come up with something short IRT sin, Jesus as our savior & repentance. Maybe you'd talk about different stuff, but I guarantee you wouldn't rattle off Encyclopedic knowledge of the religion.

    Yes, Islam is the basis for several nations. That does not make Islam any less of a religion.

    Finally, it's VERY common for attorneys to file court briefs, which is what happened here.

    You claim to not be a constitutional scholar, and then go on to make some pretty outrageous statements about the constitutionality of a religion. Sorry, but your argument falls apart right at that moment.

  2. I have to disagree with your "disagreer" ... He sounds like most I run into who go around demeaning posts that have Truth instead of conjecture at their heart. Islam is a political agenda!!! Period... nothing religious about it. And you are right, they follow a man's questionable teachings. Ever read the Koran? What a mess of Judaism and Catholicism ground up and spit out during epileptic fits, not even written out until years after his death and then so contradictory that it makes no sense.
    Take heart, Lindy...remain strong in the Lord and true to your calling!
    I linked to you on my new website:


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