Saturday, October 16, 2010

Living Life in the Zone - Scores High!

Kyle Rote Jr. and Dr. Joe Pettigrew, authors of Living Life In The Zone, have written a book worth buying and reading. In the times we live in when authors are trying so hard to have a wide audience appeal by being spiritually all-inclusive and encouraging easy believism, it is refreshing to read a Biblically sound well-organized and very informative book for men. The book is a 40 day spiritual game plan for men. I guarantee it will be hard to find a man that wont be able to relate to the topics, sports stories or solutions for practical daily needs.

This book hits home fast with focusing attention on the first day with making personal time with God. I love a book that doesn't beat around the bush and take 30 chapters to slowly sneak in that the goal of the book. This book is clearly written to help men develop a real personal relationship with God and to live a life of sacrificial obedience to Him. The priorities of wife, children, friends follow in proper order as the book precedes to work through every aspect of a godly man's life.

This book is not a soft ball throw to encourage a casual Christian or cultural Christian. The authors used Scripture, real life testimonies, practical teaching and probing questions to help men apply the lessons taught. I highly recommend this book to any man that is wanting to get his life in order according to God's plan!

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